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X-Men In Pokeworld:
Part 2

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Okay here's the second part of my story.  All X-Men and 
Generation X people belong to Marvel Comics and all Pokemon 
characters belong to Nintendo.  None of them are used with their permission.

It had been several hours since Scott had joined the group and he already noticed how nice the group was. Ash and Brock had filled up all of the holes Scott made using Onix, and Geodude, two of Brock's Pokemon. Scott saw the two rock Pokemon work on the holes he used to trap the trainers who were after him because of his 'hyper beam' power. He met the two Pokemon before he left with Misty. Geodude looked like a round rock with a pair of arms hovering in mid-air. Onix was much bigger, and he looked like a row of boulders with a beak-like mouth. They were both friendly despite their rocky appearances. Misty took Scott to the Pokecenter to recharge him since he felt exhausted from battling so many trainers and Team Rocket.

Misty was holding Scott's hand as he and she entered the lab. It was still busy from the various Pokemon Scott had put in there. (I put that many Pokemon in here?) Scott asked as he remained close to Misty.

Misty picked up Scott and carried him to the desk. "Excuse me? Can my Pokemon get some rest here?"

Scott glared up at Misty. He still didn't like to be called 'my Pokemon'. He knew that to everyone else, he's a companion to a human girl.

"Hey! It's that Squirtle!" a trainer said as he sat at a nearby chair.

Other trainers, who had checked their Pokemon in, gathered around Scott and Misty. "How did you do it?" a young girl trainer asked.

"Oh well... you see..." Misty said as she basked in the stares of jealousy of her fellow trainers, "I'm an expert water Pokemon trainer and I caught him all by myself."

Scott rolled his eyes under his visor as Misty told how she had managed to follow the elusive Squirtle, battle Team Rocket, and convinced Cyclops to join her. The other trainers listened in awe. "Didn't any of your other Pokemon got hurt bad?" the first trainer asked.

"Nope." Misty said, "I only used my Psyduck."

"Cool." the first trainer said with jealously in his voice.

Scott sighed as a Nurse Joy came up to them and said, "Okay, you can rest here. Just get him into his Pokeball."

Misty sighed as she looked down at Cyclops who was shaking his head. "Sorry, but he doesn't like being in Pokeballs."

"Okay." Nurse Joy said as another woman that looks identical to Nurse Joy walked up.

She said, "Nurse Joy, another Pokemon needs your help."

Scott looked at the two women. They look identical in every possible way. He knew that all of the Nurse Joys tends to look identical but in real life, the resemblance is so uncanny. A part of him wondered if Sinister is involved in this. Misty said, "Two Nurse Joys? How are you two related?"

The first Nurse Joy replied, "She's my third cousin on my mother's side. She's here to help out." She ran off to go to the intensive care unit.

The Second Nurse Joy looked down at Scott and asked, "So, you're the Pokemon who hurt all those other Pokemon."

Scott nodded and bowed his head down. "He didn't really mean to hurt all those Pokemon, Nurse Joy." Misty said, "Is that right, Cyclops?"

Scott nodded again.

"Oh well. Let me look at you." Nurse Joy said as she picked up Scott. Cyclops' face turned into an interesting shade of red as Nurse Joy said, "Okay, he just looks exhausted. I'll have Chancey take him to your room."

A pink Pokemon with a nurse's hat and an apron with a red cross on it came up to Scott and said, (This way please.) He recognized her as a Chancey. Her high pitched voice sounded somewhat sweet and pleasant.

Scott nodded and followed her. He looked up at Misty and Misty just said, "It's okay, go on."

Scott walked through the various halls and saw many Pokemon being wheeled around. (You are a very popular topic around here.) Chancy said as she and Scott went to a small room. It had a bunk bed and a small bed on the other side. There were a couple of drawers as well as a door to a couple of bathrooms.

(Thanks,) Scott said as he climbed up and sat on the bed, (I'm sorry about all the injured Pokemon.)

Chancey had a surprised look on her face and she said, (I never heard of another Pokemon apologizing for injuring other Pokemon in battle. You're not like other Pokemon.)

Scott nodded sadly and said, (I'm different.)

(I'll get your trainer after you rest. She and her other friends will be here.) Chancy said as she left.

Scott sighed as he sat on the bed. It was on the floor and it was easy for him to get on. He lay down on the bed with his back when he realized that he now had a body of a humanoid turtle. (Shit.) Scott muttered as he waved his arms and legs to get off of his back. (Someone? Anyone? Help!)


Ash and Brock entered the Pokecenter. They were covered in dirt as Ash said, "I didn't know that Cyclops could make those many holes."

Brock brushed the dirt out of his spiky hair and said, "That Squirtle must have incredible hyper beams if he could dig holes that fast."

They saw a big crowd gathering. "What's going on?" Ash asked as he went on his tiptoes.

A trainer said, "Have you heard? This great trainer had just caught the Unbeatable Squirtle."

Misty's voice rang out as Ash and Brock listened. She chattered, "And so, I took out Psyduck and it was easy as pie."

"Only because the Squirtle wanted to be with you because he likes you." Ash spoke up.

Misty saw Ash, got out a mallet from nowhere, and began to bash him over the head. "WHO ASKED YOU? YOU GET YOUR POKEMON BECUASE THEY FOLLOWED YOU TOO!"

Ash laid on the floor in a daze as he recovered from the Mallet attack. Togapi sat on the counter as he began to coo loudly.

Brock sighed as he asked Misty, "Where's Cyclops?"

"He's resting." Misty explained as she picked up Togapi, "I'm going to visit him right now."

"Okay, I want to know more about that Squirtle." Ash said as he and Brock stepped forward. Suddenly, there was a hand in front of his face.

"Not so fast, young man." Nurse Joy said as Brock grinned in a stupid way at the young woman, "You two are a mess. Clean up."

"Yes, ma'am." Brock said in a girl trance.

Ash looked down at Pikachu who was also covered in dirt. He picked up his friend and said, "Come'on. It's time to clean up."

Brock, Ash, and Pikachu left to their room. Pikachu's ears perked up as he heard faint but definite cries of help. "Pikapi!" Pikachu yelled out as he tugged at Ash's pant leg.

"What is it, Pikachu?" Ash asked as Pikachu went on all fours and raced down the hall. Brock and Ash followed the young Pokemon.

Finally, they arrived at their room. Pikachu raced in the open door. Ash and Brock follow. They saw before them Cyclops laying on his back in a helpless manner.

"Squirt! Tle!" Cyclops yelled out almost angrily.

"Cyclops!" Ash yelled out as he went up to the Pokemon and helped him up on his feet.

