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     Revelations: Chapter 1 

Disclaimer. The X-Men and any recognizable characters belong to
Marvel, Siku is darqstar's, anyone else is mine. Ask first if you want to
borrow 'em. I'm not making any money off of this, so don't waste your time,
or mine, suing OK? You wouldn't get anything anyway, I'm flat broke.

      ~words~ depicts psychic talk

      *words* denotes thinking to oneself

      Acknowledgments. To my friend MarvC Uni (whom I lost contact with
during my last absence from AOL), for if not for her, I wouldn't have a title
for this story. Thanks Uni. If your out there and read this, e-mail me, I
miss ya! Also to darqstar, who was kind enough to let me borrow Siku and
helped me a lot with this first chapter. And many thanks to Carma and Jubes,
my new beta-readers

    Scott was sitting in the living room watching television when Jean came into the room. He looked up and smiled at her. The Professor and Hank were attending a human rights convention, Rogue was food shopping, and Ororo, Logan, and Bobby were on a mission. Gambit had left a few hours ago to play pool at Jake's. The couple finally had the mansion to themselves. The only other person in the there was Hank's two and a half year old daughter who was sleeping soundly in her crib upstairs. They had promised Hank they'd watch her while he was gone.

      "Scott, could you turn that off for a minute, please? I need to talk to you."

      Scott hesitated a second; he didn't want to turn off the Rangers game, but from the tone of her voice he could tell that whatever she wanted to talk to him about was a lot more important than a hockey game. "Sure," he said and turned off the television, "what is it?"

      She hesitated a second and seemed to be trying to figure out exactly how to phrase what she wanted to say. She sighed and began talking. "I know we talked about this a little before, but, how do you feel about starting a family?"

      He stared at her a second, slightly thrown off by her question. "I love kids, you know that. I've enjoyed watching Siku grow. I'd love to have a child with you someday. Why..." Scott didn't get a chance to finish his question. He stood up and was surprised as she ran over and hugged him tightly, laughing with the giddy laughter of an over-excited child.

      "I'm so glad you said that, Scott," she said still smiling. "I'm pregnant. We're going to have a baby!"

      Scott's mouth dropped open in shock. For once, the usually vocal leader of the X-Men was at a loss for words.

      "Scott ... say something sweetheart. Aren't you happy?" she asked him, a little worried over his unusual silence. He stood there silently trying to think of something to say. Different emotions, fear, uncertainty, and others whirled through his mind all at once. What he felt most, though, was a sense of unadulterated joy. He was going to be a daddy again. This time it was Jean's turn to be surprised. Scott gathered her into his arms and whirled her around. "This is great," he shouted, then lowered his voice, realizing that Siku was still sleeping. "I'm going to be a father again. How far along are you?" he asked, finally putting her down.

      "Three months. I had a doctor verify it. I'm so glad you're happy about this. To tell you the truth, I was a little worried about how you would react. I know how much what you went through with Nathan hurt you."

      "That was hard for me," he admitted, "but it was hard for all of us, we all loved Nathan." He paused for a moment, then smiled warmly at his wife. "However, I'm very happy about being a father again. So, when do you think we should tell the others? And, should we tell them all together, or separately? Does Hank already know?"

      "No, Hank doesn't know. I took a home pregnancy test, but Hank wasn't here so I went to a doctor in town and had her verify it for me. I couldn't wait for Hank to come back."

      Scott and Jean decided to wait till everyone had returned and tell them together. Hank and the Professor were due back in two days and the others were due tomorrow night.

      They sat quietly watching the game, holding each other, until Rogue came back with the groceries. They helped her bring them in, then Scott went to watch the rest of the game as the women put the groceries away. It took all of Jean's self-control not to break her promise to Scott and tell Rogue about the pregnancy. The two were close friends and there was a little part of Jean that felt she was betraying the friendship by not confiding in her. Fortunately, Rogue began to talk of other things, such as little Siku's seemingly unlimited energy, which helped to take Jean's mind off the special secret she and Scott shared. Rogue had done the shopping late, to avoid crowds, and by the time the two women finished putting it all away; it was getting rather late. The three adults in the house retired to bed.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

      Scott watched as Gambit came into the War Room and sat down. He was the first to enter. Hank was next to come in. He set up Siku's playpen and put her in it. Alex and Lorna came in then. They put their two-and-a-half year old son, Justin, in the playpen with Siku. Scott had called them yesterday and asked them to come over. It was hard for him not to tell them why he had asked them to come. They were followed by the Professor and the rest of the X-Men
      *I wonder where Warren and Betsy are.* Scott thought to himself.

