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X-Men In Pokeworld:
Part 1

Okay, X-Men and other Marvel characters are owned 
by Marvel and is being used without permission. Pokemon 
and all related characters are owned by Nintendo and is being 
used without permission. I’m not being paid for this. Please no flames. 
If you don’t like Pokemon or X-Men please don’t read this.

"Pokemon's on!" Franklin announced as he sat on the couch with his puppy on the rug. The Saint Bernard looking 'Inhuman' puppy wagged his tall as the theme song came on. The dog had appeared out of nowhere at the old Fantastic Four Plaza. Puppy was larger than Franklin was, with brown and white fur and the distinct antenna on his forehead. Reed thought that the Puppy was related to the much larger Inhuman dog, Lockjaw. Franklin, along with Generation X, was visiting the X-Men while the Fantastic Four was off on another mission. "I wish I could meet the real Pokemon." Franklin said as Ash Ketchum dances with Pikachu.

Scott entered the room, after working on the Blackbird, and saw the television show. The small animals ran around the screen. He had heard a great deal about the Pokemon. They were the latest craze. Stuffed toys, candies, and of course TV shows. Scott sat down next to the boy. He was wearing civilian clothes and wanted to check on Franklin. "Watching Pokemon, huh?"

Franklin replied, "Yep."


Puppy began to bark loud at nothingness, startling both Scott and Franklin. "Get back, Puppy!" Franklin yelled out as the Inhuman puppy began to bark in mid air.

A portal appeared in the television. The puppy ran into the portal barking. Franklin grabbed the collar and got dragged in. "Heeellllppp!" he yelled out.

"Franklin!" Scott yelled. He called out to the others, "Guys! A portal just swallowed Franklin and... Puppy!" The portal began to close as Scott leapt in headfirst. He could hear Jean screaming out his name and even the telekinetic tug in an attempt to bring him back. But it was too late; Scott fell into the bright light. For the briefest second, he thought that he became two-dimensional.


Scott's head hurt as he lay on the soft grass. **Where am I?** he thought as tried to get up.

He felt around his face and discovered that he was missing his visor, along with his hair and... his nose. Keeping his eyes shut, he felt around for injuries. He tried to bend down only to find that he couldn't bend at the waist and that his skin felt moist and cold. He crawled for a second before he felt the smooth familiar metal of his visor. He quickly put it on and surveyed his surroundings. Everything seemed much bigger than before. His body felt strange. He looked down to see that he wasn't wearing anything. That didn't matter much since his very body was changed. His chest was hard. Rock hard. And it was tannish. His hands were now only four fingered with small webbing, blue and scaly. His legs are much shorter and thicker than before. Like his arms, they were also blue and scaly.

(What the-?) he asked as he looked behind him to see a long blue tail sticking out from under his shell. (Shell?) Scott asked as he felt panic rise in him. He also noticed that his voice changed. It sounded more of high-pitched tone and the sounds that came out are nothing but the word 'Squirtle'. He reached out with his hands and felt the smooth tail. It was real. He remembered the TV show that was on before the portal opened up. He could talk, but with only the word 'Squirtle'. (Okay this is a dream. A bad dream caused by some of Gambit's cooking and watching too much Pokemon.) Scott told himself as he looked around.

He needed to know what happened to him and more importantly what happened to Franklin and his puppy. If they had gotten though, poor Franklin could be a Pokemon.

(No!) he yelled out as he looked away. He had been turned into Pokemon. Instinctually, he tried to reach out to Jean only to find nothing. The rapport was gone and he was alone.

(I wonder if my powers still work.) he asked himself as he reached up to the release mechanism and shot out a bright red beam toward a tree. He sighed in relief. At least he could still defend himself and identify himself as Scott Summers.

(Hey! You don't want to attract any trainers here?!) a bird yelled out, (Unless you want to get caught!)

Scott looked up to see a bird sitting up on the trees with the others. It looked somewhat like a hawk only different. (I don't understand!) Scott yelled out in surprise. Then, it dawned on him, he could understand that bird.