He had known Cyclops for a very short time, but he could tell that the Squirtle is different from any other Water Pokemon he had ever seen before. Not only did he have that odd ability to create Hyper Beams, but also he seemed smarter than the average Pokemon. Cyclops looked up, grinned in a embarrassed way. "You accidentally tried to sleep on your back?" Ash asked.

Cyclops nodded and scratched the back of his head in a nervous manner. "It's okay." Brock said as he patted Cyclops on the head.

He looked at him oddly though. All his life, he had known Pokemon, but he has never met a Squirtle who accidentally laid on his shelled back.

"What happened?" Misty asked as she went in the door.

"Cyclops accidentally lay on his back." Ash explained.

"How?" Misty asked as she knelt down next to Scott. "What kind of Squirtle would lay on his shell by mistake?"

Cyclops looked down and Misty could saw a faint tear coming down from behind his odd visor. "I'm sorry, Cyclops. I know you're a smart Pokemon."

Cyclops nodded and said, "Tle."

Misty nodded back and asked, "Would you like to rest in a Pokeball?"

Scott shook his head vigorously and yelled out, "Squirt!"

Misty sighed and she said, "Okay."

"Come'on Pikachu." Ash said as Pikachu ran up to him, "we better get cleaned up."

Pikachu climbed up on his place on Ash's shoulder. "Pikachu?" he asked Cyclops who was sitting along with his shell up against the wall.

(I'll be fine. Go on and get cleaned up.) Cyclops said as he waved him away.

(Okay.) Pikachu said as he, Ash, and Brock went to the cleaning areas.


Pikachu walked in the room a little later followed by Ash and Brock. His fur was clean and every bit of dirt he got from filling in holes were washed away. (Scott! How are you feeling?) Pikachu asked as he ran up to him. Scott was on the floor looking the map.

(Better. Thanks.) Scott said.

(What are you doing?) Pikachu asked as he pointed to Ash's map.

(I'm trying to find out where I am.) Scott replied as he rolled up the map and put it back in the backpack. (I thought that I might recognize some area or something.)


(Nothing.) Scott replied almost frustrated. Misty had given him the map so he could point out where he came from. Unfortunately, there was no New York City, Alaska, or even America on the map. The map was very local, with few actual details about it. After a few minutes, Misty had went to her bed, still wearing her clothes. He looked at Misty who was lying down on the regular bed, (Ummm... where do we sleep?) Togapi was on the table next to the bed. He curled up in his little shell.

(With our trainers, I sleep with Ash and you sleep with Misty. The Pokecenter is packed so we have to share rooms for the night.) Pikachu replied as he pointed to the bunk beds.

Scott's face turned red as he blushed. (I don't want to sleep with Misty.) He said as he pointed awkwardly at the sleeping girl.

(It's okay to sleep with humans.) Pikachu said, (I guess you can sleep on the floor. With that shell of yours, you can sleep anywhere.)

Scott looked behind him to see his turtle like shell. (Oh yeah. I forgot about that thing.) He stretched as he lay down, this time on his stomach, and withdrew in his shell. It felt like being surrounded by blankets and pillows without the suffocation. His legs and arms curled up nicely in the shell without any discomfort.

Pikachu tilted his head and repeated, (Oh yeah. I forgot about that thing?)


Scott slowly woke up and peeked out of a small opening in front of him. **So, it wasn't a dream.** he thought as he poked his head out. His arms and legs stretched out from his shell as he slowly and carefully got up. It was dark but his visor enabled him to see fairly well in the room. The visor was fashioned so it could have night vision capabilities. Misty sprawled out in her bed asleep still wearing her clothes. In the bunks, Ash slept soundly on the bottom bunk with Brock snoozing on the top. Pikachu was asleep on the same pillow as Ash's head. He thought, **He seemed so much smaller curled up like a well... mouse.**

He sighed as he walked up to the window to see the star lit sky. The moon hovered with it's own light as an infinite amount of stars hung around it. He couldn't quite recognize the constellations and that made him nervous. He closed his eyes as he reached out again as he had been every so often to feel nothing. (Jean..) he whispered as he sat down. As usual, doubts plagued his mind in the quiet. What happened to Franklin and Lockjaw Jr.? Are they safe? Does his family know where and what he is? He shook his head clear. He had to remain focused about the situation. He does have some allies in this world that's more than willing to help him. Unfortunately, he got enemies who want to catch him for his powers.

(Cyclops?) Pikachu whispered as he carefully climbed off of Ash's bed, (What are you doing up?)

Scott sighed as he looked at the Pikachu. He was slightly smaller than him and has an electric personality. (I was just thinking.) Scott replied as he looked back up at the stars, (You know that as soon as I find my friends, I will leave Misty.)

(I know.) Pikachu said as he sat closer to Scott and patted him on his shoulder, (Is this Jean really that special to you?)

Scott nodded as he looked back up at the stars. (We share a bond between us. She's very special to me. I don't know who or what I would be without her.)

(I know what you mean. Ash and I have a very special relationship too.) Pikachu said as he looked out the window.

Scott looked at Pikachu wide-eyed but then he nodded. (Yeah, well Jean and I have a different sort of a bond.)

(Don't worry, Ash, Misty, Brock, and I will help you out. We can find them.)

(I hope so.) Scott said as he laid back down on his stomach.

(We have to rest. It's a long day tomorrow.)

(I know. Pikachu?)


(What sort of relationship do you and Ash have? I mean, I'm not too familiar with what Pokemon are to humans.) Scott admitted, (I've had some... bad experiences with humans. I don't hate them but sometimes they just want to make me one of their... well slaves.) He shivered as he remembered the various times that he had been captured. So many people either wanted mutants dead or held as slaves. Genosha was built on mutant slavery.

(Not at all!) Pikachu exclaimed as he sat closer, (Ash and I are best friends. Pokemon Trainers don't turn their Pokemon into slaves. They make friends out of them. The trainers get lifelong companions and experiences.)

(What do we get in return?)

Pikachu blinked in curiosity. (Why, we get stronger. The trainers feed us and give us care. They carry you everywhere, and they play with you. Trained Pokemon get to evolve faster if they want to.)

(So, you want to be an evolved form of a Pikachu? What is it?)

(A Raichu,) Pikachu said, (and I don't want to evolve. I like being me. I just want to be the world's best Pikachu. That's why I like Ash. He didn't want me to evolve if I don't want to.)

Scott smiled as he said, (I'm glad you have a friend who takes you as you.)

(I got a question. What's your name?)

(What do you mean?) Scott asked as he tried to look away.

(I mean, when we first met, you said your name is Scott. But when you met Misty and the others, you said that your name is 'Cyclops'.)

Scott's face turned red as he tried to think up a logical explanation. (You see... um... Jean calls me Scott. But, since other trainers think 'Scott' is a odd name for a Pokemon, Jean calls me 'Cyclops' whenever I'm in battle.)

