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Duality: Part 1

Okay, this story is an alternate version of Partners.  All characters are
property of Marvel Comics and used without their permission.  The
continutity is one of it's own.

Rogue's head hurt as she gradually opened her eyes. She tugged at the chains
that were holding her hands above her head to see that they weren't breaking
like they should.  Moving her head a little, she felt a familiar collar
clamped around her neck.

Rogue looked across the room to see a man bounded on a table with a series
of leather bonds. He was tall with brownish hair, wearing nothing but a pair
of shorts, a Genoshan collar, and a blindfold. "Scott? You okay?"

"Rogue?!" Scott said surprised as he tried to tilt his head to the sound of
her voice.  He strained against the leather bands that held him down.  There
was silence in his head as he tried to reach out through the psychic rapport
with his wife.

"Yeah, it's me."

"Is there anyone else here?" He asked.

Rogue looked around the darkened room. The only lights were one over Scott
and the other only on her.  There were a few blinking lights to indicate
some control panels. "No one Ah can see. Ah can't believe this. We took a
day off to go horseback riding with Remy and Jean and what happens? We get

"I'm so glad you two have finally awoken." another voice said as a man with
a pale face and glowing red eyes came out of the darkness.

"Sinister!" Scott sneered, "I should've known."

"What do ya want from us?!" Rogue said as she tugged at her chains in a
futile manner.

Sinister walked up to her and patted her on the cheek with his gloved hand.
"Save your strength." he said, "You will be needing it soon."

"Why?" Scott asked as he tugged and strained against his bonds as well.

"I need you two as my next subjects. It's actually quite fascinating. Oh,
and Scott, don't bother trying to reach your wife, there are psi-blockers in
here and your rapport with her won't get through."

Sinister looked at the two and gestured. "Blockbuster and Archlight. Come

The two Mauraders came forward and undid the shackles that were holding
Rogue. They grabbed and held her arms as she stuggled against them. Sinister
placed a blindfold over her eyes, the same type that Scott was wearing.
"No!" she yelled out as she tried to break away.

"Rogue?!" Scott yelled out as he tugged harder. "What are you doing to

Archlight grabbed Rogue's head and held on to it by her hair. Sinister
explained, "You see, you have a unique DNA pattern. Did you know that every
time that you 'aquire' another power, your DNA still contains that power?"

Rogue didn't answer as Sinister continued, "Also, your 'victim' still have
his or her genetic power potential. You're a fascinating mutant, Rogue."

The two Mauraders dragged the kicking and screaming woman close to Scott's
bed. Scott could hear Rogue's protests growing louder and louder. Rogue
screamed, "LET ME GO!!! AH CAN'T DO IT AGAIN!"

Scott paled as he heard Rogue's voice screaming above him. Sinister clamped
his hand over Rogue's mouth and said, "Yes, you can. The collar you're
wearing right now isn't like typical Genosha collars. It negates only
certain powers of those with multiple talents. I got them from Magneto for
some information."

"Why would Magneto help someone like you?" Scott spoke up, "Especially after
the Morlock Massacre."

"We reached an understanding." Sinister explained as he pulled Rogue closer
to Scott.

Rogue pulled and tugged as she was pulled down to Scott's face.  Sinister
removed his hand from her mouth. "Scott." she whisphered as she felt her
friend's warm breaths along her cheeks and lips, "Ah'm sorry."

Scott swollowed and nodded. He could smell Rogue's sweat and felt a couple
of tears fell on his face. Her voice was hushed and fearful for a past
mistake that will be repeated.  "It's okay." he whisphered back knowing that
he won't be okay.

Sinster grabbed the back of Rogue's head and forced her down on Scott's

Rogue felt a surge of power in her eyes as she tried to get off. Memories
flashed through her mind. Her head was filled with pain as she watched
Scott's life flash before her eyes.


"Hang on, Scotty!!!"

"Yes, Daddy."



"Don't let go, Alex!!!"


"Hi, I'm Jean Grey.  What's your name?"

"Er... um... Slim Summers."



"JEAN!!!  NO!!!"


"Congratulations, Scott.  You will be a father of a beautiful healthy baby


"Marry me."