      ~ I'm sure they'll be here soon hon, why don't we start? ~

      "I know you're wondering why we called you all here," Scott began, "Jean and I have something we want to tell you, Jean."

      Jean looked nervously at her friends as she began to speak. "Scott and I," she began slowly, "we're having a baby."

      "Well, it's about time, big brother. You and Jean have been married for three and a half years, six months longer then us," Alex said. He and Lorna realized just how much they meant to each other about a month after Scott and Jean's wedding and had gotten engaged. Five months later they married. Lorna became pregnant shortly after their honeymoon. Justin was born a few days after Gambit brought Siku home.

      "I'm so happy for both of you," Xavier told them.

      "So are we," a new voice said. The voice belonged to Warren. They all turned to see him and Betsy walking into the War Room.

      "Sorry we're late," Betsy said, "traffic was bloody hell."

      "Congratulations, my friends," Hank said as he and Bobby shook Scott's hand and gave Jean a hug and a kiss on the check. Storm and Rogue also offered congratulations.

      "Thas great, mes amis. Gambit is very happy for you. But I wonder how Siku gonna react. She been de only baby in de mansion for two years."

      Logan, who had been quiet until then, spoke up. "I'm sure she'll be thrilled that she'll have a cousin to play with." He walked over to Jean and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek "Congratulations, darlin." He said then turned to Scott and shook his hand. "You too, Scott."

      "Thanks, Logan," Jean said, returning his hug and kiss on the cheek. Everyone knew that Logan had been, and still was, in love with Jean. He had come to terms with the fact that she didn't love him in the same way, after the wedding. She would always hold a special place in her heart for him. He and Scott had slowly grown to respect each other, and eventually had become friends.

      "I'm sure Logan is correct," Hank said. "Siku is a very sensible child."

      "Yeah I'm sure she'll love the idea. Now she'll have two cousins to play with." Bobby added, looking to the playpen where Siku and Justin were quietly playing together.

      "It is a shame your parents were unable to be here today, Jean." Ororo said.

      "They were disappointed, but they'll be here tomorrow." The Greys had taken Joey and Gaylin on vacation to Florida. Their flight had been canceled due to engine trouble, and they were unable to get another flight until the next morning.

      "Were you able to contact Corsair?" Warren asked.

      "No. We tried to contact him several times but haven't gotten a response yet." Scott told him. The others couldn't help but hear the disappointment in his voice. "Hopefully we'll be able to reach him soon."

      "Hey, this calls for a celebration. What do you say we go to Jake's, on me?" Bobby's suggestion was greeted by an enthusiastic round of cheers from everyone in the room, especially Logan and Gambit. Both often went there to play pool and drink.

      *Good old Bobby* Scott thought to himself. *Always looking for a reason to party.* "Why not?" he agreed. "We could all use a night away from everything."

      "I agree, Scott. Excellent idea, Bobby."

      "Thanks, Prof. Well, let's go."

      It was a short drive to Jake's Place and within the half-hour, the entire group was at the bar, pushing several tables together to accommodate the group. Appropriate chairs were brought for the children. They waved cheerfully to Jake as he approached the table.

      "So what brings all of you here tonight?" Jake asked.

      "Scott and Jean are expecting a baby. Scott's finally going to be a father again." Xavier told him. Jake was one of the few people, other then the members of the various X-teams, that knew the story with Nathan.

      "Congratulations. All drinks on me tonight, guys."

      Scott turned to Jake and shook his hand. "Thanks, Jake. How are the kids and your granddaughter?"

      "They're fine. Jake, Jr., finally asked Melanie to marry him. They set the date for May 16th of next year. He asked me to invite all of you. Jane and Travis are bringing Suzie down next weekend for a visit. She turned three last week. Why don't you come to the house and visit? I'm sure they'd love to see you all again."