(Oh. That makes sense.) Pikachu said.

Scott lay down and said, (I'm tired. I'm going to sleep.)

(G'night, Scott.) Pikachu said as he went back to Ash's bed. He looked at the Squirtle and wondered, (Who are you?)


"Wakey wakey." a female voice echoed as Scott opened his eyes.

(Misty?) he moaned as he got up. He stretched out and stood up.

Ash put on his trademarked hat and said, "Another day, another adventure. Let's go."

"Shouldn't we eat first?" Brock asked as he jumped down to the floor.

"Oh right." Ash said as his face turned red.

(Oh brother.) Pikachu said as he put his paw on his face in disbelief.

The group exited the Pokecenter and made their way to a restaurant across the street. It had a nice little restaurant. The group sat down with Ash and Brock sitting next to each other and Misty sitting on the other side. Next to the table was another table that was much smaller for the Pokeball-less Pokemon. Scott and Pikachu sat down as a waitress passed around the plates of food.

Pikachu and Togapi drooled as the plates of Pokechow were set before them. Pikachu began to dig around in his food and noticed that Scott was just staring at his plate. (Cyclops?) Pikachu asked, (Something wrong with the food?)

(No,) Scott said as he poked at the food with his scaled finger, (it's just... can I have some fruit instead?)

"What's a matter, Cyclops?" Misty asked as she looked up from her food.

Cyclops just looked up and handled a piece of Pokechow in his hand. He frowned as he took some sniffs of the food.

"Maybe Cyclops' trainer feeds him with homemade Pokemon food and he never had food from another trainer before." Brock suggested as Scott stare at his food. To Scott's surprise, Brock reached out and took a piece of food and put it in his mouth. Scott stared in shock as Brock chewed at the food. He chewed the food slowly and carefully as he rubbed his tongue to gain its maximum flavor.

Scott looked over at Pikachu and asked, (Why is Brock eating it?)

(I don't know.) Pikachu said as he paused to see Brock swallowing the food.

"Not bad." Brock said, "A good amount of seaweed, and fish. Perfect for a water Pokemon. Don't worry, Cyclops, this is good stuff."

"You taste Pokemon food?" Ash asked as he recalled the one time he actually tasted Pokemon food and got sick.

"Part of being a Pokemon breeder." Brock said as Scott looked down at his food again.

(Try it, Cyclops.) Pikachu said as he started to eat again.

(Okay.) Scott muttered as he took a small piece of the food. He couldn't help but notice how much that this looks like pet food. Of course, in a sense, it was pet food. His stomach growled slightly under his shell. He immediately remembered that he hasn't eaten since before this morning. (When in Rome.) he muttered as he tossed the pellet in his mouth. At first he cringed slightly. Then the taste slowly melted in his inhuman mouth, it was dry and yet had a tangy flavor. It was like eating a round artificial cracker. He started to scoop up the food with his small scaly hands and toss them in his huge mouth.

(See.) Pikachu said as he shoveled his food in. Togapi ate at a slower pace at just one piece at a time.

(Hmmm... taste just like fish. Reminds me of the time I ate on Lee's ship. All I ate was fish on those long nights.) Scott said in a distracted way.

(Huh?) Pikachu asked.

(Umm... never mind.)


They exited the restaurant in the bright morning's light. Scott, as usual, kept an eye out for Franklin and Lockjaw Jr. Suddenly, he saw a red head and ran to the figure yelling, (Jean!)

Ash and his friends looked down to see the Squirtle running to a woman. The woman turned and Scott skidded to a stop. She was older with blue eyes and a pair of glasses. She's not Jean. (Sorry.) Scott apologized as he walked back to Ash.

"Cyclops!" Misty yelled out, "Why did you ran to that stranger?!"

Scott shrugged the best he could, considering his shell covered both of his shoulders.

"You thought that she was your trainer?" Ash asked.

(Yes. I do.) Scott said as he nodded.

"That's one loyal Pokemon." Misty commented as she patted the sad Squirtle's head, "Don't worry, Cyclops. I'm sure we'll find your trainer."

(Maybe.) Scott said out loud.


Dr. Hank McCoy and Cable were busy as they tried to work on how to get the portal to reopen. "I wish Reed was here." Hank muttered, "He is more of an expert in this sort of phenomena. But he's currently involved in a fantastic mission along with his family and I can not reach him."

"I'm sure, we'll find them." Cable said as he worked on the various equations.. He had experience in the space-time continuum. Of course, it was only in time traveling and body sliding, but the principles were the same

The machine hummed as a white portal opened. They registered in the same pattern as the pattern that was recorded by the computers when the original portal opened. "Eureka!" Hank yelled out in happiness, "We did it!"

"You did it?" Jean asked as she, Logan, and several others ran in the living room.

"You doubt me? I'm hurt." Hank said as he worked on the device, "I can keep the portal stable but I will have to remain on this side. I'm sending a small probe to see what sort of world our lost friends had landed in."

"Thank you." Jean said, "Okay, Logan, Gambit, Rogue, Emma, Sean, and Nathan, you come with me, since the others are out on another mission. The rest of you, stay here."

Logan sighed. He knew that his sensitive senses can really help out in the mission as well as Nathan and Emma's telepathy. Sean, Rogue, and Jean could fly in case that was necessary.

"We want to come, Mrs. Summers." Ev offered, "We can be of a great help."

"I don't want you to get in any danger." Emma stated.

Hank interjected, "Actually, it might be of great help if some of the Generation X team come." he gestured to the screens to reveal odd-looking animals flying around.

"That's a Pidgy!" Jubilee pointed out to a small bird flying by, "But that's impossible. They don't exist."

"Not in this world." Hank said chuckling.

"But, Pidgies only exist on Pokemon." Jubilee said.

"Poke- what?" Emma asked, "Do you mean that television show that Franklin was watching when he, Scott, and the dog vanished?"

"The same."

"So, Scott, Franklin and Lockjaw Jr. ended up... in a television show?!" Nathan asked in disbelief, "Is Mojo involved in this?"

"Yes and no, Mojo isn't involved." Hank said, "Actually, a parallel world that's similar to the television show, their overall rules of nature are astounding. I had watched the show."

"Perhaps it would be better if the children come with us." Sean said, "They knew more about this... 'Pokeworld' than us."

"Yeah." Jubilee agreed, "I mean how many people here know the evolved form of a metapod?"

There was silence. Finally Jean said, "Okay, we'll go ahead get ready as soon as possible." She looked longingly at the portal **I hope you're doing okay, Scott.** she thought out.


"So, where are we?" Misty asked after they had left the village.

"Ummmm..." Ash said as he looked at the map.


Scott held his head along with Brock and Pikachu. (Does Misty always yells like that?) Scott asked.