"What did you say?"

"I'm tired of waiting."



"Jean?  I got a question, where are we and what are we doing in these

More and more power was surged into her as she tried to fight it off.
Finally, there was no more to drain. The power stopped comming. Sinister
pulled her head back and Rogue gasped for air.

"Fuck you!" she yelled out as she fought the memories in her mind.

Rogue fought harder as Sinister told Archlight and Blockbuster, "Escort
Rogue back to her chains."

They nodded and dragged her to the chains. Rogue didn't say anything. She
stood there silently.


Jean was on the Blackbird as Ororo piloted the craft. The X-Men had been
searching non-stop since Scott and Rogue's abduction. Jean reached out as
she always had through the rapport and felt nothing.

Suddenly, she felt a strange drain course through her body as she leaned
over.  It was like nothing she had ever felt before.  A part of her felt
weakened and drained.  "You okay?"  Hank asked as he put a furry hand over
Jean's shoulder.

"I think... I think something horrible just happened to Scott." she replied
as she rubbed her head.


"Sire." Exodus said, "The collars are now registering. They just indicated
who is wearing them."

"About time." Magneto said wearily. When he gave Sinister the special
collars, he had modified the collars so they would be indicating the mutant
wearing them and their location after a brief time. It is possible that
Sinister could want to use it on an X-Man or he could be using it on a
different mutant that he didn't know about.  He stood up and asked, "Who is
Sinister's victim?"

"According to the results, it's Rogue."

"Rogue?!" Magneto yelled out as he walked at a fast pace out of the chamber.
Rogue, the only woman he had feelings for who dosen't give him her real
name, is being held prisoner.  Sinister wouldn't be interested in Rogue's
superstrength and flying powers.  He might be after Rogue for her absorbtion
powers and her lack of control.  "Get Amelia here
as well as the other Acolytes. We need to hasten our plan." He immediately
clicked on a few buttons on the remote and prayed that he wasn't too late.


Rogue stood there in the darkness as she heard the faint sounds of Sinister
and other people talking. The guilt of taking another life ached at her
splintered soul. Ever since she had accidentally robbed Carol Danvers of her
powers and perhaps parts of her soul, she vowed never to do that again.
True, she still used her power in battle but she was more careful. Now,
another person was suffering thanks to her power. Cyclops was now a
vegetable. Perhaps when this mess was over, she could have Xavier help him
regain his memories. But even if Scott's memories could be restored, his
emotional connections to those memories would be gone forever. He might
never be the same man he used to be.
How could she face the other X-Men like this? How could she face Jean again?

She had to get out. Suddenly, she felt a familiar surge of power as her
superstrength returning as well as her flying abiltiy. The first thing she
wanted to do was smash through the chains and fly out. But then, she
hesitated. Sinister probrably had the place laced with alarms.  Fighting a
whole group of Mauraders would be a very bad idea. No, she would have to
wait until the right time.

A series of alarms started to rang out around her.  **Don't have to wait
that long.** she thought as she broke off the chains. She hesitated and
yanked off the blindfold. The last time she absorbed from Scott, she had no
control over his powers. But things had changed
over the time. Scott had experienced control and would have control if it
weren't for his brain damage. Memories of Scott and Jean's years in the
future and how he had gained control over his powers during that time are
now in her. She opened her eyes and a pair of crimson blasts shot out of her
eyes. The blasts hit the wall, destroying it. "SINISTER?!" she yelled out.

"No need to yell, Rogue." a familiar voice said. Rogue turned to see Magneto
standing there surrounded by corpses of the Mauraders.  "He's gone. He ran
off but we did managed to kill off the rest of the Mauraders. Again."

"Where's Scott?!" Rogue demanded as she looked around. "Ah haveta help him.

"It's too late." Magneto said as he gestured toward a body. Scott's dead
body was lying there with a gaping hole in his head.

"No." Rogue said as she knelt down to feel his face. "It's not fair."  All
hope of saving what's left of Cyclops is now gone.  Gently, she took the
blindfold off and closed his eyes.  "At least you're not going to suffer.
I'm sorry."

"Let's leave." Magneto said as Rogue saw Ameilia spreading out her green
mist form around them.  Seconds later, the building crashed around the body.


