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Marvel, Siku is darqstar's, anyone else is mine. Ask first if you want to
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  ~words~ depicts psychic talk
*words* denotes thinking to oneself

Revelations: Chapter 3 

    Gambit was awakened early by the sound of thunder. As he slowly awakened, he realized it wasn't thunder; someone was knocking rather loudly on his door.
    "Come in," he said, still half asleep. The door opened halfway and Rogue stuck her head in, saying only one word.
    "Breakfast." That said, she shut his door and walked away.
    Gambit wondered for the millionth time if she would ever smile at him again ... or even speak more than one word at a time to him. He shivered and rolled over. If he hadn't known better, he would have sworn the temperature in his room had dropped about twenty degrees upon Rogue's announcement. He threw off the sheet, and looked at his alarm clock. The bright red numbers read 5:44 am. *Jean mus' be cookin' * he thought to himself. *She de only one who 'as breakfas' ready dis early. *
    Then again, the only time anyone was up before eight was when Scott decided it was a good idea to schedule a seven am Danger Room workout. *Why he t'ink seven A.M. is a good time to slug it out in de danger room is a good idea, I'll ne'er know* Gambit sat on the edge of his bed and stretched. As he got up and dressed he quietly cursed Scott out, as he did every morning he was scheduled for an early Danger Room workout. He reluctantly tied his sneakers, took one last longing look at his bed, and headed into the kitchen.
    xxxx The Danger Room control room xxxx
         approximately four hours later
    "Bobby, look out," Gambit called.
    "That's Iceman in here, and I don't need your help, Cajun," Bobby said viciously, as he turned to spot the object Remy had warned about flying straight for his head. The object fell harmlessly to the ground, shattering
into small pieces, as Iceman froze it a split second before it would have hit him.
    *Fool* Gambit thought to himself as he charged some cards and threw them at a missile that was heading for him. Then he turned to see how Rogue and Archangel were doing, and threw more charged cards at a Sentinel grabbing for Rogue. She was pulling off some kind of tentacles that had wrapped themselves around Archangel, strapping him to the wall. She didn't notice the Sentinel approaching her.
    Gambit's cards struck the Sentinel's neck, severing its head from its body. It fell harmlessly to the ground. Rogue heard the Sentinel hit the ground and turned to see what had made the noise. She looked at the fallen
Sentinel, then at Gambit. He couldn't help but cringe when she looked at him. There was no gratitude in her eyes, only the same sadness and anger that had been there since he'd revealed his secret to the X-Men.
    He watched as she snapped the last tentacle and gently laid the unconscious Archangel on the ground. Gambit had been so distracted that he hadn't noticed the Sentinel coming up behind him until it was to late. He gasped as the air was forced from his lungs, the sentinel's hand wrapping tightly around his chest. It lifted him up and flew about twenty feet in the air.
    Rogue turned at Gambit's gasp. She flew to the Sentinel and put her fist through its face. She caught Gambit as the non-functional Sentinel released its hold on Remy, dropping him.
    "T'ank's chere" he said to her. "Gambit knew you not let him fall."
    Rogue didn't respond as they approached the floor. Instead she let him go about six feet from the floor, then turned to help Bobby, who was now surrounded by Sentinels.
    Gambit hit the floor with a loud thud. He wasn't injured when he hit the floor, but didn't make any attempt to get up. He simply had no desire to. *Wha's de point* he thought bitterly to himself. *De don' wan' my help
anyway.* He laid motionless on the floor watching Rogue and Iceman fight, when suddenly the battle scene disappeared, leaving only the gray walls of the Danger Room, and the four X-Men who had been training.  
    Scott's voice came over the intercom. "That's enough for today," he said, agitation evident in his voice. "Gambit, come up here please."
    He said it like a request, but Gambit knew it was an order. He thought momentarily about ignoring Cyclops and returning to bed, then thought better of it. When he'd first joined the X-Men he'd disobeyed an order from Cyclops, and all it had earned him was a week of monitor duty, an extra long danger room session the next morning, and a few of Scott's famous lectures. Besides, Scott sounded extremely angry, and Gambit had a feeling it was more than just because of Rogue, Warren, and Bobby's behavior. He watched the others leave,
giving him hateful glares as they left, then slowly got up and made his way to the control room.