(Yup.) Pikachu muttered as Togapi started to whimper.

Misty moaned as she said, "Sorry, Togapi. It's okay. Look at what you made me do, Ash?!"

"What did I do?"

"Let's just eat." Brock said exasperated at the fight. "We can find out later where we are."

"Fine." Misty said as she turned her back.

"Okay." Ash said as he did the same thing.

Brock took out his backpack and got out the various dining silverware. Scott wondered how he managed to squeeze in a table, pots and pans, and raw materials for food in a small backpack.

Scott and Pikachu sat down on the ground as Misty and Ash try to ignore each other. Scott shook his head and said, (Those two are so stubborn sometimes.)

(I know. But they really like each other.)

(I get it. Treat those you love with a cold shoulder.) Scott said snickering.


"I got it!" Ash exclaimed, "Let's have my Squirtle meet Cyclops."

"That's a good idea, Ash." Brock complimented.

"I guess." Misty said.

Ash took out his Pokeball, tossed it on the ground, and said, "Squirtle! I choose you!"

A small Squirtle that looked identical to Scott, except without the visor, popped out and said, (Where's the battle?)

(Hi. I'm Cyclops.) Scott introduced himself as he extends his hand.

(I'm Squirtle.) Squirtle said as he glared at him. He looked up at Ash and asked, (Who's Pokemon is he?)

(I'm Jean's Pokemon.) Scott managed to say, (Actually, I'm just hanging around until I can find my w- I mean my trainer and my friends. Misty wishes that I'm her Pokemon though.)

(What's that weird thing on your head?)

(It's my visor. I fire um... hyper beams with it.)

(Hyper beams?! That's impossible!)

(It's not.) Scott said as he looked at a nearby rock and fired an optic blast, shattering it.

Squritle's jaw dropped. He had never saw a fellow Squirtle that could fire a hyper beam like that. (How did you do that?)

(I'd rather not say. I'm just born like that.) Scott said.


A certain trio lurked in the bushes as they watched the group. "We got those brats right where we got them." Jesse said as she put her binoculars down for a second.

James added, "We'll catch two Pokemon with one trap. It will be just a snap."

"We'll get the Pikachu and the Squirtle with ease and our boss will be twice as pleased."

"When we find out how that Squirtle fires those blasts, failure will be a part of our pasts."

The two danced around in a circle holding hands as they say the impromptu poem.

"Actually," Meowth interrupted as he rose in the middle interrupting the two, "we don't need ta catch the Squirtle."

Jesse and James glared down at their mascot and Jesse asked, "What do you mean? We need to catch the Squirtle to find out his secret."

Meowth took out a handy chart with a picture of a Squirtle and a drew on visor as he explained, "You see. I figured that the Squirtle relies on that odd device on his head to fire his blasts. He's not born with that sort of power, he just use that device to fire his blasts."

"And so if we get the device." Jesse said.

"Our Pokemon can fire hyper beams." James finished.

"Actually, I'll be the only one who can use the device." Meowth commented.

"Why not our Pokemon?" Jesse asked in her churlish voice.

"I'm the only one with hands or paws to use da device." Meowth replied.

"Oh." James muttered.

"I see your point." Jesse said, "What about Likatung? It has arms."

"Yeah, but would he wear it or eat it?" Meowth said as he filed his claws.

"I see." Jesse said stunned.

"Then, we're off to get dat device!" Meowth yelled out as he pointed straightforward. Jesse and James posed beside him and sank down again in the bushes.


"Okay, is everyone ready?" Jean asked as she adjusted her outfit. Everyone was dressed in casual civilian attire. Jubilee and the others told her that their costumes would make them stand out and Scott and Franklin shouldn't be in any danger. They ran off to get the right clothes to wear for the mission. Something made for traveling and durable. They also got camping supplies, a Pokemon guide book (from Jubilee's collection), and currency for both in American dollars and Japanese yen.

"Let's go." Cable said as he held his psimatar.

"Why are you bringing that along?" Jean asked as she adjusted her outfit.

"Just in case." Cable replied.

Hank said, "I'll close the portal after you enter. As soon as you find our long lost comrades, click on this device and I'll reopen the portal at your present location." he handed Jean a small remote control device.

Despite the importance of the mission, Jubilee giggled slightly. "We get to see real Pokemon."

Leech and Artie went up to Emma and Leech asked, "Can Artie and Leech please come with you? Leech and Artie want to meet Pikachu!"

Artie created a picture of a Pikachu surrounded by several hearts.

Emma shook her head and replied, "No. It's too dangerous. This alternate world is very strange."

Artie and Leech sulked and Jubilee offered as she took out a camera from her backpack, "Tell you what, I'll take lots of pictures and maybe even bring a Pokemon here."

"Okay." Leech said smiling a little.

"Then, lets go where few people dare to go." Hank said as he began to open the portal. "Remember, the very definition of time occurs differently in alternate worlds."

"Let's go." Sean said as the group slowly entered the portal determined to accomplish their mission as soon as possible.


Jean awoke as she sat up. She tried to do a scan only to discover that her telepathic powers were somewhat shot. "Logan? Nathan?" She asked checking over herself to see that she was fine. However, her civilian clothes changed to a short skirt and a T-shirt with a ball cap on her head. She took out a mirror from her purse and realized that her face looked less mature. She now looked about sixteen.

"Jean?" Rogue asked as she came out of the clearing. She was also unchanged except that she was wearing the same outfit as Jean, with a pair of long gloves added on, and she also looked sixteen. "Where are we?"

"I don't know." Jean replied when the two heard scream from the left. Jean focused her energies and discovered that her telekinesis is still working. She remembered that her telepathy was blocked back when she was sixteen by Xavier. Jean ran off to the left, saving her strength just in case, while Rogue ran along with her.

Jean sprinted through the trees to see Jubilee, and Angelo, staring wide-eyed at a group of strange creatures, a greenish four legged creature with a bulb on it's back, a white round creature with a pair of round pools for blue eyes, small furry creature with brown fur that looked like a fox, a short odd looking woman with long blond hair and ebony skin, a dark blue bat flying around the group with a pair of spikes as legs, and a large cat like creature with tannish fur and a coin sized red spot on it's forehead. "Jean! Rogue?!" Jubilee exclaimed, "You will not believe what happened?! And what happened? You're teenagers!" She noticed that Jubilee and Angelo were wearing different civilian clothes. They wore ball caps, with T-shirts and pants, similar to that of Jean and Rogue's.

"I don't know, Jubilee. Must be after effects of the portal. What are they?" Jean asked pointing to the assortment of animals gathering around her.

The green creature ran up to her, began to bump her gently with his head, and said, "Bulba. Bulba saur!" He sat down and looked straight up and added, "Bulba saur! Bulba!"