(Trainers! Humans! People that capture us and battle us.) the other birds chorused.

(I'm sorry. I'm new around here.) Scott turned and ran off. He now remembered about trainers on Pokemon who go around catching them and putting them in small Pokeballs. If he gets caught, he may never get out.


He spent several minutes running. Nothing looked familiar to him. Finally, he sat down on a nearby tree trunk and put his hands on his face. He had no idea where he was or how he can go back to his own world. The team probably thought that he was dead or worst. "Hey look! A Squirtle!" a young voice yelled out interrupting Scott's thoughts.

Scott looked up to see a ten year old standing there. (Great.) he muttered.

"What did he say?" the ten year old asked his friend.

"I don't know. But look at that weird thing on his head, Bob."

"Yeah. He must be a different breed or something, Steve."

"Let me check." Steve said as he took out his Pokedex.

It said in a mechanical voice, "Squirtle. Tiny turtle Pokemon. Its shell appeared at birth and grew harder."

"Let's catch it!"

"But I want it!"

"Let's take turns. I'll go first since I saw it."

"Fine, but you can only use one Pokemon."


(I'm not really a Squirtle.) Scott tried to explain, but it was futile. They couldn't understand a word he said.

Bob took out a pokeball and yelled, "Go, Weepingbell!"

A giant plant came out and said, (Let's get ready to rumble.)

Suddenly, he felt the urge to battle. He couldn't back off from the fight no matter how much he wanted to. (Let's do it.)

"Weepingbell! Razor leaf attack!"

Weepingbell let out several leaves as projectiles and Scott immediately dodged the leaves. A deep instinct came over him. An animalistic instinct that he felt in every fiber of his scaly being. (I have to battle!) he yelled out. He let out his optic blasts at the plant hoping not to kill it.

The Weepingbell flew away, landed in a thud, and said as he lay there, (You win.)

"Weepingbell, return!"

Steve's eyes bulge and said, "How could a Squirtle know that move?"

"Maybe he belonged to another trainer and he ran away. Scared?"

"Not by a long shot." Steve said with a determined look in his eyes. "There’s no trainers around so he’s open. Raichu! I choose you!"

A brown and orange mouse like creature came out of the ball. (Let's go!)

Scott like before let out optic blasts.

"Raichu! Agility!"

(You can't hit me!) Raichu yelled at Scott as he dodged from one place to the next.

Scott tried to hit him, but kept on missing the Raichu. He didn't want to hit the two boys who were standing close to the battle in anticipation.

"Raichu! Thunder shock!"

(Thunder shock!) Raichu repeated as electricity filled the air and struck Scott. Scott felt the electricity shoot though his body.

(AAAAHHHHHH!!!) he yelled out as he collapsed.

"All right!" Steve said as he took out a pokeball and said, "You're mine." he tossed the pokeball right at the Pokemon.

Scott felt the sensation of teleportation. His very body turned into energy and got zapped into a strange sphere prison. He had to get out. From what he watched from the show, Pokemon could break out if it had enough strength. He focused his energies outward and break out of the pokeball.

He came out in a flash of energy. (You won't catch me!) Scott yelled out not caring that the two trainers can't understand a word he was saying.

"How did he do that?" Bob asked.

Scott felt exhausted and ran off. The two trainers ran after him. A small lake came into the distance. A thought occurred to him. If he was a Squirtle, he probably could breathe underwater. As soon as the lake was in reach, he dove in and swam to the bottom. He held on to the visor with his two small hands, not wanting to lose it.


Ash, Misty, and Brock were walking down the path to the Safari Zone in hopes of getting some more Pokemon. Ash was a little sad that he didn't win in the Pokemon league, but he was confident that he would win next time. Now, he's focusing on getting the various Pokemon. He felt that it was his destiny to become the world's greatest Pokemon trainer. He was younger and shorter than his friends were, yet he somehow became the leader of the group. His black hair and blue eyes shine with a radiance of optimism.

