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L. Burke

Please Get Well For Christmas 

DISCLAIMER: The characters belong to Marvel, and are
used without permission for entertainment purposes only.

"Scott are you sure that your aren't well enough to go with me to visit my parents?" Jean Gray Summers asked the lump of covers in the middle of her and her husband's bed.  There was a muffled reply that Jean could not make out from the lump in the middle of the bed.  Jean just sighed. "You just had to save the puppy didn't you?  It took you and Logan four hours to lure it out from under that trash heap, and during that time you got an awful chill, which lead to a bad case of the flu.  The flu led to bronchitis because you didn't take care of yourself.  What am I going to do with you?"  Jean asked gently. "You could make sure that he doesn't skip meals, gets enough sleep at night and takes care of himself.  The same thing I have been telling him to do for years."  Hank McCoy's voice stated from the doorway.  "Besides I would not recommend you taking him to your parents house, the cold weather is not good for him, and he is still contagious." Jean just faced her long time friend with a sigh "He will be healthy for Christmas right?  My niece, nephew and Bobby will be very disappointed if he's to sick to distract me while they steal all the sour cherry candy canes off the tree." Hank just smiled, "He should be.  That's if he follows my orders and stays in bed and listens to his doctor for once.  I have him on some pretty powerful medications, so he should be up to conspiring with Joey and Galen when they arrive in about three days. "  Hank looked thoughtful for a moment and added "Besides I get my share of the candy canes from Bobby." Jean just gave Hank an exasperated expression "Wouldn't it just be easier if we bought more sour cherry candy canes and less regular ones?  That way we have enough for everyone and no one has to steal their share from the tree? That way we may have some left for Christmas and Professor Xavier doesn't have to enforce the 'no stealing candy canes from the tree' rule?" Hank just looked at her with an expression of mock horror "And mess with this schools long tradition?  Don't worry Jean we will take care of him while your gone.  I mean what could happen in three days?  Besides that, Nathan will be here in two day to check in on us and can inform you of any misdeeds.  Besides all we will be doing is decorating for Christmas what could possibly go wrong?" Jean just looked at Hank for a moment.  "I guess your right.  With all of the X-men here to take care of him what could possibly go wrong?  I guess I am leaving then.  Take care of him and I will see you all in three days when I bring my family up." Jean turned to the pile of covers on the bed, "Scott take care, and I will be back in three days." She thought she heard the muffled reply of  "Have fun, and take care." from under the covers as she walked out of the bedroom.

Scott Summers knew he was sick.  He just wished that everyone would just leave him alone to die in misery.  The first thing he realized was that someone was poking him and insistently calling his name.  "Scott" was his name right?  He didn't think it was Jean he vaguely remembered hearing something about her leaving and to take care of himself.  He felt someone poke him again, saying "Scott wake up." When he pulled his head out from under the covers there was a beautiful red head looking down at him.  Jean?  No Jean is gone.  As the image came into focus his groggy mind came up with a name. "Rogue."  He just barely managed to croak out.  His throat hurt and it felt like he had a weight on his chest. "Hey Sugar, I was getting worried.  I just wanted to ask you what you wanted for dinner?  Would soup sound good to ya?" Scott just nodded at her question.  Rogue just smiled down at him.  "You are really feeling lousy if you're willing to eat soup.  I will bring the soup up in about an hour and your pill to. I hate to bother you about this, since Jean's gone.  What do you think?  Should we cook three turkeys or two?  I say three but the Cajun is saying two because he thinks we will have too much left over turkey.  What do you think Cyke?" It took a while for the information to connect on what a 'Turkey' was and what it was used for.  "Three." Rogue just smiled down at him, "Good you agree.  I go tell that Cajun that we are cooking three turkeys whether he likes it or not.   Leftovers," Rouge continued with a snort "It's Christmas your spose to have leftovers.  I bring your soup right up." Scott heard the door of his bedroom close quietly.  He realized that he had been dozing when he thought he hear the sound of two arguing voices from down stairs.  One was a female voice with a heavy southern accent, the other a male voice with a heavy French accent.  They were arguing about a turkey and it was getting very heated.  That's when Scott heard the sound of the explosion, glass shattering. When he looked out his bedroom window a few moments later he could swear he saw the sight of a flaming turkey shooting across the sky.

