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Still Here: Part 1

Okay, this fic contains spoilers for those who haven't read 
X-Men 97. Now, this story is the result of message board 
theories about Scott having a plan. All characters are property of 
Marvel Comics and used without their permission. Sascha Morgan gave me 
the idea for the fic title.

Not Dead Yet

Well, here I am. Who or what I am now is a good question. I'm here and yet not here. I remember a face, female with green eyes and red hair. She look so beautiful. I remember faces; young, old, middle-aged, scarred, and unscarred. They are so familiar.

Why can't I grasp it?

An X appeared in my mind, it glowed with red on black. The X is important to me.

The woman in my mind, I can now see her entire body. Wrapped in green and gold with a gold bird on her chest.

A name appeared with the woman, she's called 'Phoenix'. No, it's Jean. Jean Grey-Summers. Her voice came with the name. It rang out like a thousand bells, "SCOTT!!!"

Is that my name? It felt familiar.

Another face, he looked older and has a resemblance to her and I. My father? No, my father isn't on this world.

But he is close to me.

Must remember.

Another face, older than I am or was, with pointy hair and a yellow uniform. He is close to me, but not as close as Jean or the other man.

The other man's name is... Nathan? Yes, his name is Nathan Summers.

And the shorter man's name is... Logan? I don't think he has a last name.

It's getting clearer. I am Scott Summers. The sacrifice I made to save the boy. He is similar to Cable and yet completely different. His name... is Nate too. Heís close to me.

Must remember.

We fought against a huge man with blue lips. He captured us and kept us in spheres. He wanted us for our combined power.

He wanted to become a god.

He wanted Nate to be his new host body, but I couldn't let him. I... leapt out and shoved him out of the way. I have a plan that I told no one, not even Jean. I even laughed as the plan was working.

Now, I remember. Itís so clear.

Apocalypse. That's his name. He robbed me of my body and my power, but not my soul. Unlike him, I have experience in the celestral matters from Jean's experiences as Phoenix. He doesn't know about me.

No one knows. The Professor couldn't even sense me even as I hover as a phantom so close to him.

I gained power in the merge too. I gained knowledge from Apocalypse as he did me. He may gained a physical form but I retained a spiritual form. I can't show myself yet. The powers I now have are completely different from my old ones. Until, I can control these powers, I'll be a phantom.

I went down and tried to solidfy. I can't. I feel so close to Jean and yet so far. Tears went down her face as I tried to put my transparent hand over her shoulder. I want to feel her and instead felt a bright spark within her. Is it the power of the Phoenix?

I saw the X-Men and the others, still alive and breathing. Thank God. Bishop had gone to that alternate future of his and Monolith is gone. But the others are alive. I don't even mind that Magneto isn't hurt.

I know they will defeat him. Besides, they still have me as an ally. No one will be able to see me or hear me yet. But these new powers can help them.

I swear, Jean. I will stay with you. Nathan, Nate, I see your expressions of guilt. It's not your fault. Just don't cry for me, Jean, you know me. I wouldn't go head first without at least having some plan.

I can see different images in my head. Alex is alive too. He's in an alternate world, maybe I can go there. Maybe, I can bring him back.

No. He's doing fine. I can tell.

I still have my duty and a wife that needs me. I can't leave them. Besides, I still have to try to get my body back.

Next time we see Apocalypse, I will be there. And that time, I won't die so easily.

Maybe, I'll come back to my former life if I can. After all, I'm not dead yet.

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