The Blackbird landed as Jean flew out toward the wreakage. "SCOTT!" she
yelled out as she telekinetically lifted some wreakage.

Logan kneel down and sniffed around. "Cyke was here." he said, "So's Rogue,
Sinister, a few Mauraders, and *sniff sniff* Magneto."

"What would Magneto be doing here?" Ororo pondered out loud.

"Oh no." Remy muttered as he saw a hand from under the debris. Colossus
grabbed the rock and lifted it. Lying out in a heap was Scott's body

"Is he?" Ororo asked as Logan and Jean ran to the body.

Logan looked at the wound on Scott's head and nodded, "He's dead. I'm sorry,

Jean stood there almost blankly. The drain she felt on the blackbird
couldn't be the death.  A part of her felt something alive but she didn't
know what.  All of the X-Men stopped and stared at the redhead. Her eyes
were lit with fire as she screamed out. "SCOTT?!"


Rogue sat there as she sipped at her tea. Suddenly, her eyes widened as she
felt something in her mind; a cry or a scream. She shook her head as she
sipped more of her tea with shaking hands. Magneto looked at her with
genuine concern. "Rogue, please, I'm sorry for what happened." he said as he
reached out to touched her cheek with his gloved hand.

Rogue slapped it away.  "I don't want your pity."

She looked down again. Magneto said, "I will have my physisican look at
you."  The words she just spat out didn't sound like something Rogue would
say.  It sounded more like Cyclops'.  If the Master of Magnetism knows
anything about the first X-Man, he knows that Scott would never trust him
and Rogue might not trust him either.

"Know anyone who can ressurect the dead?" Rogue asked bitterly.

"If you hate me so much, why don't you leave?"

"Because I need to think." Rogue snapped at him, "When I first joined the
X-Men, Ah had a hard time because of what I did to Carol. Now, I just
_killed_ Scott Summers, leader of the X-Men, husband, brother, and father to
several people. How will I explain to Jean, Alex, and Nathan about what I
did? Oh god, Jean will be devastated."

"It's not your fault." Pietro said entering the conversation for the first
time, "Sinister is the one who made you do it.  You can't control your

"But, it's my power that caused it." Rogue said pointing to herself. "Look,
Ah appreciate the offer, but I need to think." She stood up and walked off.

Magneto frowned and asked, "Did you notice how much Rogue's accent faded?"

"It did." Pietro said, "Do you suppose it's Scott's influence reaching out


"It is your fault." Pietro accused, "You had to give Sinister those
defective collars so you can have your final revenge."

"I didn't know that he will use it on Rogue." Magneto sharply replied. His
own desire for justice about the Morlock Massacure still burns despite the
time that passed by.  He took a deep breath and hung his head. "Soon the
X-Men will barge in here demanding to know where Rogue is. When they do,
just let them in. I think that Rogue will want to tell them about what


Rogue stared at the mirror in her room. On the drawer was a pair of ruby
quartz glasses that was made for her. She didn't know how or where Magneto
got such a pair but she felt at least a little grateful for that. She looked
back up at her face. It seemed different somehow. Her eyes became blue and
her face seemed solemn.

"Scott, if you're in there. Please, let me know." she said out loud to her

The reflection didn't answer. Rogue bit her lip as she tried to think up a
good explanation about what happened. She closed her eyes as she imagined
the X-Men going to the ruins and finding Scott's dead body there. Jean would
be screaming Scott's name and crying.  Remy would be searching frantically
for her while Logan would tell them about Magneto's scent.  Soon, they will
be barging into Genosha demanding Magneto to give her back.

She tensed up as she put her glasses. There was a knock at the door. "Yes?"
she asked.

Piertro ran in and said, "The X-Men and X-Factor just entered Genosha
territory.  Magneto is letting them in."

"Thanks." she said, "Did any of them know yet?"

"I don't know." he said, "But Magneto felt that he wants you to tell them."

"Ah better go then." Rogue said as she hovered up, "I can't have anyone hurt
because of me." She flew out of the room and Pietro ran after her.


Havok, Phoenix, and Cable was in their seats as Lorna and Ororo piloted the
craft. Jamie, Jamie, and Jamie were circling the three nervously.