His first Pokemon and best friend, Pikachu walked along side of him. He never liked being in Pokeballs. He was yellow with the electric tail that looked like a thunderbolt.

Misty, a fellow Pokemon trainer who Ash owed a bike to, felt that she was destined to be the world's greatest Water trainer and to top her older sisters at the Cerulean Gym. Her shortish red hair was always tied up on her side of her head. She cared deeply for Pokemon and has a thing for water Pokemon. She had recently 'adopted' a baby Pokemon named Togapi, since it saw Misty first after it hatched and considered Misty to be it's mommy.

Brock, a former gym leader and current Pokemon trainer, felt that he was destined to be the world's greatest Pokemon breeder. A breeder is someone who takes care of Pokemon and raises them. He is the motherly big brother who looks after Ash and Misty like his own little brothers and sisters. Although, whenever a cute girl is around he tends to be more obsessive to the girl. He had never gained the chance to get girls back in Pewter City since he was busy battling and taking care of his many brothers and sisters.

They went to the Pokecenter where it was filled with injured Pokemon. They gasped as they saw the various Chanceys and trainers running around tending to their Pokemon. The 'nurse' Pokemon ran around getting other Pokemon to the various beds. Chanceys are cute round Pokemon that are caring and help the Nurse Joys in the Pokecenters.

"Whoa." Ash said as Pikachu held on to his leg.

"What happened?" Misty whispered. Togapi looked nervous as Misty held on to the baby.

"A powerful trainer?" Brock asked.

Ash went to the counter where Nurse Joy was busily getting the rooms ready. "Excuse me, Nurse Joy?"

Nurse Joy looked up frantic and said, "Sorry, but your Pokemon will have to wait."

"Tell me what to do, Nurse Joy!" Brock pleaded, "I will do whatever I can!"

Nurse Joy ignoring Brock explained, "I'm sorry. But all those trainers' Pokemon got injured ever since the new Pokemon had been discovered."

"A new Pokemon?" Ash asked hopefully. He wanted to catch it.

"Sort of." Joy said as she took out a picture. "This new wild Pokemon was discovered by a couple of trainers."

"It's a Squirtle." Misty said surprised.

“A...Squirtle hurt so many different Pokemon?” Ash asked in awe and worry as he saw a Weepingbell being taken into the emergency room.

Joy explained as she pointed to the picture. The Squirtle looked like a normal one except that over his eyes was a strange looking red and gold visor. "You see, this Squirtle could fire hyper beams out of that weird device."

"Oh." Misty said, "I see. And he could battle with it."

"I want to catch it!" Ash exclaimed.

"But, you already got a Squirtle." Misty argued.

"Yeah, you're right." Ash agreed, "But my Squirtle could have a brother and I can train it better than you."

"I would love to get that Squirtle." Misty said, "And that eyewear makes him look so cute. Besides, I can train that Squirtle better than you."

"Let's go!" Ash said with renewed vigor.

In the bushes, a trio was spying on Ash and his friends. Team Rocket a group of Pokemon thieves that steal Pokemon and tend to run into Ash and his friends many times. Meowth is a cat Pokemon who was the only Meowth that can talk and walk like a human, he is also the brain of Team Rocket. Jesse and James wore the classic Team Rocket uniforms with black boots and red 'R' on the shirts. Jesse wore long black boots with a short, white, mini-skirt and a white jacket with a back shirt under it with an R. James wore a variant of the outfit except that it was pants instead of a skirt. The Pikachu that Ash has is special because he showed a great deal more power and intelligence than the average Pikachu. They search for rare and unusual Pokemon to give to their boss.

Meowth asked, "Did you hear that?"

"Yes, a wild Squirtle that could fire hyper beams." Jesse said.

"So, the rumors are true." James said.

"Da boss would love that rare Pokemon." Meowth said.

"And since that Squirtle is wild, he's ours for the taking." Jesse commented.

"Or we could let those twerps weaken that Squirtle and then take him." James suggested.

"Then, lets stop yaking and get that Pik- I mean that Squirtle." Meowth ordered.

