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Am I Getting Through To You?:
Part 3

Natalie D started this story. She allowed me to continue 
since she couldn't. This is a response to the disability challenge. 
All characters are property of Marvel Comics.

Continuity: It is set in the near future 
(about three years into the future to be exact). Most of the 
X-Men are part of the team. The mansion got it's Shi'ar technology 
back due to Lilandra and Corsair's assistance.

The sun slowly break through the curtain’s cracks as Jean slowly woke up in her bed. As usual she placed her right hand on the empty side of the bed. She looked beside her to see Scott gone. A part of her feared that he wasn’t back. Was the dream of Scott being rescued and discovered to be turned into a cyborg? “Scott?” Jean called out. 

Scott popped his head out of the closet and gave her a questioning look. He stepped out completely to show that he was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a long sleeved plaid shirt and a ball cap. He wasn’t wearing his customary sunglasses.

“Sorry.” Jean said, “I thought you were gone.” She was relieved to see him standing there. Although, she couldn’t hear his thoughts she could almost feel his soul.

Scott gave a half smile and did a hand motion of going downstairs then a eating motion.

“You’re going downstairs to eat?” she guessed.

He nodded, he then pointed to her, then down, and then to himself.

“I’ll join you in a second. I have to get ready.”

Scott nodded again, blew her a kiss, and walked out of the room. 

Jean sighed as she lay down. The silence that he eminated was strong. The link that had bonded their minds had been non existent for over six months. She never told him how much pain his absence caused the team. Every night during the last months, she would either be at Cerebro pouring every bit of her power to search for him or sleeping from exhaustion. The others had been supporting and had lent all of their contacts. Even Gambit revealed connections that he would rather not show otherwise. She looked at the picture taken before the abduction. Scott seemed so happy. It was a great improvement from the shy awkward boy that she first yanked the chair from the first day. Now, she will have to fight her way through the barriers that surrounded him. The barriers that’s in his mind and in his soul. They grew closer, but he still maintained a somewhat of a distance even in bed. What else could he hide beside the fact that he couldn’t have children?

She got up and dressed herself. ‘At least he’s more willing to eat now.’ she thought as she went downstairs. He rarely ate ever since he came back. Hank told her that the implants could highten his ablity to ingest foods more completely than before hence less waste. Still, it surprised her about how little Scott ate. Yesterday, he ate only a cupcake and some mashed patatoes. And that was an improvement from the bagle that he ate the day before.

She looked around and wondered, ‘What else would he hide from me?’


Scott was lost in his own thoughts as he pour the milk into her cereal. He could still barely recall what happened in the past six months. Every night after his rescue, he recalled dimly about another woman touching him and laughter coming from the outside. A part of him wondered if he should tell Jean about her. It wasn’t like he was in control at the time. He wasn’t even sure that the other woman even exists.

He could tell that his team are worried about him. The looks on Nathan, Alex, Warren, and Jean’s faces were still etched into his semi-fractured mind. None of them knew about his... impotency until last night. It was still so embarrasing to him. He knew that they understood his embarrasment. But, he felt awful about the way Nathan must’ve felt. Rachel being born is now impossible. He could hear Nathan’s whisphering Rachel’s name. Not very many people know how sharp his hearing and eyesight is.

Scott just stared at his cereal as he pondered. He didn’t want any childeren right now since he still had to cope with his current state. If they do have children, how can he communicate with them? It would be years before they could read his handwriting and even if they would have Jean’s telepathy, his mind would be unbreachable. His appearence isn’t much of a factor since they would get used to it. How can he have a kid in his state? He knew that Jean would want a baby to hold, like Nathan. He could still hear her thoughts over the now one way link. She wants a baby Rachel. The question is how can he get and raise a baby?

Jean told him herself as they lay in the same bed together that there are alternatives. 

Adoption? No, the services wouldn’t let a mutant couple with a bizzare past adopt. Although, he would love to get one of those kids out of the orphanage. 

Surgery? Hank did tell him that he could try to undo the damage done to his body. No, it’s too risky. He could suffer worst. 

He could go to Sinister. No! That is out of the question. He will not deal with the devil.

There was one other option that seemed the most feasable and many people do it all the time. In fact, it’s normal. 

