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Conversation Between Naps

This is a companion fic to Phil Hartman's story 'Neogenisis'.  He gave me
his permission to write this.  Here's the link if you want to read it

Connor and Deirdre belong to him and all other characters belong to Marvel.
I hope you enjoy this fluff/weird fic.

She had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Everyone else constantly insisted to her that he was dead but deep down in her heart, she knew that he was alive. She didn't know where but he was until now. The only reason why that she couldn't sense him was that he was too close.

~Jean?~ Scott reached out in her mind. His 'voice' hasn't changed despite the obvious physical change that occurred. The rapport they shared strengthened over the brief time they had been back together. She looked
down at the crib to see her husband wide-awake.

~Scott, I thought that you were asleep.~ Jean telepathically whispered.

~I just woke up.~ Scott explained, ~Sorry about drifting off like that. I just felt so damn tired.~

Jean smiled as she carefully picked up Scott making sure that the other babies didn't stir. ~You just got born. You should feel exhausted. Newborns sleep a lot.~

Scott smiled back. ~What about you? I mean giving birth to triplets must've been tiresome.~

~I'm fine.~ Jean said as she gently strokes Scott's faint brown hair. ~To be honest, I'd rather fight off Magneto and Sinister at the same time than do that again.~

~Tell me about it. It's not all that pleasant of an experience for me.~

~At least you were there. What's it like? Being born again?~

Scott took a deep breath and sighed. ~It wasn't pleasant. I don't really remember much. I remembered being wet and comfortable. I thought that Apocalypse had gotten me into a hibernation chamber or something. Then, I
heard you scream and I found myself hanging upside-down, naked, freezing, and being spanked by Hank. That was one of the weirdest experiences I ever had.~ Scott made a funny face of disgust.

~I'll make Hank promise that the next time you ended up being reborn through me, he won't spank you so hard.~ Jean promised as she tried not to giggle at Scott's expression.

~Thanks, why did you scream?~

~Hank told me that you were one of the triplets. It was just too weird, even for us. Then, you three got born. I was hoping that you might remember. I missed you so much.~

~I missed you too.~ Scott said as he tried to hold Jean's hand remembering how much smaller it seemed before.

~At least you came back in time to see your children get born.~

~I was the last one out. I couldn't see anything. I was there though.~

~Yes, you were. You were with me the entire time and I didn't even know it.~ Jean said as she adjusted her arms a little.

~Are you okay?~ Scott asked as he felt Jean's arms move below him.

~My arms are a little stiff.~ Jean confessed as she saw Scott's look of concern show.

~Am I too heavy?~

~No. Not at all. I really hope that we can find a way out of this. I mean, that we need all the help we can get raising trip- I mean twins.~

~Me too. Personally, I hate being a newborn. These diapers feel so... funny and watching my own friends changing my diapers is so strange.~

Jean rose an eyebrow in interest. ~Someone already changed your diaper?~

Scott fidgeted nervously and replied in a sheepish manner, ~Yes. It was while you were asleep. I didn't want to disturb you so I tried to get the next person who came by to change me.~

~Who?~ Jean asked as she bring Scott closer to her.

~Er... Cecilia.~


Scott smiled nervously and said, ~I had to go. So I go and she smelled me.  She knew that I was uncomfortable about this entire thing, so she kept on telling me that she was a professional doctor and what she is used to seeing
er... private parts.~

~At least it wasn't one of the others. Like Logan.~

~I know. Say, where's Nathan? I thought that he might be here to see his brother er... brothers and sister get born.~ Scott asked as he looked around for his son.

~I told him about you while you were asleep. He just blinked and went off to find someone who can help.~

~Who does he know that can help me?~

~I don't know,~ Jean replied, ~Nathan has many contacts that we still don't know about.~ She smirked and said, ~You look just like him.~


~You look just like him back when he was a baby.~ Jean explained as she makes Scott look through her eyes for a second.

Scott's face was filled with surprise as he saw himself through his wife's eyes. He was small, pink and virtually bald. ~I look like that?!~

~Yes, you do. What do you think?~

~I do look kinda like Nathan,~ Scott observed as he watched himself with fascination, ~But all babies look alike.~

~No they don't.~ Jean said as she looked down at the crib with the link still showing Scott the world through Jean's eyes.

Scott saw his children and smiled. ~They look beautiful, like the mother.~

Jean blushed as she stared at the children. ~They have some of their father's looks too.~

There was an audible sigh. ~I wish I could help you.~ he whispered.

Jean blinked and wondered if Scott had intentionally thought that to her.  ~It will be okay.~ she said, ~At least you're here. I'm just grateful for that.~

~I know. I just want to be a father to them.~ Scott explained as he looked down.

~You will when we find out how to make you age faster.~

~Maybe,~ Scott said as he made a faint but audible yawn.

~Are you okay?~ Jean asked.

~I'm fine,~ Scott denied when he felt his eyelids getting heavy.

~You sound tired, I'm putting you back to bed.~ Jean said as she carried her husband back to the crib.

In a very childlike voice, Scott objected in a teasing manner, ~But, Mommy!  I don't wanna go to bed.~

~Very funny. But you need your sleep.~ Jean insisted as she smirked, ~We'll talk later.~

Scott felt his head drifting off as he struggled to stay awake. He hated to admit it but he did feel tired. ~I'll just grab a quick nap.~ He said in a more mature manner.

Jean gently kissed Scott on the forehead, lay him down in the crib next to his children, and said verbally, "I love you."

Scott nodded and thought back, ~I love you too.~ he slowly drifted off.  Jean turned to leave the room when she heard a faint, ~Oh, and can you tell Bobby not to play that Telebubbies tape in here. It's boring and I can't
blast the TV.~

Jean giggled slightly as she went further out of the room.


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