Jesse and James posed and Team Rocket ran off.


"Is this were the Squirtle was last seen?" Ash asked. He decided to let Misty or Brock catch the Squirtle since he has a Squirtle of his own. Unfortunately, Brock's Pokemon are fire and rock and they are weak against a water Pokemon. But, both Brock and Ash still wanted to see the Pokemon.

"That trainer said that he saw the Squirtle around here." Brock said as he held up a map.

"I think it's this way." Misty said as she pointed to a nearby lake. "The strange Squirtle is probably hiding in there."

"Let's go!" Ash yelled out in enthusiasm. They walked forward only to feel the ground came out from under them.


"Where did that hole came from?" Ash asked Brock and Misty who was right under them.

"I think its Team Rocket." Brock theorized, "They love digging holes."

"I don't care who dug this hole, could you please get off of me!" Misty yelled out as her Togapi sat on top of the pile unharmed.

Oddly enough, Team Rocket wasn't to blame for the mysterious hole for at that moment...

"OW!" The group yelled as they fell in a different hole some distance away from Ash and his friends.

"Who's the idiot who dug this hole and didn't tell me about it?" Meowth asked in a cat furry.

"Don't look at me." James said as he felt Jesse's leg against his face.

"Well I didn't dig a hole here." Jesse said as her hands were shoved in the ground. "Someone took our hole digging plot."

"But the hole trap is ours." James whined.

"Let's just get out of this dumb hole!" Meowth yelled.


Scott was hiding in the bushes. He couldn't help but feel guilty for hurting all those poor Pokemon. They were only doing what their masters were telling them to do. The trainers are now getting so numerous that he started to rig up traps in hopes of getting the trainers discouraged. He used his optic blasts to create holes and carefully camouflage them with branches and leaves. Of course, he wondered if he could kill anyone in those holes. So he just hides in the bushes and make sure that the trainers are okay. If it sounded like one of them needed help, he would get another trainer's attention and the other trainer could help the one trapped. Luckily, no one got hurt yet.

He needed some way to distract the trainer so he could find Franklin and his dog. Of course, he had to find a way to get back to his normal, human self, but first he had to find Franklin.

He heard a series of yells.

"Get your hand off of me, Ash!"

"I think I got it!"




The trio finally got out. Scott was surprised to see three trainers together. One was the oldest, he was very dark with dark brown hair. The second one was a red head girl who was very pale and in some distant way reminded him of Jean. She carried in her arms a small egg like creature that was cooing. The shortest one had black hair covered by a baseball cap with a yellow... mouse like creature at his feet. He was a Pikachu. (It's that group of trainers on the show Franklin was watching.) Scott realized.

The mouse saw him. Scott ran off knowing that another battle was on the way and he was just too tired. (Wait! I don't want to hurt you!) the mouse yelled out.

Scott ran anyway. The Pikachu was faster and more agile, but Scott had a good head start. His trainer friends were running behind him. "Wait, Pikachu!"

(I have to get him, Ash!) Pikachu yelled behind him. Pikachu was amazed at how fast this Squirtle is. Soon they were alone. Scott started to feel tired. He tripped on a nearby rock and fell on his stomach. He tried to get up, but the weight of his shell was too much for his worn out legs and arms.

(Now are you ready to listen?) Pikachu asked as he ran up to the exhausted Squirtle. He helped Scott up.

Scott nodded slowly and replied, (My name is Scott.)

(That's an odd name for a Squirtle. I'm Pikachu. Did you belong to another trainer?)

(You might say that.) Scott said as he scratched behind his head in habit. (How come you didn't attack me yet?)

(Oh well, my friend and trainer, Ash, wanted to meet you and maybe train you. But I want to let Misty catch you.)

(I'm not letting her get me. I can't give up Jean.) Scott said as he painfully got up.

(Is that your trainer's name? Where is she?)

(I-I don't know.) Scott said as tears started to trickle behind his visor.

Pikachu put a supporting hand on Scott's shelled shoulder. (It's okay. I know it must be hard being abandoned.)