He was getting poked again.  "Cyke wake up.  Drake and I need to know where the duct tape is.  We are trying  to put up the Christmas lights and we need to know where the duct tape is.  Cyke wake up." When Scott opened his eyes he was looking up at a very hairy man.  What was his name?  Logan?  Yes that's it. "What."  He croaked his throat still hurt and the weight on his chest seemed heavier, he also felt a little itchy. "Bout time you woke up.  Do you know where the duct tape is?  Drake doesn't have a freaking clue.  If you know where the Christmas lights are that would be a huge help to.  I think you were the one that got stuck taking them down last July if I am not wrong." He just sat staring at Logan, as his mind tried to understand what a duck would want to do with a roll of tape and why would he take Christmas lights down in July?  The answer finally came to him. "In the shed under the tarp, and in the attic in the box marked 'Easter decorations' Bobby and Jubilee put them away." "Thanks and I will make sure no one else bothers you Cyke.  Drake and I are going up on the roof to put the lights up.  So if ya hear anything don't worry." Scott just nodded at him.  He came to a while later with the sounds of foots falls and voices coming from the roof just over his bed.  Something about the snowman maybe being too heavy for the roof to support.  Scott decided just then to get up and get a glass of water, and was in the bathroom when he heard a very loud crash.  When he stepped out of the bathroom the only thought that came to his mind was how was he ever going to explain the good-looking snow woman lying in the middle of their bed to Jean.  That's when he heard a female voice roar from outside, "Robert!"

He was getting poked again.  "Slym wake up."  He opened his eyes to a set of steel gray ones.  "Slym wake up.  I just wanted to tell you I wouldn't make it for Christmas.  I just wanted you to pass that on to Redd for me.  Slym wake up." Scott opened his eyes and tried to remember where he was and who the man in front of him was.  He was not in his bedroom.  Oh yes, the snow woman and the hole in the roof.  He was in a guestroom.  Steel gray hair, steel gray eyes, called him Slym.  Nate.  His chest really felt heavy, his throat hurt and he really felt itchy everywhere.  Worse than before, he was getting better right?  Nate poked him again. "Slym are you following me?  I want you to tell Redd I can't make it for Christmas dinner." Right then Scott felt like he was choking, and struggled to grasp out the next words.  "Nate.I..can't.breath." "McCoy!"  He heard Nate shout.  From a great distance he heard running and  Hank's voice shout out. "He's having a severe reaction to his medication.  Someone help me move him to sickbay right now!"  That's about when everything went black.

Scott came to with a bright light shinning down into his eyes.  He once again met a pair of steel gray eyes. "Don't ever do that to me again!  Do you understand me!"  Nate just glared down at him.  "If you were so determined for me to spend the holidays here you could have just nagged like a normal parent.  You're just to suborn to do anything in a half measure aren't you?  You scared the hell out of all of us." "Sorry."  He tried to croak out.  "Redd be happy though."  Nate just glared at him some more. "Yea, she will be thrilled.  Go back to sleep.  She will be back tonight some time.  Don't pull a stunt like that again or I will shoot you.  Understand?" Scott just nodded to Nate as he drifted back to sleep.

This time he was awoken by a kiss.  Opened his eyes to the most beautiful set of green eyes that he never got tried of looking up in to.  Jean just smiled down at him. "How are you feeling sleeping beauty?" Scott took a quick inventory, his throat didn't hurt so much, and the weight on his chest was gone.  "Better."  He smiled he didn't sound like a frog any more. "Glad to hear it.  I understand you gave everyone a scare while I was gone.  Got Nate to stay for the holidays." "What day is it?"  Scott asked.  Trying to place what had happen for the last couple of days and not being able to put much together. Jean just smiled down at him and replied "Christmas Eve.  Hank said that if you take it easy through the day.  He will bring you up so you can help us trim the tree.  Hank said you should be feeling more like your old self for Christmas morning.  Promise me that you will be good and take it easy today so we can bring you up to help trim the tree." "Promise."  Scott croaked out. "Good." Jean replied and pulled something out of her pocket.  "I stole this for you."  In her hand she had a sour cherry candy cane.  "I figured you won't be really up to stealing your share this year.  So I thought I would grab one for you.  Don't tell anyone that I stole it out of the box.  Merry Christmas Slym." As Scott drifted off to sleep he replied "Merry Christmas to you too Redd."


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