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Danielle Kerins

The Return

Category: X-men / Scott
Rating: G
Series: The Loving you series.
Summary: This is a prequel to Loving you: Scott and 
Jean’s POV. Scott’s thoughts as he returns to Westchester.
Archive: My site, Kielle's site if she wants it and whoever else. Just mail me.
Feedback: Oh Yes please. Love that stuff. OKay :)
// Flashback.

The leaves fell silently painting the ground in rich reds, browns and yellows.

The wooden bench under the trees was covered but the man sitting there did not notice. He had other things on his mind.

Important things.

He clutched the letter in his hands and reread it. He felt a tear fall and drop down to the paper smudging the ink.

It had been so long. They should have forgotten. But they didn't.

'Why' He thought. He looked at the spirally writing and gave a small smile. Even though it had been a long time, some people remembered that he was still alive.


It had been a long time since he was able to call another a friend. One person still cared.


All through the last eight years she had kept in contact with him. Her letters never revealed much, they were friendly but that's about it. They held no hidden messages in between the lines. Just news about the school and the students. Nothing about...The other occupants who had been such a large part of his life for so long.

Nothing until now. He swallowed hard, the lump in his throat getting bigger as he re-read the letter once more. The professor was ill.

He needed him. Storm needed him. The school needed him. He smiled slightly. It had been just as long since he felt needed. It felt good. He took a deep breath and crumpled up the letter. Standing he brushed the leaves off his long black coat. Heading across the park towards his car, he turned once looking around revelling in the silence before turning.

'It's time to go home' Scott thought and turned away.


"I think she’s a little taken with you."

"Well you can tell her my heart belongs to someone else."

Scott walked away after hearing that. He had come to see Jean as he had some free time. He missed her. Things had been hectic around the mansion the last couple of days. He had just been about to enter when he heard a voice. Logan. He was awake. He decided to wait. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with Logan’s sarky comments. He brought out the worst in Scott and he hated Jean seeing that side of him.

He heard them talk about the professor and Rogue and then Logan basically said that he wanted Jean. Scott clenched his hands tightly. He wasn’t going to let this get to him. He walked away not wanting to hear Jean’s reply.

‘I don’t want to know. I don’t want to know’ He repeated to himself and walked away.

The next few days were uneventful. Jean was quiet.

When Scott asked her what was wrong She just said that she was tired. Maybe she was.

Scott had almost choked on his breath of relief as he found out that Logan had left. Finally things can get back to normal. They did just that. It was almost as if Logan was never there.

The only reminder of him was the dog tags around Rogue’s neck.

All was well.

Until he came back. Roaring into the driveway at five o clock in the morning on * His * bike.

Waking up most of the students and him and Jean. He grunted a hello to the group that had gathered in the hall going straight for Rogue.

Scott was seething and Jean noticed.

"Come on honey. It’s Logan. You should have expected this." She said lightly trying to make a joke of it.

Scott just looked at her before trudging up the stairs to bed. The next few months were tense. Logan continually made Scott’s life a living hell.

Purposely countermanding his orders, making snide comments, eyeing Jean. Everyone else seemed to not notice these things. He couldn’t talk to Jean about it.

She just told him he was over-reacting. Scott was continually been pushed around and he didn’t like it. He couldn’t say anything though. He would come out looking like the bad guy.

The loser who couldn’t handle a little competition.

It wasn’t fair. All things came to a head though in early summer. Jean had been increasingly distant. Scott didn’t blame her. He wasn’t a lot of fun to be around.

He decided to make it up to her. He planned a special evening. Dinner, dancing and another helping of dessert when they got back to the mansion.

He went down to the lab where she was working and hid a bunch of flowers behind his back.

As he rounded the doorway he froze. There was his Logan and wrapped up in his arms was his fiancée.

Scott wasn’t able to stop himself and as he charged towards them he positively yelled.

"WHAT the HELL is going on Here??!!" Jean pulled apart form Logan in fright.

As she saw Scott, guilt spread across her face.

"Oh god Scott, No wait Scott NO" Scott Grabbed Logan and rammed his fist into his jaw. He heard a satisfying crack and Logan went down.

Thinking over it now, It was probably more due to shock then strength that made him fall. He rubbed his jaw momentarily before leaping up.

"You’re going to pay for that." He growled.

"No Logan, Please" Jean came between them and held his arm back. Jean looked at Scott.

"Please Scott" She said pleadingly tears running down her face. Scott looked at both with pure disgust. He walked away standing and crushing the flowers and left.

"Oh god" Jean whispered. "What have I done? What have I done?"

Scott shut himself up in a spare room after that. He stayed there for days. He couldn’t bring himself to face anyone. Storm came and tried and failed to get him to talk to her.

Jean stood for hours outside the door, crying begging him to hear her. He wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction. He didn’t want to hear her apologise.

There should be no reason for her to apologise. He wasn’t going to let her get off that easily. His heart was wrenched in two. He felt sick. He couldn’t get the picture of the two of them out of his head. His visor glowed a bright red constantly.

He was finding it harder and harder to keep his visor on he wanted release. The professor granted him just that. He suggested a break from the school. Scott agreed. He packed his things and walked down the stairs. He never felt so alone.

He decided to go and see Jean just before he left. To say goodbye, He walked to one of the empty classrooms where Jean was sitting grading papers. Her face was tired and drawn. Dark circles were under her eyes. She looked like he did, like she hadn’t slept in days.

He stopped himself from entering. He chose to watch her instead. She looked sorry. Maybe she was. Through the veil of tiredness she still radiated beauty. He loved her so much. He wanted to go in and tell her that al was going to be okay. He couldn’t. It was too soon.

Someday they’d have that talk.



Scott rounded a corner and Westchester came into view.


He drove through the gates. His one bag beside him, his bike sticking out of the trunk. He parked and jumped out of the car. He walked up the steps.

Opening the front door the familiar smell of wood and polish hit him. It was like the first day he came here.

‘I’m home’ He thought. The hall was empty.

He walked down towards the Professors office. As he reached the oaken door he heard a familiar voice.

‘Come in Scott’ He smiled slightly and opened the door. He froze as a woman turned in her seat to face him.


She looked shocked. The Professor obviously didn’t tell her. She was still as beautiful as before.

"Scott" She whispered.

‘I have a feeling that we’ll be having that talk.’ He thought as he closed the door and walked towards her.


The End.

Continued in Loving you: Scott and Jean’s POV.


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