Scott pulled away. How was he supposed to tell him that he's really a person and Jean is his wife? He couldn't. (I wasn't abandoned. I got lost. Horribly lost. Have you seen a small boy with a huge brown and white dog with an antenna on its forehead?)

(Oh. No. I haven't seen him. Well, maybe you can come with us. Maybe we can find your trainer and that boy. Besides, Team Rocket might be in the area and they'll be up to their dirty tricks if they heard about you.)

(Team Rocket? I think I heard about them.)

Speaking of Team Rocket...

"AAAAAHHHH!!!" the group yelled as they fell in another hole.

"Another one?!" Jesse screeched, "Who is making all these holes?"

James observed, "Well, you have to admit. These holes are very well concealed."

Jesse slapped him on the head and said, "Who asked you?"

"Wait." Meowth said, "Did ya hear that?"

"Hear what?" James asked as he and Jesse listened carefully.

Meowth's sensitive ears picked up a faint, "Pikachu!"

"I think that's Ash and team twerp. We have to get outta here!" Meowth said as they crawled out of the hole.


"Pikachu!" Ash yelled out as he looked around for his Pokemon. "Where is he?" he asked to no one in particular.

"I'm sure Pikachu is fine." Misty consoled. "He's probably just chasing that Squirtle."

"Yeah, Ash." Brock agreed. "I'm sure that Pikachu's fine."

"I know. But if Team Rocket find them..."

"Look!" Misty said as she pointed to a pair of Pokemon running out of the bushes.

"Pikachu!" Ash exclaimed as he hugged his friend. "Are you okay?"

(Uh huh.) Pikachu replied.

Scott stepped away from the trio a little. He remembered about the small group, they might try to catch him and put him in that Pokeball. Misty said, "It's the Squirtle! It's mine! Go Starmie!"

Then a flash of light occurred and instead of a purple starfish there was a yellow duck holding his head.

"Psyduck!." Misty yelled as she took him to the side and tossed another pokeball out. Every time she battled, Pysduck always appeared first. Psyduck appeared again. Misty was angry and looked at Ash who was looking amused. "Don't fight him!" Misty ordered as Brock pulled Psyduck back and Misty threw out her Pokeball.

(Wait!) Pikachu yelled out as he ran in front of Scott.

"What's a matter, Pikachu?" Ash asked. He knew that Pikachu would never interrupt a battle unless it was something important.

Pikachu began to gesture to Scott then to pointed to Misty and shook his head.

"What is he saying?" Misty asked.

"I don't know." Ash admitted.

Pikachu put his paw over his eyes as if to look for something.

"Ummm... the Squirtle is a Government experiment." Ash said.

(What?) Scott asked. He decided to help Pikachu out and did a similar gesture.

Misty looked down at Scott and asked, "Are you lost?"

Scott nodded sadly. Brock wondered, "I wonder what trainer could train a Squirtle to fire hyper beams?"

"Maybe he's a result of an experiment." Ash said as he get into a melodramatic mode, "An evil scientist got a Squirtle's DNA and alter it so he can blast out of his eyes."

"Oh Ash." Misty said rolling her eyes, "That's ridiculous. There's no such thing as evil scientists who go around mutating Pokemon."

(Unless he happens to be Mr. Sinister.) Scott joked to himself.

(Huh?) Pikachu asked.

(Private joke.)


"Prepare for trouble."

"And make it double."

Ash, Misty, and Brock groaned in unison. "Not again." Ash muttered.

"To protect the world from devastation."

"We know who you are!" Ash yelled out, "Why do you have to say that stupid motto?"

"Stop interrupting us you twerp!" Jesse yelled. Then, she asked, "Where are we?"

"I think it's my turn." James said, "To unite all people within our nation."

"To denounce the evils of truth and love."

"To extend our reach to the stars above."



"Team Rocket blasts off in the speed of light."

"Surrender now or prepare to fight."

"Meowth! That's right." Meowth said as he pounced out.

"You're not getting Pikachu!" Ash yelled out.