      Alex was the first to speak. "We'd love to, Jake, but Lorna and I have to leave the day after tomorrow. We're taking Justin to Lorna's parents for her father's birthday. Tell them we said hi. And wish Suzie a happy birthday."

      "Unfortunately Warren and I must also leave before then Jake, but we'll visit again soon."

      "I have a very important meeting with Senator Benson next weekend that I cannot cancel, I'm sorry my friend, but I will not be able to attend either," the Professor told him.

      "That's too bad." Jake said, clearly disappointed, but he understood. "I'll let them know. What about the rest of you?" They all assured him they would come.

      Jake had a waitress bring them all a beer except Jean, who had a soda, and congratulated Scott and Jean again. Then he returned to the bar to serve the other customers.

      "Well, Scott," Hank said "looks like it's your turn to do diaper duty now."

      "And don't forget those three A.M. feedings." Alex added with a smile.

      "Ah'd love to see that, sugah," Rogue said, also grinning.

      "Hey," Scott exclaimed with an expression of mock hurt on his face. "I did my fair share with Nathan remember? And I helped with Siku and Justin too."

      "Aw, not me. After those late night feedings, he'll probably make us all get up for a real long session in the danger room." Bobby joked.

      Everyone burst out laughing, including Scott. Alex was happy to see Scott laugh, something he rarely did especially when talking about Nate. He knew how much it hurt Scott to have to send his infant son into the future. He was happy to see that Scott could talk about Nathan as a child without getting that sad look he usually got in his face. He was also glad that Scott and his son were beginning to grow a little closer. *It might be a good idea for Nate and I to get to know each other too* he thought to himself. *He is my nephew, and I really didn't get to see him much before.* Alex joined in their laughter.

      "Speaking of Nate, where is he?" Logan asked. He knew he and Nate would never be friends. Killing a man's son, no matter the reason, wasn't the best way to start a friendship. He did respect Nate and vice-versa. That mutual respect and the fact that they both cared about Jean and Scott, kept the two men civial towards each other when they were together.

      "He and X-Force are in Europe right now. We'll tell him when he visits, when they return." Jean told them.

      They spent the next two hours talking and laughing. At nine o'clock they decided to go home. Gambit told them to go ahead. He wanted to stay a little longer and would walk home.

      "Why the long face, Remy?" Jake asked as he walked over to the table. The others had left over an hour and a half ago and Gambit was sitting alone, a glass of beer growing warm in his hands. "You seemed to be enjoying yourself before, now you've been nursing that beer for almost two hours."

      Gambit was silent for a moment, lost in his thoughts. He looked up at Jake and spoke, "De never gonna let me forget it, never gonna trus' me 'gain. Can' say I blame dem."

      "Sure they will, Remy. Yeah, they were all hurt, some more then others, by what you told them, but they're your friends, your family, they'll forgive you."

      "I'm not so sure 'bout dat; 'Ro barely speaks to me now, she has dis real sad look in her eye whenever she looks at me now. Rogue won't even speak to me at all, 'less she 'as to. Warren an' Bobby probably would 'ave killed me already if it weren't for Scott. I still don' understan' why Scott stick up for me like dat in de firs' place. He never really trus' me from the beginnin'. Scott jus' stares at me like he don't quite know what to t'ink, I know he never really liked me before, but now I see de disappointment in his face when he looks at me. Hank even seems a little leery now whenever I take Siku anywhere alone. Even the Professor seems different now. I really screwed up dis time."

      "What you told them was a lot to swallow, Remy. Just give them some time, they'll come around."

      "It's been almost five months since I tol' dem an' Cyke still not bring me on one mission yet. He know they don' trus' me. Dey t'ink I'll betray dem."

      "Trust is a precious thing, Remy. It'll take time and a lot of effort to earn theirs back."

      "Maybe it be better if I jus' leave now."

      "You know that's not the answer. They would miss you, especially little Siku. That child absolutely adores you. Could you really turn your back on them? On her?"

      "I don' know, mon ami. I jus' don' know." With that he got up and started walking out of the bar.

      "You're not a quitter, Remy," Jake called after him, "you never were. Don't give up now."

      Gambit didn't even turn around; he just stared ahead and started his long walk home.

end chapter 1


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