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Nadja Lee

Praise the Goddess
part three in the "Everything Changes" series 

English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.
Disclaimer: "X-men" and all the characters here belong to Marvel , 20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.
Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without permission of the author.
Timeline: Set a little after the movie
Universe: Set in the movie universe. Only the movie NOT the book that goes with it!
Romance: Scott/Jean, Scott/Storm, Jean/ Logan, Angel/ Psylocke
Summary:  Storm finds Scott and helps him cope
Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.
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Rating: PG
Thanks to Cristina for the Beta. You're the best.
*mmmm * is telepathically thoughts spoken in the mind. " mmmmm "  is spoken out loud.

Part 1:
It had been two months since Scott had left Los Angeles with Remy. Since then he had tried countless doctors and used almost all his money in search of someone who could help Remy but to no use. He just won't wake up. Scott had heard rumors of a psychic woman in Manhattan with the power of healing who had healed the rich playboy Warren III. It was probably nothing but by now Scott was desperate enough to try anything. Even if it meant going back to what he had left behind. He had found an ok hotel some 100 miles outside Manhattan where he had stopped with Remy. Now with Remy safely in his room upstairs he sat in the bar. He was still amazed that Remy`s body did not die but it didn't. It was as if he only slept. If only he would wake up. Gods, it was all his fault. As always when he had just a few minutes to himself the awful moment where he had wounded Remy came back to him and he relived one of the worst moments in his life; the moment where he knew that he may had permanently left comatose a young man who was as a brother to him. First now did he fully understand the agony that Rogue had to live with, always afraid of even the slightest touch of fear she would permanently cripple someone who came too close. Well, it seemed Rogue was not the only one with powers which always ended up hurting the once they cared for.                                                   
" What shall it be, handsome?" The young female bartender asked him with a wink.    
 " Bourbon, strait" Scott answered. Once, it seemed a lifetime ago he had rarely touched alcohol, now it was all that helped him through the night to live yet another lifeless day. As the days ran past he needed more and more alcohol to silence the ever-present voice that kept whispering It is your fault. You did this to him. After five glasses it was beginning to quite down, after ten he was getting there and long into the night he felt neither remorse nor much of anything else. He was feeling sleepy and his eyes were in his drink when a shadow fell over him and a faintly familiar voice said
" Scott! Scott. It is you!"

Part 2:      
Scott slowly turned his head and looked down and up at the owner of the voice. Long nice brown legs, a white T-shirt and white hair: Storm.
" Stoooorm," Scott said drunkenly and tried to reach out to her but almost fell down from the chair, which he found very funny.
" Scott. What in the name of all the Gods of the Earth have you been doing to yourself?" She asked dismayed and looked at his crumpled clothes and hair and the several weeks old stubble of beard on his cheeks. He looked several years older than last she had seen him even though it had only been little over 10 months.                         
" Why, Bright Lady, I have been working and then I killed my best friend," he said drunkenly and smiled stupidly at her. Then pain returned to his eyes and he took a big swallow of his drink before he fell down on the floor.
" Oh, Scott," Storm said softly and tried to pull him up.                                                    
" Here, let me help you," the bartender said and together they got Scott to his room and on the bed. " If I were you I would take better care of my man," the other woman said and disappeared.                                                                                                                
 " He is not my man," Storm whispered into the silence and she almost felt her own words mocking her.

Part 3:  
" Ugh, my head," Scott moaned and took his hands to his thumping head.                      
 " Here." Storm handed him two pills and a glass of water.
" Thanks," he said and swallowed the pills. Then he looked more closely at Storm.      
  " What are you doing here?" He asked her and carefully sat up in bed. He still wore the same clothes as the day before and tiptoeing he went into the bathroom. Storm stayed out of sight on the other side of the door.
" I wanted to find you."
" And now you have so you can leave again," Scott said harshly.
" Very well. If that's what you want." Scott could hear the hurt in her voice and quickly grabbed her by the arm before she got out.
" No, wait. I ..I didn't mean it like that. It is just.." He ran a hand through his hair.
" It has been some hard months," he said softly. Storm lay a comforting hand on his cheek.
" I know" Scott opened his eyes wide beneath the glasses and looked shocked at her.
 " How did you know?"
" The professor was worried for you. He just picked up some confused and hurt feelings and he guided me here," Storm explained. She lowed her eyes, a little shy because she feared he would see her coming as intruding in his privacy and her cheeks redden. Scott was only wearing a small white towel around his waist and nothing else. " Uhm, I will let you get dressed," she said, blushing. Scott smiled faintly at her. She was a very beautiful woman and blushing became her.

Part 4:
" ..so we came here," Scott ended his tell of his life these past months. He and Storm sat on Remy´s bedside and Storm stroked the boy in a calming manner over the forehead.
" It wasn't your fault, Scott. You tried to save him. You had no other choice," Storm said gently, her eyes catching his.
" I know," he answered softly but she could see that months alone with his thoughts and guilt had convinced him otherwise. " Thanks, Ororo"
" Your welcome, my friend. You know that." Storm looked at Remy again. " Come, let's get him to that doctor you have heard of."