    Scott gave Gambit exactly what he expected. A lecture. "I'm disappointed in you Gambit. I know you weren't injured in that fall, but you laid there, not moving, anyway. You simply gave up. You barely tried throughout this
whole session. I've noticed you've been slacking lately, but today was the worst performance I've ever seen ... by anyone."
    Gambit tried to control his anger as Scott talked; finally he gave up trying and spoke out. "Wha's de point, Cyke? You saw how they acted, heard what de said, dey made it quite clear dey not wan' Gambit 'round."
    "Trust is a delicate thing Gambit. You betrayed our trust in you by not telling us sooner. It will take time to earn it back."
    "How dat gonna happen, eh?" asked Remy, his voice a mixture of anger and hurt. "How you t'ink dey gonna trus' me again when you don', ne'er did."
    Scott opened his mouth to say something, then shut it, deciding to hear Gambit out.
    "Don't try to deny it Scott, 'cuz Remy see it in your face, and in your actions. You don't say anyt'ing to me unless it's necessary. You not put me on a mission in seven months, since I revealed my secret, an' dere been
plenty." Remy stared at Scott, waiting to see what he would say.
    Scott was silent for a moment before finally speaking. "You're right, Gambit. I never completely trusted you from the moment we met, but I trusted you enough to watch my back, and the others, in a mission. I don't know if I can do that now. The others, however, with maybe the exception of Bobby, trusted you almost from the beginning, especially Ororo. You betrayed that trust by not telling us of your involvement in the Morlock Massacre. You obviously didn't trust us enough to accept you. I won't put the team in danger by bringing along someone they don't trust."
    Remy felt his heart sink. He realized he was probably fighting a losing battle, and without being dismissed, he turned and walked out of the control room.
    Scott watched Gambit walk out, shoulders slumped, and thought about calling the others up to the control room to let them know how disappointed he was in them. He realized it wouldn't do any good and dismissed the thought. He had tried talking to them, and yelling at them, and it never seemed to faze them. He had hoped that by making them train together; they would eventually release their animosity towards Gambit and learn to trust him again, but it only seemed to strengthen their hatred towards him. He knew Gambit was honestly trying to earn back the X-Men's trust. He had, after all, remained and endured the harsh treatment when he could have easily left.
    Gambit took a shower, then returned to his room. He flopped down on his bed wearing only boxers. He was exhausted. The training session had lasted nearly three hours, longer than the usual hour and-a-half to two hour
sessions. He tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't. He got up and finished dressing, then decided to get a snack and take a long walk.
    Scott walked to the boathouse he and Jean shared, silently going over the events of the training session, and his conversation with Remy in his mind. He still couldn't decide what to do as he reached the boathouse. He walked in the front door and into the kitchen. Jean was standing at the counter preparing an early picnic lunch for the two of them. She was putting in the potato salad, his favorite, as he entered the kitchen.
    "How did it go, " she asked. The look on his face, and the tension she felt in him through their rapport gave Jean her answer. "That bad? "
    "Yeah. That bad. Probably the worst one yet," Scott replied sadly. "But I don't want to talk about it." He walked over to the counter and pulled Jean close to him, kissing her passionately.
    She leaned into his kiss, matching his passion. They slowly broke the kiss, Jean smiled as she looked into his eyes, barely visible behind his ruby quartz's glasses. "Let's go, lover," she said to him as he returned her smile. She knew their picnic would give him a chance to talk about other things and give him time away from the burdens of leadership, if only for a few hours.
    He picked up the basket with his left hand, wrapped his right arm around his wife's shoulders, and set out for their favorite spot by the lake to enjoy their lunch.
    Bobby and Warren each took a shower and decided to go to Jake's for a drink. They walked to Rogue's room and knocked on the door.
    "Come in " she told them.
    "We're going to Jake's for lunch and a drink, wanna come along?" Warren  asked her. She was sitting at her vanity brushing her damp hair.
    "No sugah, you two go on and have a good time. Ah think Ah'll just stay here and relax for a while."
    "Suit yourself," Bobby said, and he and Warren left her room.
    Rogue set down her brush after they left and went over to the door and shut it. She then went over to her bed, laid down, buried her face in her pillow, and cried.

OK. I know it's a little short but there's chapter 3. 


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