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  • Trackless
    (in progress) (by Aucailly with Nadja Lee)
    Scott runs away from the orphanage and lives on the streets.

Christian Dimaapi



  • Cyclops
    (in progress)
    [1] [2]

Crystal Wimmer




Dannell Lites







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  • The Dark Spot
    In the last days before the battles with the Brood and the
    subsequent introduction of the New Mutants (think Uncanny X-Men
    ~160's), Cyclops ponders youth lost.

  • Deck The Halls
    In the early days of the X-Men, Jean Grey, Scott Summers, and that
    damned introspection that always shows up around the holidays.

  • Fairy Tale
    Jean Grey circa the first few pages of The Search For Cyclops

  • Eurydice Rising
    Scott Summers: hero, interrupted.


Elizabeth Johnson

  • Osiris At Akkaba
    In the aftermath of the Twelve, Scott has to find the strength to battle Apocalypse and keep his soul alive.

  • A Comic Reaction
    Cyclops takes action against the portrayal of the X-Men in a comic book.  Reaction piece to Marvels: X-Men special. 

  • Another Beginning's End
    [1] [2]

James' Angel


Jaya Mitai









Please Remember
Scott watches over Jean after a mission goes wrong.

If Only
Jean reacts to Scott's death.  Companion piece to
"Please Remember".






  • A Late Night Talk
    Jean reminisces about her relationship with Scott while
    doling out romantic advice to a student.

  • Twists of Fate
    Jean watches Scott sleep and thinks about him, her past, and their love. (I know, itís been done before, but I havenít.)

  • Trust
    I thought that Scott was shown as way too calm considering Logan was making moves on his girl, so I thought this was a little more accurate as to how I thought he would actually react, and what Jean's reactions to his anger would be.

  • Changes
    Scott is given the opportunity to control his optic beams without the need for sunglasses or a visor. But at what cost?


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Mark Howes


Mary Trauthen





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Nadja Lee


Educating Alex
Scott talks with Alex and thinks about his past...

Don't Buy Me
Scott and Remy have a talk

Going Nowhere

Remy and Scott have a big problem....a dead guy in the bedroom.











Sequoia Swennes