"Pokemon." Jubilee said, "That's a Bulbasaur, a Jigglypuff, a Eevee, a Jynx, that bat's a Zubat, and that big cat is a Persian. This is so cool. Real Pokemon. Lucky thing they didn't attack us yet."

Angelo looked down at the Jigglypuff who was chattering in a cheerful tone of voice. The Eevee and the Jigglypuff talked to each other and then the two tried to talk to Angelo. Angelo blinked when he could've sworn that the Eevee had a Kentucky accent and the Jigglypuff have a British accent.

Jean blinked when the Pokemon started to stare at her. She could almost feel like she knew them before.

Jean looked around and asked, "Where's the others?"

"I don't know. Maybe they're in the area." Rogue said.

Rogue felt weak as she looked around. She remembered that all she had was her absorbing abilities back when she was a teenager. Her superstrength and flight was gone. "Gambit!" she yelled out.

"Char!" a voice piped up. Rogue blinked when a Pikachu with an oversized spear and the dinosaur walked toward them. Jean noticed that the yellow creature had a metallic left arm and a glowing eye. The dinosaur had a set of red on black eyes.

"Nathan? Gambit?" Jean asked.

Cable nodded and dragged his psimatar behind him. The dinosaur stayed close to Rogue and kept on saying, 'Charmandar.' in a Cajun accent.

Jean stared at the small Pikachu. She looked down at the Bulbasaur. He had a piercing set of blue eyes as he looked at Nathan and snickered. Cable glared back at the Bulbasaur with a look that he only give to one other person. Jean guessed, "Logan?"

The Bulbasaur nodded. The other Pokemon slowly make their way toward the two.

"Okay," Jean said, "I want you to come to me when I say your name. Emma?"

The Jnyx came forward. Jubilee said, "I get it. An ice and psychic Pokemon."

The Jnyx did a somewhat of a glare at Jubilee and Jean continued, "Sean?"

The Zubat darted toward her and landed next to the Jynx.


The Persian almost gracefully went next to Emma and Sean.


The Jigglypuff went forward. Angelo bent over as he tried to resist laughing. Jono puffed up, bounced to Angelo, and began to slap him over the head.

"Hey! Stop it!" Angelo yelled out trying not to laugh too hard at his transformed friend.

The Eevee went to the Jigglypuff and tried to get him off Angelo. Jono stopped his assault and sat down.

"Paige?" Jean asked the Eevee.

The Eevee nodded.

"Where's Ev?" Jean asked.

"Ditto!" a small blob said as it came out from the trees.

"Ev?" Jubilee asked.

The pink blob nodded and went to the small group. It was a very small blob with a face that looked like it came from a simple smiley face.

The others glanced at them and gasped. Jubilee snickered as Cable glared at her. (What's so funny?) he tried to ask. Unfortunately, it sounded cute when all he could say was, 'Pikachu.'.

"You look so cute!" Jubilee exclaimed as she went up to Cable and picked him up.

Angered, his cheeks sparked up and he yelled out, (PUT ME DOWN!!!) Out of his red circles a pair of yellow electric bolts streaked out and struck the young mutant. Jubilee screamed in pain and dropped the stunned Pikachu.

(JUBILEE!!!) Logan yelled out as he ran to Cable and a pair of vines shot out of his bulb. The vines' tips turned sharp with the familiar andamantium claws only at the end. (I swear Cable.)

(I didn't mean that to happen!) Cable argued as his cheeks sparked up and his right eye glowed. Ev, Sean, and Jono ran toward them. Okay Sean flew. It was unknown if they were going to save Cable or kill him.

"Guys!" Jubilee yelled out. Logan and Cable looked up to see Jubilee was standing there. Her hair was still standing up in spikes.

"Are you okay, Jubilee?" Jean asked as she glared down at Nathan.

"I'm fine." Jubilee said as she dusted herself off.

Emma went up to Jubilee and saw that she didn't have any of the burns or any other injuries often associated with electrocution. (I think that the very natural laws are different here.) Emma said.

Logan still growled and said as he pointed his metal tipped vines at Cable, (If you ever did that again...)

(She's fine.) Cable said, (Her hair is a little spiky but...)

They glared at each other. Jean couldn't understand what they were saying, but she could recognize the tones. "Logan, Nathan, please, we have to find Scott, Franklin, and the dog. Remember?" Cable and Logan still glared at each other.

"If you two don't start behaving, I will put you into the first Pokeballs I buy." Jubilee threatened as she feels at her spiked up hair.

(Fine.) Cable grumbled.


Cable smiled and stood up straighter. (I'm still taller than you, runt.)

(Maybe, I should cut you down to size.) Logan said with a wide grin on his face as he flicked his adamantium tipped vines a bit before withdrawing them.

(I suggest that the ones who can fly do an aerial sweep.) Sean said interrupting the conversation, (Perhaps, Scott and others are nearby.)

(They might be Pokemon like us.) Paige said, (We might not even recognize them.)

(But Angelo, Jubilee, Mrs. Summers, and Rogue are still human.) Jono pointed out.

(But, Mrs. Summers and Rogue are teenagers,) Paige reminded, (Mr. Summers could be the same way and what about Franklin?)

"Let's just go." Jean said, "Sean, start doing lookouts. Look for any signs of confused Pokemon. Scott might still have his visor, so look out for those types too."

"I wish I could help, but Ah can't fly. Let me check." Rogue said as she jumped up. "Damn it!"

"Just stay here with me." Jean said.

Emma looked at the other transformed mutants and asked, (How are your powers?)

The various Pokemon attempted to test their powers. Cable focused and a rock floated toward him. Ev synched with Jubilee and not only gained her powers, but he looked identical to her, except for his face, it looks like a pair of beady eyes and a line for a mouth. Monet leapt up and began to hover in mid air. Gambit touched some pebbles on the ground and they exploded. Paige shed her skin to become yellow spiked fur. Jono refused to try to use his massive powers because he didn't want to lose his face again. Sean screamed out to shatter a tree trunk. Emma attempted to read everyone's minds with little success. She did manage to telekinetically lift Cable with Jynx's natural ability.

"What about us?" Angelo asked.

"Let's see." Jubilee said as she concentrated to let out a series of paffs. Angelo stretched out the skin on his fingers. Jean also hovered in the air but she still couldn't hear anyone's thoughts.

Rogue hesitantly took off her glove and said, "Ah need a volunteer."

Logan walked up to Rogue and sat down. He rose his front right foot and said, "Bulba."

"Okay," Rogue said as she touched Logan's head. Her skin turned an odd shade of blue-green as vines shot out of her body. Logan looked dazed as he lay down for a second.

"Wolvie?" Jubilee asked as she kneels down to see Logan's spaced out expression.

"Bulba saur." Logan said as he took out his vine and gently tapped her shoulder.

