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Lou DeStefano

The Purest Of Pain: Chapter 2

Note: This is my first ever fanfic I would like you to
read it and tell me how bad it is so I can learn to
write as good as the rest of you. Oh and this is the
response to the challenge to show Cyclops in a darker
image. I'm really a Cyke fan and normally would not
portray him this way.

Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine they are
Marvel's and God knows I'm not making any money off of this.

“I defeated you once before Scott Summers and I shall do it again.” Ororo states with authority and a shaken confidence.

“Very well you shall be granted this opportunity but at my convenience not yours.” He states with the arrogance of an already victorious champion. He and his new minions then vanish. Logan gathers her to join the other X-Men to regroup and they flee in shock.

“Oh, and remember my dear Ororo, Madelyne is not here to help you this time.”

A lot of questions arose on the way home in the blackbird. What has happened to the man they once knew as their leader? How did he make his new team vanish? Does he have new powers? What about Jean? These are all questions that raced through their heads. Cable did not know what to think. Storm was obviously in disarray. Logan was calm as usual. X-Force and Gen-X went back to the mansion just as clueless as any. Although there was one man who seemed more hurt, distraught, and angered than anyone. His name Warren Worthington. This man was his friend. This man also took his first love from him by marrying him and now killing her. To infuriate him more the one he affectionately called Slim has taken his new love as his own: Betsy Braddock, Psylocke.
The plane just landed and the X-Men were in the War Room. when a distress call went out over the Astral Plane.
“X-Men help Cyclops has…………….”

Cable jumped up, “I know that voice, it is….was the Shadow King.”

“So you try’n ta tell us dat’ lil’old Scott Summers killed the Shadow King, you crazy mon ami,” Gambit contributed.

“That would explain Betsy holdin’ that Psychic Knife like she was ready to pounce,”Logan chided in.

“The truth is we just don’t know what is going on,” Kurt added.

“I just can’t picture’im doing sumthin’ like this without bein’ influenced by someone.” Rogue stated with ever so much hope.


There eyes lit up as they saw Warren Worthington barge into the war room in full uniform and to everyone’s amazement he was again laced with Metallic Wings.

“Warren, what is this revelation of your old wings?” Storm said speaking for the first time among tears for her fallen teammate.

“You all forget I was created by Apocalypse in a way, I shared a connection with him. I know what happened to Scott.”

“Well, quit stallin’ sugah and spill your guts,” Rogue anxiously yelled.


“What??????” they said in unison.

“Nothing. Scott has always had these tendencies he just never had the power or the confidence in himself to carry them out. That all changed when he killed Apocalypse.”


“That’s right Scott killed Apocalypse and used us as a sham to make his ascension to high lord seem like it was induced by the incident and we would go easy on him. Scott has now inherited the power of each member of the Twelve, he has reached the state Apocalypse only dreamed of. Scott wants nothing in his way to cloud his judgement which is why Jean lays dead. The rapport the share is now dead using his powers he single handedly killed the Shadow King therefore resurfacing the love Betsy shared for him in the past. For this he will die. And he will soon for if we don’t stop Scott before he grasps his powers Ol’ Fearless will have nothing to fear and THE WORLD WILL BE HIS”

To be Continued…


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The Purest of Pain
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