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Revelations: Notes

This is the first story in what will be a series centering on Scott and Jean, my two fav X-Men. This series starts about three and-a-half years or so after Scott and Jean's wedding. It breaks off from cannon right after X-Men #35 Vol 2. There are a few differences though. Magneto never pulled out Wolverine's adimantium, so Xavier never mind-wiped him. I've never read about that whole Crimson Dawn deal so I know very little about it, therefore Betsy is still British. Also, no Bishop. In this timeline, he doen't exsist. Oh ... I know that Harry's Hideaway is the bar frewuented by the X-Men in the books, but not in this series. I've made up my own character and bar. If you have any questions about the background feel free to e-mail me.

      This is my first attempt at writing a fan-fic. Enjoy.



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