Jubilee sighed in relief as she said, "Logan's fine."

"Good." Rogue said as her skin slowly turned back to normal.

"Okay, apparently, our powers varied." Jean observed, "Emma, how did you use your telekinesis?"

"I remember on the TV show that Jinxes have telekinetic powers. Maybe that is where Frosty is getting her power." Jubilee said.

"Since all of the telepaths can't use their telepathy, we just go out and hope to get lucky." Rogue suggested.

Logan spoke up, "Bulba saur bul aur."

Jean couldn't understand what her friend said but she knew what he was suggesting. "You can sniff them out? Are your senses still strong?"

Logan nodded and said, "Bulba!"

She nodded and said, "Okay, you walk ahead of us. Tell us if you find any of Scott or Franklin's scent."

Paige, Jono, Ev (in his original Ditto form), Emma, and Monet walked along. Okay, Ev somehow slimed along. Logan walked in front with Jubilee. Cable walked with Jean caring his oversized psimatar telekinetically. Sean flew overhead keeping an eye out for danger. Gambit walked in the back with Rogue. They couldn't find the backpacks that the transformed Pokemon were caring before they had transformed. Fortunately, the backpacks that survived were enough for the group.

(This is odd.) Jono said as he looked at his odd pinkish hands, (I'm a Jigglypuff.)

(And a cute one at that.) Paige said as she licked his cheek.

Logan snickered as his sharp hearing overheard the conversation. Jubilee looked down and asked, "I don't supposed it would be too hard to ask what are those two are talking about. But I guess I couldn't understand what you were talking about."

He nodded.

"Okay." Jubilee said.

Cable walked along at a fast pace for him along with Jean. "Are you okay, Nathan?" she asked.

"Pika Chu!" Cable grumbled as he tried to keep up. He wasn't use to having such short legs and the psimatar was getting heavy. He was starting to regret bringing his weapon along.

Jean frowned. She knew that she couldn't understand what he was saying, but she could tell that he was getting tired. "Here." Jean said as she picked up Cable telekinetically.

"Chu!" Cable yelled out as he felt his body being lifted into his mother's arms. He waved his fists angrily and his psimatar dropped down to the ground.

"Relax, _son_. I'll carry you for a while." She saw Cable's cheeks starting to spark and she added as she glared down at him, "And don't you dare try to shock me."

Cable glared at her, but said nothing. It did felt nice being held in Jean's arm like a baby with his tail under him. "Chaaaaaa..." he said as his ears flatten in a relaxed way, as Jean picked up the spear and slung it over her shoulder.


Cable and Jean glared at Jubilee who was holding her camera. "Lucky thing, this is a shock proof camera."

(Gimme that!!!) Cable yelled as he struggled to get out of Jean's arms and at Jubilee's throat. His cheeks sparked up again.

(Don't you dare!) Logan growled as he stepped in front of Jubilee with his vines in the air. Ev, and the other transformed Pokemon Generation X team stepped between Jubilee and Cable.

(Not again.) Gambit moaned as he watched the scene with Rogue.

An hour passed, and things became quiet again.

Jubilee looked at the Ditto, who was enjoying himself on Monet's back, and asked, "Hey, Ev. Can you try to look like you? I mean in your human form"

Ev got off of Monet and changed to his human form only to retain the odd Ditto face. "How do I look?"

"You can talk, but you still need to work on the face." Jubilee said as she refrained from giggling at the odd looking face.

"Yes." Ev managed to say as he looked down. "I managed to talk and maintain this form only for awhile."

Jean said, "Ev, keep on practicing with that form. Can you understand other Pokemon?"

Cable, who was still in Jean's arms, asked, (Ev? Can you understand me?)

Ev nodded as he looked down at his fellow Pokemon. "I can understand them."

"At least you could be a translator." Rogue said as she sat down. Gambit went to her and hugged her. Rogue smiled and patted his head.

Ev said, "I feel tired. I don't think I can hold this form for long." he morphed back to his Ditto state. (Better. I'll work on my transforms.) he told the other Pokemon.

Meanwhile, a figure in the bushes watched them. The Pokemon smiled as she watched them. (Goody! Audience!) she said as she followed them, (I have to try them out.)


(Come'on, Cyclops.) Pikachu insisted as he picked up a Pokemon food pellet and gave it to the hesitant Scott. (Brock is a good cook. You can't be that picky.)

(Yeah, eat up.) Squirtle said as he started to eat himself. He glared at Scott with slight jealousy. How come this weird Squirtle can fire hyper beams? And why is this Pokemon acting so strange?

Scott sighed as he started eating. He was still craving human food but the Pokechow looked delicious. He tasted the food as he did before at the Pokecenter. Brock's tasted different somehow. It tasted like fish and seafood but it also had a tangy taste that makes it special. He began to shovel food in his mouth like Squirtle and Pikachu were doing. "Looks like you got another fan of your food, Brock." Misty commented as she watched her newest Pokemon eating away.

"Yeah." Brock agreed as he made more Pokefood.

In the bushes, Team Rocket sat there staring at the food. "My mouth is watering." Meowth said as he stared at the food.

"Let's go in right now so not only will we get the visor and the Pikachu. But we'll also get that feast." Jesse said.

"Sounds delicious to me." James said as he took out his trademark red rose and sniffed it.

"Then, let's go." Meowth yelled out as Jesse and James took out a giant magnet device and attached it to the Meowth balloon they always seem to use.

"Are you sure it will work, Jesse?" James asked as he held up one end.

"I'm sure, James." Jesse said confidently. "We get that Squirtle's visor with this giant magnet. When we get that visor, Meowth will use it to catch Pikachu."

"Dis will be Team Rocket's finest hour." Meowth said as he rubbed his paws evilly.

"Let's go." James said as he flicked a switch.

Meanwhile, at the lunch.

(Look at these.) Squirtle said as he took out a pair of his sunglasses and put them on. They looked like normal sunglasses only they had no handles.

(Nice.) Scott admired as held a piece of fruit in his hands. The apple was a desert for Scott.

(Why don't we switch glasses and fool old Ash and Misty?) Squirtle said as he reached for Scott's visor.

(NO!!!) Scott yelled as he backed away.

(Huh? Why?) Squirtle asked almost insulted.

Pikachu went to the two and asked Scott, (What's a matter, Cyclops? Why won't you let us see your visor?)

Scott stared at the two. He only knew them for a short time but he had to trust in them just in case something happens to his visor. They may not understand but they are his only friends in this odd world who can understand him verbally. (I need my visor to see,) Scott answered.

(You mean, you have an eye problem and you need that visor as glasses?) Squirtle asked.

(I wish it was that simple. If I'm not wearing this visor, I'll blast everything I see by just opening my eyes.)

