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Danielle Kerins

Loving You: Part 4

Hey I finished a fic Woo Hoo!!!
Title: Loving you: Scott and Jean's POV
Series: The loving you series.        Category: X-men.      'Ship: Scott/Jean
Disclaimer: All Characters and places belong to Stan Lee, Marvel Comics, Bryan Singer and Twentieth Century Fox.
Summary: Set in the future, Scott and Jean must learn to work together again, when the Professor retires.
Authors notes, This is the first of a few POV's in the Loving you series X-men style. Check out the other 
Styles of the Loving you series on this site. ' ' denotes thought or unspoken words
Feedback: YESSSSS PLEASEE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jean spent the day in her office in the sub-levels of the mansion working on the results of the student's annual tests.

She felt like her stomach had a million knots that would never be untied. She hoped in her heart that this conversation would be better than the last two.

At last it was almost seven. Jean left her office and got into the elevator. She listened to the steady hum as it headed up to the ground floor of the mansion. As she left it, a group of students passed by. They stopped and turned towards her.

"Miss Grey?"

Jean smiled at the students.


"We were wondering you know that guy that you were umm having a 'Discussion' with yesterday."


"Who is he?"

"Scott Summers. He's also known as Cyclops. He was the first member of the X-men and one of the original students of this school. He was also the leader of the X-men."


"So how come we never met him?"

"Well Robert, He left a long time ago."

"Why? Sorry none of my business."

"It's okay, something happened and he needed to leave for a while."

"Is he going to take over the X-men again?"

"Yes, That's right."

"Cool, well see you Miss Grey." The students waved and ran off.

Jean continued on her way to the gallery.

She stopped just as she reached the entrance. Scott was already there. He was seated on a table by the window. The evening sun bounced off his glasses and brought out the rich brown highlights in his hair. Jean felt herself go weak at the knees. She loved him as much now as she did over 18 years ago.

'Was it really that long since we met?' She thought.

She had been seventeen when she met Scott. She knew she was going to marry him from that moment. He was different to the other guys she knew. He had been so kind and sweet but a born leader.

He made her feel loved and protected every minute they were together. What they had was so special.

'Why did I throw it all away? I knew I loved Scott and I still went to Logan. All that attraction had been purely physical, nothing special. Nothing like the love Scott gave me unconditionally and without question.'

At that moment Scott looked up. He hopped off the table and walked towards.

"Hey" He said softly.


Scott had felt some-ones eyes on him and looked up. 'Jean' He hopped off the table and walked towards her.

'God she's beautiful.'

He greeted her.

"Do you want to sit down?"


They walked over to the table and he pulled out a chair for her. She sat and he sat in the chair beside her. He rested his hands on the table.


"So…I guess I should start. Scott I'm sorry I never meant to go to Logan..I don't know why I did..I guess….I don't know"

The words spilled out.

"Jean Please, I don't know why you went to him either.

I just want to know. Were you really that unhappy with me that you felt like you couldn't talk to me, that you felt you had to go to another man?"

Even though Jean couldn't see his eyes she knew they were filled with pain.

"Scott I was never unhappy with you. You made me so happy. I…When Logan came I won't lie to you I felt something there. It was different."


"It was nothing to do with love or feelings, it was just I'm not going to say lust it was purely physical. He was so different to other men. He was so animal like."

Scott raised his eyebrows.

Jean smiled and continued.

"I never meant to let what happen..happen, but it did. I knew it was wrong the moment we touched.

I knew immediately. The look on your face after you saw us together confirmed what I felt. I desperately wanted to tell you but you wouldn't see me. Not that I blame you, I shouldn't have done what I did and believe me I am sorry."

Scott looked at her. She could see the understanding in his face.

"I'm sorry too. I wanted to see you but I was afraid every time you tried to talk to me that you were going to say that you and Logan wanted to be together and you and I were history. I couldn't bear hearing those words come from your mouth.

That's why I left."

"So does this mean we lost eight years because we were stupid and afraid?"

Scott sighed and leaned back in his chair.

"I think so"

"That sucks" She replied imitating the student Robert and one of his expressions.

Scott laughed heartily.

"That it does." They smiled at each other.

"So what happens now?"

"Now we get on with things."


Scott leaned forward towards her and took her hands in his.

"Jean I won't lie to you, I love you."

"I love you too."

"Please let me finish. I love you. I've always loved you. I never loved anyone else but you. You are my heart and soul. I'll love you forever."

Jean's eyes shined with tears.

"However as much as I love you, I think it would destroy us if we were to get back together as if nothing had happened."


"I've had eight years to think about this. I would give everything to go back and change anything. I wish we never lost those years, but know that no matter how much we talk and try to sort things out we will never be able to go back to what we had not for a long time."

"But we will someday?"

"God Jean, you know how much I love you I just told you, seeing you I know I wouldn't be able to go on if there wasn't some hope that we would get back together. It's what I want and I think it's what you want."

"It is and I agree with you. It's better this way. I can live knowing that someday it will be the same maybe even better. I love you too Scott and always will. I think we just need to do this slowly."

"I think so too."

Scott leaned towards Jean and kissed her softly.

They both stood and looked at each other.



They smiled and as they held hands they walked off together.


The End.


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