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Lou DeStefano

The Purest Of Pain

Note: This is my first ever fanfic I would like you to
read it and tell me how bad it is so I can learn to
write as good as the rest of you. Oh and this is the
response to the challenge to show Cyclops in a darker
image. I'm really a Cyke fan and normally would not
portray him this way.

Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine they are
Marvel's and God knows I'm not making any money off of this.

"Nooooooooo!" someone cried in terror.  The smoke started to clear as the X-Men, X-Force, and Generation X looked around in fear.  The first thing noticed was impossible to miss; the DEAD body of Apocalypse lying
before them.  Seeing this supposedly meant their mission was accomplished but a horrendous uneasiness fell over them.  Two questions were left unanswered. Where did that fatal scream come from and even more intriguing where was Scott Summers?  They psi-blast used to destroy the High Lord showered them with confusion.

Unfortunately their questions were answered all too quickly and the ramifications in quicker.  Storm sent a rush of wind to clear away the remaining smoke only to find her best friend the one whom she'd been maid of honor to lying dead along side their arch-enemy. There she was Jean Grey laying lifeless with a hole in her chest where her heart was seemingly created by some sort of blast. "By the goddess!" Storm yelled, "Everyone come here NOW," as tears rushed down her face. "Jeanie?" Wolverine managed to get out of his mouth while for the first time in his life showing true feeling without reservation and a tough guy attitude.

"Sugah, you can't be dead?" Rogue whispered in her ear.

"Oath, the person responsible shall die for this," Cable vowed fiercely.

"Oh really SON?" 

There heads all rose at once to the sound of the familiar yet strange voice.  Their eyes became transfixed on something they couldn't fathom in their wildest dreams. At the top of the hill where the battle had been
fought there was a sight like no other, the answer to the second question.  There stood Cyclops with a fierce look in his on his non visor covered eyes that the strongest warrior would bow to.  Draped on his right arm stood a deeply in love Psylocke with a psychic knife drawn.  A few steps below standing as defenders of this man and poised for attack were Iceman, Cannonball, Moonstar, Polaris, and the thought dead tri of Magik, Legion, and set to lead the assault HAVOK.

"The dream is over....!" Cyclops began, only to be interrupted.

"Not if I can help it bub!" Logan grunted.

"Silence," Iceman proclaimed as he sent a ravaging blast of ice through Logan's chest.

"Now I shall continue.Xavier was a fool as was Apocalypse and any of you who think in terms of having
either one race rule or have them all share mutual respect.  Apocalypse's naivete was his downfall as will be the case with the so called dream.  I have come to the conclusion that the only way to get this world to react in a way which is suitable to me is to have myself as ruler and my plans put into action.  As you can see Jean Grey was not part of my plan. You have the choice to join or fail."

"You will not get away with this Scott," Storm replied in a rage unlikely to her persona.

"That choice is not yours!"

To be continued...


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The Purest of Pain
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