(Oh.) Pikachu said staring.

(Whoa.) Squirtle muttered, (Why can't you control your hyper beams?) He knew that it was odd for a Squirtle to use hyper beams, but a Squirtle that blasts hyper beams constantly using only a visor to control it? It seemed virtually impossible.

(I just can't.) Scott answered.

(Weird.) Squirtle said as he put the sunglasses away.

Scott blinked under his visor and asked, (Where do you keep your sunglasses?)

(In my shell.)

Suddenly there was a hum in the air, Brock's pan started to fly toward a group of trees.

"What the-?!" Ash asked.

(Huh?) Squirtle, Pikachu, and Cyclops asked.


Logan sniffed the ground as he tried to find some familiar scent. He sighed as he looked at Jean. He was used to seeing others tower over him but he never felt so short. He was also on all fours, a position that he wasn't too uncomfortable with. Still, he couldn't use his hands and he could only use his vines. He heard a twig snapped. (Who's there?) he demanded as he walked slowly toward the source of the sound.

"Logan? What is it?" Jean asked as Cable's ears perked up.

(You heard that too?) Nathan asked.

(Yeah.) Logan said as his vines spouted out of bulb.

"Wolvie?" Jubilee asked, "What is it?"

Logan shot a look at her. His expression is, 'Shut up kid. Someone's watching.'.

Suddenly, out of the bushes, a small pinkish figure bounced out. It looked identical to Jono except that it had a marker in its hand. "Jigglypuff!"

"Oh no!" Jubilee exclaimed, "The Jigglypuff!"

Jono glared at Jubilee. "What does a 'Jigglypuff' do?" Rogue asked as she looked in her book.

Before Jubilee can answer, the Jigglypuff put her microphone to his mouth and began to sing. "Jiggly... pufff..... Jiiiggllly puffff..."

"Damn it." Angelo moaned as he felt his eyelids growing heavier. He slumped down and tried to stay awake.

Jean yawned as her head became light. The song was so soothing that every worry in her being vanished as she put down Nathan and closed her eyes.

One by one, Jigglypuff's audience lay down and succumbed to the soothing song. Jigglypuff didn't notice as she was immersed in her song. Finally, she was done. She looked around to see that her audience had fallen asleep. Again.

(Huh? Damn!) Jigglypuff said as she puffed up.

(You have a very nice song.) a voice said.

Jigglypuff looked around to see a fellow Jigglypuff clapping. (You... you didn't fell asleep?) she asked with hope in her voice.

(Of course I didn't. Your song was very soothing. I like it.)

Jigglypuff stared at him. (I never met anyone who can stay awake during my songs before. There was this one time but they just brushed me off. What's your name?)

(I'm Jono. Jono Starsmore.)

Jigglypuff stared at him and said, (That is a strange name for a Pokemon.)

(I'm that way, luv.) Jono said as he looked at the sleeping Paige. He looked back up at the Jigglypuff who was staring. Her eyes were filled with sparkles as she threw herself on Jono.

(Kiss me!)

(Wot!!!) Jono asked as he backed away slowly.

Meanwhile, Logan slowly got up and let out a yawn. (What a nap.) he muttered as he looked up to see two Jigglypuffs. One of them was running from the other.

(Help! Paige! Emma!) Jono yelled out as he bounced on the sleeping Jubilee and Angelo.

"Huh?" Jubilee moaned as got up, "Oh the Jigglypuff!" she looked in her mirror in her purse and sighed in relief.

"What hit us?" Rogue asked as she got up and saw two Jigglypuffs running and bouncing around.

"Weird. No marker marks," Jubilee said as she looked around, "oh, you see. In the show, Jigglypuff sings and makes everyone fall asleep. But, it didn't happen this time." She saw the two Jigglypuffs running past her. "Now I see why."

(Now, now, Miss... Jigglypuff. We just met.) Jono said as he ran behind Emma who was awake.

(We are meant to be!) Jigglypuff said as she tried to find some way around Emma, (We are meant to be! Whenever a male Jigglypuff listens to an entire song by a female Jigglypuff and remains awake, then they are destined to be mates.)

(MATES?!) all of the transformed Pokemon exclaimed.

"What is it?" Jean asked Ev who was staring at Jono and Jigglypuff.

Ev transformed into his human state and replied, "That Jigglypuff is in love with Jono and now *snicker* she wants to mate with him." he started to laugh as he lost concentration and reverted to his original Ditto form.

(It's not funny!) Jono yelled out as he tried to avoid the rampaging Jigglypuff.

(Please! We can make beautiful music together! I always wanted little eggs! We can be a family band!) Jigglypuff exclaimed.

Cable laughed as he watched Jono now climbing up a tree. He clutched his stomach as he laughed.

"Wolvie, can you help Starsmore here?" Jubilee asked as she saw Paige who was laughing out loud. Logan, smirking at the scared expression on Jono's face, let out his vines and caught Jigglypuff.

"Puff! Jiggly!" Jigglypuff exclaimed as she struggled.

"What will we do with her now?" Rogue asked as she recovered from her laughing fit.

"Maybe, we can use her as a guide." Jubilee suggested, "I mean, she probably know this place better than anyone. Besides, she's cute. Wolvie, please put Jigglypuff down."

(Okay, Jigglypuff, what do you say? Wanna help us find some lost friends?) Logan asked as he lowered the Pokemon down.

(I just want to stay with Jono. I like him.) Jigglypuff said as she stared dreamily at Jono.

(Jigglypuff, please.) Jono said as he put his hands up, (We have to take things one at a time. We just met.)

(I'll be your guide.) Jigglypuff said, (I know this area very well. Besides, I want Jono to be my singing partner.)

(Sounds appropriate,) Monet said, (Jono used to be a musician.) Jono glared at Monet. She was right about Jono once being able to sing out with an edge on his guitar before his powers flared up.

(Oh, you mean people can hear you sing an entire song?) Jigglypuff asked.

(Not really.) Jono said, (It's kinda complicated.)

(Where are we?) Emma asked as she came in between the two, (And have you seen any odd-looking Pokemon or humans lately? Like one with a strange eyepiece over his eyes or maybe a dog with an antenna on his forehead?)

Jigglypuff nodded and replied, "Jiggly puff. Puff jiggly puff jig puff."

Ev translated as he turned human, "Ms. Frost just asked Jigglypuff about where are we and if she had seen Scott, Franklin, or Lockjaw Jr."

"What did Jigglypuff say?" Angelo asked.

"She said that we're close to Viridian City and Pallet Town. She's going to Viridian City to find some audience. She haven't seen anyone like Cyclops or Franklin yet." Ev explained as he began to demorph into his original Ditto form.

"Pallet Town..." Jubilee said as she looked in her Pokemon book. Her eyes lit up as she exclaimed, "That's where Professor Oak lives! He can help us!"