"Do you think it's really a good idea to bring these three along?" Val
asked, "They look like they're ready to destroy Genosha. Guys? Remember,
we're here on a _peaceful_ mission?"

The three nodded but had that look of destruction in their eyes.  Three
people with destructive powers that could destroy entire cities; A former
terrorist, a former mercinary, and a former cosmic being.

"Okay." Val said as she glanced at Logan who have a smiliar look of
destruction in his eye. She's relying on him to be in control.  "Let's try
to enter and leave Genosha without any property damage."

"Easier said than done." Havok said as his fists started to glow.

The craft slowly landed into the Genosha area. Magneto walked up and said,
"Hello, Val."

Val was walking up front being the brave buffer between the two
superpowerful groups.  A brave, powerless buffer who could be killed in a
second by any of the superpowered people.  "Hello, Magneto. Where's Rogue?"

"She's resting. She had a very hard day." Magneto explained. He glanced over
at Alex, Nathan, and Jean and said, "I'm sorry about Cyclops. If it's easier
on you, he didn't suffer."

Jean asked as Ororo and Betsy held her back, "Did you?"

"I had nothing to do with his death.  I respected Cyclops as an adversary
and as a leader." Magneto said with absolute truth in his voice.  In truth,
he did respect the man despite the fact that him and his relatives tend to
be a very bad thorn in his side.  Especially his son, Cable, who had won the
New Mutants over to become X-Force.

Cable gritted his teeth and yelled out, "Liar! The collars we found at the
site was Genosha collars. We found one that was broken and made especially
for Rogue. How did you know where Sinister was and that he had Scott and

"Yeah." Alex growled.

Val looked between Havok, Cable, and Magneto. Before she could do anything
about it, a bright crimson red blast came out of the sky and came just in
front of Nathan and Alex.

The group looked up to see Rogue floating down to the ground. She landed and
said, "Stop it. I'm here. Let's go." She put on a pair of ruby quartz

"How?" Jean asked almost in shock, "Scott's been dead for several hours. You
couldn't have had those powers unless... No. It can't be."

Rogue nodded and said, "Ah'm sorry. Sinister forced me to absorb Scott
completely." She held her breath as she walked into the aircraft. She sat
down knowing that everyone was staring at her.

She closed her eyes as she leaned her head back. Her head ached and her
heart was getting twisted. "Rogue." a voice said as she opened her eyes. It
was Alex.

Rogue turned her head away and said, "Scott's not in here."

"Are you sure?" he asked as he put a hand on her shoulder.

"Positive." Rogue said as she slapped Alex's hand away.

"What about Carol? That personality survived." Alex argued.  He remembered
the time when the X-Men were forced into Australia and into hiding.  The
times when Rogue and Carol fought for the same body were numerous.

Rogue remained silent and finally she said, "Ah won't lose control of my
body again."

"But Rogue, this is different. This is Scott. He's got a wife and a son."
Alex argued as he got up closer.

Rogue grabbed Alex's shirt and stood up. Her eyes glowed and she said, "You
may be invulnerable to my eye blasts but not my fists. So, shut up or Ah'll
make you drink your next meal through a straw."

"Rogue!" Rogue got up and dropped Alex. Gambit ran up to her and said, "You


"I wanted to help." Remy said as he stroke her hair.

"Then leave me alone, Gambit. Please. Ah just need to be alone." Rogue said
as she shoved herself away.  A part of her longed to be in his arms while
another part just wanted to be away from him.

Jean and Nathan watched in a distance. Alex got up and went to the two

**Anything?** Jean asked telepathically.

**No. Rogue won't even check to see if he's still in there.** Alex replied
as he sat down.

**I've been trying to get inside Rogue's mind but it was filled with so much
static that I couldn't tell what was going on.** Nathan said.

**It must be Scott's own memories.** Alex thought out, **This happened
before with Carol Danvers. When Carol had been absorbed into Rogue, Rogue's
mind became virtually unreadable, Carol's mind and Rogue's interfeared with
each other. This sort of thing must've happened to her again.**

**Then, Scott could be in there.** Jean thought out hopefully.

**I guess. If Rogue did absorb Scott completely like she said, of course.**
Alex said as he recalled the time in Australia that Rogue and Carol were

Jean stood up and said, **Nathan, come with me. Please.**

Nathan nodded determined and walked with Jean to Rogue. "Rogue?" Jean asked.