Part 5:
" Look, I don't know what you are talking about and I don't even know who let you in," Warren said from behind his deck where he sat and looked at Scott and Storm. Warren was a nice looking young man with blond hair and blue eyes, which at the moment was staring with irritation at his two uninvited visitors.
" But I have heard of this psychic woman who saved you," Scott insisted
" You have read too many magazines. Mutants are not real. Now remove yourselves from this office"
" Now look here, Buster. I didn't drive half way across the country for." Scott began angrily but a gesture from Storm stopped him.
" We have a very sick child with us. Please help us," she said and Scott could see Warren battling against himself and a part of him understood. To admit to being a mutant was dangerous in this time and age.
" I am sorry. Truly I am but I can't help you," Warren said sadly.
" You may not have to tell Ororo where this woman is but you WILL tell Storm, Mistress of the Elements," Storm said and with a thought a great wind appeared inside Warren's office.
" What the." Warren began as the wind made paper and pictures fall to the ground. The wind began to tear at his clothes and before Storm and Scott's eyes they saw wings unfold from behind the man's back. Just like an Angel.
" What is going on here?" A woman's voice said and Ororo`s wind settled down.           " Angel, are you ok?" She asked concerned and ran to him, taking up a protective position in front of Warren. " Who are you? What do you want?" The beautiful woman,  Chinese with an English accent, demanded of them.
" We mean you no harm. We came looking for the psychic woman with healing powers who is rumored to have saved your.. friend here" Scott nodded towards Angel who she still stood protectively in front of.
" You have found her. I am Betsy, called Psylocke. Now what do you want of me and my husband?"

Part 6:       
" I can't promise this will work," Psylocke warned as she looked down at Remy who lay on Warren's deck which had been cleared for the purpose.
" You are my last hope," Scott said desperately.
" Gee, thanks.  Just what I needed to hear. It did my nerves a world of good," she complained. Angel came to her and took her hand in his and gave it a comforting squeeze. " Here goes..," Psylocke said softly and lay her left hand on Remy`s forehead while still holding on to Angel's with her right one.  For a moment is seemed as if nothing happened.  Then Scott felt and saw the power in Psylocke going through her and into Remy. With a small cry the power left her and she fell unconscious to the floor.
" Betsy," Angel cried and gathered her safely in his arms.
" Is she ok?" Scott asked.
" She will be. She is just exhausted," Angel answered softly and looked at his wife with love in his eyes. A moan made Scott look towards Remy. He was moving. He was coming around. Remy blinked and sat up.
" Scott? Est-ce que c'est vous?1" he asked disorientated, still groggy and looked at him.
" Yes. You're alive!" Scott said happily and gathered him in his arms.
" Hey, I need to breathe," Remy complained with a smile.
" Sorry," Scott said sheepishly.
" `S ok"
" Remy, your hand. It's glowing," Storm said shocked.
" Hum?" Remy said and looked down at his hand with which he held onto the desk. " Oh, no." Remy quickly jumped down from the table.
" Down, everyone," Scott yelled and pulled Remy and Storm behind a big chair where he laid himself protectively over them. Soon a blow sounded and when Scott looked at the table again there was nothing but firewood left of it.
" Did I forget to mention that I'm a mutant, Mes amis2?" Remy asked Scott sheepishly.

Part 7:   
" Thanks for all your help. If there is anything at all I can do." Scott said as he, Storm and Remy bid Angel and Psylocke farewell the next day much to Remy`s dismay as they had been staying as guests in Angel's rich home.
" I know," Psylocke cut him off. With a last grateful look on the happy couple Scott got into the car where Remy and Storm already waited for him and drove away.
" I have a feeling we are going to see a lot more to those two," Ororo said as she waved at them.
" I hope so," Scott answered " They are." He stopped himself.
" Good for the cause? I thought you said you have lost your faith. Don't tell me you are getting it back?" Scott half smiled at her.
" Not just yet but I'm getting there." Storm looked sympathetically at him.
" I know it will be hard for you to see Jean and Logan again but it had to happen sooner or later. You can't run forever." She looked at Remy who had fallen asleep on the back seat. " Besides, Remy needs guidance with his mutant powers and the best place to do that is with Xavier." Scott nodded. That was true but still.. How could he face Jean again? How could he face any of them after the way he had just taken off? He should have stayed, he knew that now. " You needed your space. Now is the time to go back and bury your ghosts." Scott smiled nervously at her. " I will be with you all the way. You can do it. I know you can as long as you keep remembering that you aren't just the leader of the X-men but also a man," Storm said softly and lay her hand over his. Now his smile was real for the first time in many months.
" I don't know what the future will bring but we will face it together," he stated determined and with his eyes he gathered Remy in his statement.
" That we will. That we will," Storm said softly. They were going home. Finally, the future seemed bright. For a Cajun, a Goddess and a Leader there just may be a hope for a future. Together.

End part 3.  
Next part of this series is "A New Beginning"

Translations to Remy´s French:
1 French for " Is that you?"


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