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Still Here: Part 3

Okay, this is the sequel to my ĎStill Hereí story. 
All characters belong to Marvel Comics and used 
without their permission. Iíd like to thank my betareaders 
for making this story presentable.


Hello, Gambit.

I'm scared.

I know that those already dead shouldnít fear death again, but I feel scared.

I'm scared of myself and what I may do to you. It had been over a month since I well... Died. Iíve been expermineting with my new found powers. Recently, I managed to convince Forge and Fixx to help Lorna get Alex back by sending dreams and nightmares. Actually, I'm not sure if I had anything to do with it, but I think I might have.

I need you.

I need to touch and feel again. I need to tell Jean that I was alive, sorta, and well. I didn't want to try it with a telepath, so I canít possess Jean. Nathan's mind might get disrupted and his virus would cause so much pain. I didn't want to try it with _any_ of the women. Logan's mind is too well sheilded and heís still reeling from the effects of his activities as 'Death'. Kurt and Hank's bodies are too... Unique for me. So, that leaves you. You have the similar features as I do and you have an odd form of empathy. I had been watching others sleep for a long time. Since, I don't need to sleep. I knew that I must've had some psychic powers, if I could almost manipulate dreams. But, can I possess others? Should I even try?

I never really wanted to try. Possessing others is like a violation of trust. I had dealt with many possessors and Iíve never really wanted to be like them.

Do I have a choice?

Do I want to rob another person's control, even if it is for a greater good?

You donít understand how alone I feel. I feel so helpless sometimes. Okay, all the time and I _hate_ feeling helpless.

I don't want to violate you, Remy. But I want to touch those covers again. I want to feel the ground beneath my feet. I just want people to know that I'm in the same room with them. I want to breathe period. I want to be in control of my own surroundings instead of watching everything around me being unable to do anything like a narrator in a story.

Still, what if I possess you and I can't get out? What secrets do you have in your head? Will I get to see what sinister connections you have? Do I even want to know? What if you suffer because of what I might do? What if I confront the others and they assume me to be the enemy? Or worst, they think less of me since I took another body by force. Iím a role model to the team.

I have to try. I need to feel and be alive again. I need to hold her in my arms again. I need to help the others get Alex back. I need to reassure Nathan that he didnít really kill me. I need to talk to Dad and tell him I still love him. I need to do all the things I never got to do in my life. But, is it really right?

To be like some of the worst foes I fought. I already came close to being Apocalypse. Do I want to be like the Shadow King? Is it worth it?

Do I truely want to become you, with your demons and secrets in your head?

I need to try.

Now, just lie there. Please don't move too much. I canít believe Iím doing this.

God forgive me.

*Gasp* air. I can actually breath. My voice. Itís not mine, but I can talk.

It worked! Iím alive!

Now to get to her, then get the X-Men... theyíll be so happy. This is incredible. I forgot what itís like to have cold feet. My hands feel so warm. That thumping in my chest. My heart is pounding.

Iím alive. Iím actually lying down instead of floating. I can feel gavityís pull on me.

Just take a few steps. Lucky thing this body is about the same size as my old one. Still, I could barely stand up. Walking shouldnít be this hard.

What's that screaming in my head? Gambit? No, Remy. Don't worry. I won't hurt you.

Stop it! Stop trying to push me out!

Oh I see. The thought of someone else in your head is unsettling for you.

I... Forgot all about you. What Iím doing isnít very nice, or polite, is it?

I'm sorry.

I'll get out.

Itís so numb here. No feeling. No warmth or cold or anything.

Oh well.

Better? Remy, I'm sorry I had put you through that. Don't you remember what happened?


I possessed you. I robbed you of control of your body. For that second, I forgot that I was even me. I acted like the enemy, and you still wonít remember?

You can't hear me...

Still, at least _I know_ that I can possess others. Maybe, I should try a different body, tomorrow night, I could try Bobby.


What am I thinking? Iím acting... I donít know whatís going on with me...

There has to be another way to do this. I donít want to lose whatís left of my soul to this. I donít want to be like Proteus or Malice. I only knew one Ďgood possessorí and she doesnít rely on possessing like others. Maybe, the reason Karma wasnít evil is because she didnít rely on possessing others... Like Iím doing...

I could be helpful for others if someone got knocked out in the middle of battle. I wanted to feel something besides nothingness and the sparks of other souls... It would be nice to feel... Again.

No, this isnít the way, though. I canít just take another body.

I violated you.

I'm sorry. Just go back to sleep.

Iím sorry.

I better go.

There has to be another way.

Because I canít do this again.

My soul is something Iím interested in preserving...


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