"He's not in here." Rogue said as she looked away.

"But, Rogue, Nathan and I know about split personalities and..."

"But nothing!" Rogue yelled at them. "Look, Ah liked Scott. He and I knew
each other well because we were the only members of the X-Men who had no
chance of gaining control of our powers. But, Ah don't want him taking over
_mah_ life."  Scott was a controling type.  Her great fear is that he'll rob
her of her life and body.  What if what's left of him is angry at her and
tries to kill her?

"That sounds ridiculously stubborn of you." Nathan scowled, "Selfish too."

"Ah'm sorry for what I did." Rogue said as she looked down, took off the
glasses, and put them in her jacket's pocket. "But I have to leave!" she
flew up over the stunned group and pushed a button. The door to the roof of
the craft opened and Rogue flew up out of the
opening. Storm and Phoenix followed her as the non-flying mutants grabbed
hold of their chairs. Lorna magnetically closed the door as she flew out as

Outside, Rogue streaked down to the mansion. Storm, Polaris, and Phoenix
followed her.  **ROGUE!!!** Jean yelled out as she telekinetically grabbed
hold of her target.

Rogue stuggled in Jean's hold. She looked at her and fired an optic blast
right at her. Jean telekinetically shielded herself. Her hold on Rogue
faltered just enough so that Rogue managed to break it off and flew on
toward the mansion.

Storm conjured a tornado around Rogue. Rogue spun around as she looked
beyond her windy prison.

Suddenly a telepathic voice peirced everyone's minds, **STOP!!!** It was
Professor Xavier. **If Rogue wishes to leave, then we must respect that.**

Ororo nodded and turned off the tornado. "I'm sorry, Rogue. But Scott was a
good friend."

"I know." Rogue said as she flew down to the mansion.

She landed in the study where Xavier was sitting holding a visor. "Thanks,
Professor." She said in relief as she dashes off again.

"You're welcome." He said to empty air.

Rogue went to her room and started packing. Soon, the other X-Men would be
coming for some answers. She took her clothes and her luggage. She went to
her dresser and took various photos with her. She sighed as she saw the
latest team picture. Her fingers slowly graced over Scott's picture. "I
can't." she murmured.

"You okay?" a rough voice asked.

Rogue turned to see Logan standing there. "Hello, Logan." she said, "If ya
want to make me stay, let's just say I don't want to hurt you."

"I'm not forcing you to do anything. I'm just asking, do you want to leave?"

Rogue smiled slightly at him and replied, "I just need to be alone for a
while. So much is in my head that if Ah don't leave, I'll bust. I'll be
back. I promise."

Logan nodded and handed Rogue a slip of paper. "Here. It's one of my private
phone numbers. If you need to talk, call this number."

Rogue nodded and put the slip of paper in her pocket. "Thanks."

"Where will you go?"

"Away." Rogue replied as she picked up her luggage. "See the country and
stuff. Get my head clear. Basic moping."

"You know. Cyke and I never saw eye-to-eye. But now he's gone. I respected

"He respected you too." Rogue said, "You take care of Jean. Okay?  Tell her
I'm sorry."  Jean lost her husband thanks to Sinister.  Rogue knew that Jean
won't be alone in her grief and that she would be fine.  Her heart ached
toward the woman.

"You know I will." Logan said as held out his hand.

Rogue grabbed it and shook it. "Good. Ah better leave before the Professor
changes his mind." She let go and picked up her luggage.

She walked through the mansion slowly as she watched the other X-Men stare
at her. She walked faster as she went to the garage, got in her car and sped

Rogue fought the urge to turn back as she looked in the rear view mirror to
see Jean standing there with tears in her bright green eyes. Tears started
to threaten to overwhelm her as she drove on. The mansion faded from her

"I'll miss you." Rogue whisphered as she pushed her foot on the accelerator
harder and dove off.

To Be Continued...

The end.

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