“Scott?” Jean asked as she came in. 

Scott nodded and gestured to the empty seat beside him. She sat down and took a bowl and cereal box. He took a notebook and wrote, **How are you?**

“Fine.” Jean replied as she looked down, “What about you?”

He shugged and fumbled with his pencil.

“Scott, Charles is returning here, with Magneto.”

Scott’s hands tensed and a set of claws shot up from his palms. Then, he hid his hands under the table to withdraw the metallic items.

“He didn’t know yet.” Jean explained.

He looked at her and wrote down, **I know. I will tell them when they come. When will they come?**

“Soon.” Jean said, “Charles just told me called me. Their having difficulty with their airplane.”

A look of alarm appeared on Scott’s face. Jean calmly added, “Relax. Just some red tape and proceedures. Besides, Magnus can fly the plane if something happens.”

Scott took a deep breath and relaxed.

“You know that Nathan and the others won’t tell another soul about last night.”

He nodded and patted her hand.

“Was there anything else you need to tell me?” she asked as she held his hand.

His ‘eye’ looked down and just stared down.

“I know that you must’ve been through hell. I... got Dr. Sampson to talk to you and help you.”

Scott looked back up and his eye flash briefly. Perhaps, it was a blink to him.

“He dealt with other superheroes and he knows our... unique family well. He even helped Alex when he returned. And... he helped me cope with your disapearence.”

Scott nodded and looked away. 

“He’s very confidental.” Jean said, “He wouldn’t tell me about what happened if you don’t want me to know.”

He nodded and took her hands in his own. His own hands shook as Jean could almost feel the tips of the deadly claws beneath his skin. Then, he gently kissed her hands. He released them and reached for his notebook.


Magneto sighed as he watched the young girl sleep beside him. It had been only a couple of hours since they left Washington DC. Yet, it was taking almost forever to take off. The airline’s restrictions had been hard. He even thought about flying Emily and Xavier to Westchester himself. At least, he would’ve been faster and wouldn’t be so careless with their luggage. 

Emliy laughed at the comment and told him that she prefered airplanes to mutant powers. Xavier just told him that he would’ve attacted the combined firepower of the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Evil Brotherhood of Mutants.

Still, he felt angered at the fact that it was taking this long just to take a simple flight to New York. “Still should’ve flew there ourselves.” he muttered as he lay back. He wasn’t wearing his customary red and purple uniform, but a simple business suit that make him appear more normal. In fact a business man told him, “Have we met?”

He replied, “I was on the news. In case you didn’t recognize me, but I am Magneto.”

“Okay.” the guy said as he looked away.

**He didn’t believe you.** Xavier said from behind him.

Emily snickered as she covered herself in a blanket. She didn’t sleep however. Her hands sparked as she registered the mutants around her. Magneto and Xavier are already making her mutant detection devices in her head go crazy, but can she handle all those mutant signatures?

She tried to close her eyes, but every time she tried, she saw his face. His painfilled face trying to scream, but couldn’t. Should she even consider finding her partner again? She had managed to escape them with his sacrifice. When she returned with Magneto’s help to the base, he was gone. He escaped somehow.

Xavier told her that he will help her find him. There were several problems, she didn’t know his name. All she know was the name the goverment intended to give them. Oberses and Artimesis. 

She got lucky in a way. The goverment group had converted more of her body for their uses, but wasn’t so focused on controling her. She was the beauty and he was the hunter. All her life, she had lived with them so they thought that she would be more willing and they focused all of their energies on Oberses. She didn’t know much about him, except that he was taken away against his own will. 

Would he even forgive her for what she did to him? She didn’t even know Dr. Aldler and Dr. Stevenson were testing out the mobility implants to see if he could break control. She started to sob. ‘How was I supposed to know he didn’t want it?’ she thought out. The way that she touched and felt his body was magic to her. And the way that he held her in his shaking arms.

He even sacrificed his freedom so she could get out and get help. She remembered the look in his face as he fought off the soldiers and his motioning frantically between punches to get away.

“Are you okay, child?” Magneto asked as she looked up snapping her away from her ‘day dream’

“I’m fine.” she lied. ‘I will find you.’ she thought.

To Be Continued...

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