"Professor Oak?" Rogue asked, "He's a professional Pokemon expert in the show right?"

"Yeah." Angelo said, "He's the guy who gave Ash the Pikachu."

"Jubilee, can this Professor Oak help locate Scott and the others?" Jean asked.

"Maybe." Jubilee replied, "So, Jigglypuff, where's the Pallet Town?"

Jigglypuff pointed down a long path. "Might as well start." Rogue said as the group starts to walked down the path.

(I hope Franklin and Mr. Summers are okay.) Paige said.

Sean said as he flew overhead, (Don't be worried, Lass. Franklin had the dog with him and Scott knows what he is doing.)


Meanwhile just in the trees far away from the rescue party...

"Incoming!!!" Meowth yelled as a pan flew at Team Rocket and landed on the magnet.

"What was that?" Jesse asked. Before anyone can answer, more stuff followed and landed.

"I think we set that magnet too strong, Jesse." James said as more silverware flew to the magnet.

"Not strong enough," Meowth said as looked at the magnet, "No visor."

"What?!" Jesse asked.

"You!" a voice said.

Team Rocket looked behind them to see Ash and his friends standing there.

Jesse announced, "Prepare for trouble."

"Make it double." James said.

"To protect the world from devastation."

"To unite all people within our nation."

"How did you get back here?" Ash interrupted.

"Don't do that!" Jesse exclaimed, "Now, we have to continue again. To denounce the evils of truth and love."

"To extend our reach to the stars above."



"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light."

"Surrender now or prepare to fight."

"Meowth! That's right!" Meowth said as he aimed the magnet at Scott.

(What are you doing with that magnet?) Scott asked.

"That's for me to know and you to find out." Meowth said as he turned up the magnet's power. "Hey! How come this thing's not working?"

"What are you trying to get?" Ash said as he instinctually grabbed Pikachu.

"Dat visor of his." Meowth said, "We need it to give to da boss."

Scott replied as he pointed to his visor, (My visor is non-magnetic.)

"What do you mean your visor isn't attracted to magnets?"

"Uh oh." James said.

"It's time for plan B." Jesse said as she and James hid their hands and then tossed a yo-yo like object right at Scott. The small sphere crashed right into Scott's visor and it splattered all over it.

(My eyes!) Scott yelled out as Jesse tugged at the small string and the visor flew off and landed right into her hands. She handed the visor to her Pokemon teammate.

With one hand over his eyes, he tried to feel around. Squirtle grabbed his other hand and guided him to Misty.

"Give that back!" Ash yelled out, "Cyclops need that head gear thingy." He looked down at Pikachu and ordered, "Pikachu! Thundershock."

Before he could shock Team Rocket, Jesse let out another set of spheres and the goo attached itself to Pikachu's eyes. Squirtle withdrew into his shell to avoid getting splattered too.

(Help!) Pikachu yelled out as he tried to remove the gunk.

"Squirtle! Water gun! Now!" Ash ordered as he went to Pikachu. "It's okay, Pikachu."

Squirtle focused and sprayed a massive amount of water at Jesse, James and Meowth. "I hate water!" Meowth yelled as he managed to get out of the spray. He growled and put his paw over the switch on the visor.

"Oh no!" Misty yelled out as she turned around and held Togapi close to herself.

"Meowth! You can't use that visor against us!" Ash yelled out.

"Wanna bet?" Meowth dared.

Squirtle spewed another jet of water at Meowth. The cat Pokemon leapt out of the way and clicked on the switch. Nothing happened.

"Wha-?" Meowth exclaimed as he clicked on the switch again.

"What are you waiting for?" Jesse asked as she and James dried themselves out.

"Nothing's happening. How do you work this crazy thing?"

(Squirtle, where's Team Rocket?) Scott asked as he kept his hands over his eyes.

(In front and to the right.) Squirtle said grinning toward him.

Cyclops grinned and slowly made his way toward Meowth's voice. Ash, Misty and Brock nearly went to get him away but Squirtle held up his hands and gestured to them that everything is fine.

(Meowth. That visor doesn't make hyper beams.) Scott explained as Squirtle went beside him and stood there.

"It doesn't make hyper beams?" Meowth repeated.

(Nope.) Scott said as he slowly opened his eyes. He felt a strange and familiar sensation in his eyes. He grinned and opened them completely. Everyone gasped. His eyes were completely red with power. (In fact that visor just controls my hyper beams until recently.)

Meowth let that realization absorbed itself in him. Cyclops can fire Hyper Beams without the visor. Meowth dropped the visor. Squirtle shot out another jet of water at the group. "Let's get out of here!" James insisted as he and Jesse ran to the balloon.

Scott fired more optic blasts at the trio's heels. Meowth exclaimed, "Take me with you!" They rushed on the balloon where Brock finally managed to remove all of the metal cooking gear.

"We'll be back!" Jesse yelled out as she raised her fist in the air.

Brock tossed out his Pokeball. "Go Onix!"

A huge snake appeared that looked like a string of boulders appeared.

"Onix! Toss that balloon away!" Brock ordered as he grinned.

(Sure thing, Brock!) Onix roared as he bit into the balloon and tossed it away.

"LOOKS LIKE TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!!" Team Rocket chorused as they flew off.

Scott picked up the visor. Squirtle asked, (How come you can control your hyper beams?)

(I don't know.) Scott replied, (Thanks for your help. How's Pikachu?)

The two Squirtles looked at a Pikachu who was getting cleaned up by Ash. (Pikachu? You okay pal?) Squirtle asked as he looked down at his furry friend.

(I still can't see.) Pikachu said as he rubbed his eyes.

"We have to get him to a Pokecenter." Ash said, "Let's go." He picked up Pikachu.

Squirtle and Scott followed the trio of trainers. (That's some hyper beam you have there, Cyclops.) Squirtle commented.

(Thanks. I like that water gun of yours. I was scared to hurt them with my... hyper beam.) Scott said as he put on the visor, (Besides, I have a killer headache without this.)

(Can't you do it?)

(I don't know. I never tried it before.)

Squirtle stunned asked, (What do you mean? Water guns are usually the first things we Squirtles learn. You're weird.)

(I've been told that all my life.) Scott said, (You'll never understand.)

(Wanna learn? I taught several Squirtles how to do attacks before joining Ash.)

(You were a teacher?) Scott asked almost stunned.

(Yep. I led the Squirtle Squad. We used to go around and steal food and cause trouble. They're firefighters now.)

(Sure.) Scott said as he shook Squirtle's hand. He wouldn't mind having another bald mentor to help him understand himself.

(As that one human on the movie said this is a start of a beautiful friendship.) Squirtle said as he and Scott followed their human companions down the road.


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