"We don't want that Pikachu." Meowth explained. "We want that Squirtle."

(No!) Pikachu yelled out to Meowth.

Scott fired several optic blasts at the group. Jesse, James, and Meowth did a dance to avoid the blasts being shot to the ground. Finally, Scott felt drained due to the constant use of blasts and the chase Pikachu made. He stopped and James toss out a pokeball and ordered, "Wheezing go!"

A gray Pokemon that looked like he was two balls fused together appeared out and in a dual like voice said, (He's mine!)

Jesse ordered as she got out her pokeball, "Arbok! Go!"

The cobra like Pokemon came out and said, (No! Mine!)

"Wheezing, smog attack now!" James ordered.

Wheezing obeyed and a thick smoke came out of him. Scott looked around to see nothing, but smelly fumes.

Ash took out his pokeball and yelled out, "Pigetto! Go. Whirlwind attack."

The hawk like Pokemon flew out of his pokeball and created a massive windstorm. The wind blew away the smog. Scott was tired from the constant use of his optic blasts. Pikachu saw this and ran close to Scott.

Jesse ordered, "Aarbok! Wrap that Squirtle!"

Arbok complied and slithered toward the Pokemon mutant. Ash ordered, "Pikachu! Thunder Shock!"

Pikachu lashed his electric energies. Scott remembered that Pikachu is electric. He withdrew into his shell as Pikachu struck Arrbok, Wheezing, and Team Rocket.

The electric shock explodes the gas and Team Rocket went high in the air. They chorused as they flew out of distance, "LOOKS LIKE TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!!"

"Well, they're gone." Ash said as he slapped his hands together.

(I gotta go.) Scott explained to Pikachu, (I need to find a little boy and his dog and a way home.)

"Why don't you travel with us?" Ash asked, "More trainers will try to catch you and my friends can help you find your trainer. Besides, I have this great Squirtle of my own and I want you to meet him."

Scott pondered. He will need as many allies as possible in this weird world and Team Rocket will try to catch him again.

(Okay, I'll join.) Scott said nodding to Ash.

"Okay!" Ash said as he took out a Pokeball. Scott realized that if he got held in the ball, he might miss Franklin or any of the X-Men if they followed his trail. He shook his head and held up his hands over his face.

"Don't you want to get in?" Misty asked.

(No.) Scott said as he shook his head wildly.

Ash, Brock, and Misty looked at each other. “Hey, maybe this Squirtle hates being in Pokeballs like Pikachu.” Brock said.

Ash looked down at Pikachu and nodded. Finally, Ash said as he put away the Pokeball, "Okay."

"Great! He's mine!" Misty yelled out as she grabbed Scott by the waist lifted him high in the air.

"Huh?" Ash asked, "Why do you think that the Squirtle wants you to train him?"

"Because, I can understand him better than you." Misty said, "What do you say, Squirtle?"

Scott smiled slightly. At least, they're nice and he had this weakness for red heads. He nodded happily and said, (Sure!)

Misty asked as she put him down, "Do you have a name, little Squirtle?"

Scott slightly grimaced at the ‘Little Squirtle’ nickname and nodded. He knew that 'Scott' would be too odd for a Pokemon and he couldn't make the right gesture for that name. He pointed to his visor and said slowly, (Cy-clops.)

"He wants us to name him 'One Eye'?" Ash asked.

(Cyclops.) Scott repeated again pointing to his visor.

"How about 'Red Eye'?" Brock asked.

Scott shook his head and said, (Cy-clops.)

"Ruby!" Ash yelled out.

(Cy-clops!) Scott yelled out not wanting to be named 'Ruby'.

Scott stood there almost angry. Misty noticed the way the visor made him look like he had one eye. He looked somewhat like a figure she read in a Ancient Greek myth book. "I got it! You want to be called 'Cyclops'!" Misty yelled out.

Scott nodded happily. (Yes. That's my name.)

"Welcome to the group, Cyclops." Ash said as he shook Scott's hand, Misty and Brock took turns welcoming the new Pokemon.

End of part one

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