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Still Here: Part 4

Okay, here's another part of my Still Here series.  For the first parts
here's the addy... http://hivemind.hispeed.com/ittybit/cyke4/stillhere01.htm

All characters belong to Marvel Comics. Oh, and no flames and thanks to
#subcafe for the help.

Dead Man's Journey: Prologue

I have to leave, Jean.  I'm sorry.  I wish I could stay but I need to go.

I never did venture outside of the X-Men after my... death.  God, it's getting harder to remember what it was like to breathe, to feel a soft gentle touch, and even pain.  I miss pain.

Oh well.  I'm going out to see if anyone else out there could perceive me. I know the various superheroes out there with abilities beyond those of normal standards.

Still I have to try.

I tried to possess Gambit and he hated it.  His shields had increased in his sleep and I couldn't get a good grasp as I used to.  I couldnít even indicate that it was me trying to reach out.  Maybe if this fails, I will have to possess someone else without such powerful shields.

It will take me time to locate and try it out with the various superheroes.  Despite the fact that I could fly as fast as thought now, it will still take time to locate the other superheroes without asking for directions.

I will have to spy on the Avengers and the Fantastic Four since they are the most well-connected superhero teams.  After them, I'll locate their allies and some of the... less known superhero teams.

In this state, nothing had been able to perceive me and I will find out things.  I might find out about Spiderman's secret identity or how the Avengers work.

I know too much as it is.  I know how Apocalypse can work his machines and how Warren and Logan got 'altered'.  Watching all of you, day and night, do things that I never even dreamt of.  We all have secrets within this house.  I just never realize how deep they are.

I can never tell you what is in my mind, Jean.  The things I know now and what I will know in the future must forever remain in my mind.

The first place I will go was the Avengers.  I will hang out there, especially around Wanda and Simon.  Wanda had a strange mystical power that no one could fully understand. Simon was resurrected after a long time thanks to her.  They might be able to help.

After that, I'll go to Laveteria.  I heard that the Fantastic Four are living there now.  Dr. Doom is the new leader.  I still have a hard time believing that.  Of course, I've had experience in impossible to believe situations.

I'll miss you.  Correction, I do miss you.  I miss your touch.  I miss the way you speak in my head sometimes in a playful way. I hate seeing you mourn for me.  I try so hard to be there for everyone in spirit if not in body.

I promise you the first person who can perceive me in any way will tell you that I was here.

Just be strong for me.  You were the strong one of us.

First, I have to take one last look.  Itís so beautiful up here.  I love flying, itís the only thing I can do that I couldnít do back when I was alive.  I can see the woods, the vast gardens, our old boat house, and the mansion itself.  So much happened here. I met Jean in the study.  My son was born here.  I was married here.

This isn't goodbye.  I will be back.  I'll be back in either spirit or in flesh.

I promise.

I love you.

As Nathan would say, G'journey.

To Be Continued...

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