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Nadja Lee

A New Beginning
part four in the "Everything Changes" series 

English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.
Disclaimer: "X-men" and all the characters here belong to Marvel , 20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.
Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without permission of the author.
Timeline: Set a little after the movie
Universe: Set in the movie universe. Only the movie NOT the book that goes with it!
Romance: Scott/ Storm, Jean/ Logan, Rogue/Gambit ect.
Summary:  Storm and Scott finally finds love-together
Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.
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Rating: PG
Thanks to Cristina for the Beta. You're the best
*mmmm * is telepathically thoughts spoken in the mind. " mmmmm "  is spoken out loud.

Part 1:
Scott had feared coming back to the X-mansion but he should have known better. The professor had acted as if he had just been gone for a few hours and the children had been overjoyed to see him even though their enthusiasm stilled somewhat when Bobby pointed out that now that Scott was back the school had once again an arithmetic teacher. Scott's return had gone even more smoothly because neither Jean nor Logan were at the mansion at this time. They were in Japan taking care of some business of Logan´s. But sooner or later they would be back and even if he didn't owe Jean an apology he did owe Logan one. He knew Logan well enough to know that he wouldn't go anywhere he wasn't invited and a part of him understood Logan even though he still felt he had acted wrongly. Logan was a man of basic wishes and needs who almost always let his feelings control his actions. Logan wanted Jean and didn't like Scott. Jean had offered and he had received and for Logan that was all there was to it.
" Mr. Summers, would you explain this again?" John asked Scott and got his thoughts back to the present. He had been back for two months now and things had slowly settled down. Scott had gone back to teaching classes and leading the X-men , Remy had joined the school and developed quite an eye for the young Rogue but as with all boys she kept him at arm's length. Ring, ring.  The bell ran to say that the class was over.
" Ok, class dismissed," he looked at John " I can explain it to you again in this break," Scott offered. John looked at his friends going to break
" Nah, that's ok," he said and ran out.
" Ohhh, come on, Petite. Just you and ah and the moonlight. Fleur romane de volonté, mon amour.1 "Remy tried to smooth talk Rogue with a soft gleam in his eyes.
" Ah said no," Rogue said firmly but a small smile curved her lips.
"  Uh, Cherč. You are breaking my heart," Remy said and put his right hand over his heart in a suffering gesture. Rogue half smiled at him as she hurried after Kitty and Jubilee. 
" How's it going?" Scott asked Remy with a smile he tried very hard to hide.
" Just great, Mon Ami, just great," Remy said darkly and hurried past him. Scott couldn't hide his laughter anymore and laughed out loud. Remy had tried to seduce every girl in the school when they had arrived two months earlier. Jubilee had sent him away with fire running after him, compliments of her mutant hands. Kitty had gently but firmly declined his invitation for dinner but when Remy had stolen a kiss from her he had gotten in trouble with Kitty's long time boyfriend, the strong but normally silent Peter. It had taken some explaining and quite some diplomacy on Scott's part to get Remy out of that one. But then he had seen Rogue and the poor boy had fallen head over heels in love with her. Or so he said. Rogue still rejected all his attempts at a closer relationship much to Remy`s dismay but so far only his pride had been damaged.
" What's so funny?" Storm's kind voice cut through his thoughts.

Part 2: 
" Oh, hey Ororo. It was just Remy and his continued pursuit of Rogue." Scott smiled at her. " I am actually beginning to feel sorry for him"
" Don't. If it is love it will last," Storm said lightly but something in her voice made Scott look intensely at her. Since Storm had found him and Remy a few months ago, they had become closer and Storm had helped him cope with both the loss of Jean and his guilt over Remy`s illness. Scott had always counted Storm as a friend but when he was with Jean he had often forgotten all but her and now he regretted that. Ororo was one of a kind and he found that he enjoyed her company enormously. She was a good friend that he cared deeply for. " Oh well. I better go. I have history to teach" Storm said quickly as Scott's warm but investigating glance made her fell self conscious. She quickly existed the room.
" Damn, damn," Storm mumbled as she went down the corridor. So wrapped up was she in her own thoughts that she didn't see Psylocke going in the opposite direction.
" Why don't you just tell him?" Psylocke asked and Storm stopped.
" Oh, I didn't see you. What are you doing here?" Storm asked the other woman, feeling embarrassed for being caught like that.
" Warren wants to give some money to the school," she said and as she saw Storm's look of protest she added with a smile; " Don't worry. He has enough of them" Psylocke looked Storm up and down. " Why haven't you told him how you feel?" She asked her interested.
" Because I.What do you mean?" Storm asked, faking innocence.
" You know what I mean. You love Scott." Storm looked sharply at her.
" How did you know?" Psylocke smiled gently at Storm.
" My friend, you are broadcasting those emotions as clearly as if you held up a sign"
" Oh"
" So what are you waiting for? Go for it!" Psylocke said impatiently.
" Maybe he doesn't feel the same. And besides I..I got to go," Storm said and practically ran down the corridor. Psylocke looked after her and an idea came to her.

Part 3:
" Are you sure this is a good idea?" Kitty asked her conspirators.
" Sure, che." Remy cast a quick glance at Peter " Hum, sure. After all Psylocke arranged the reservation and all. All we got to do is get them there." He looked over Kitty's shoulder at the letter she was writing.
" Now, this is for Storm and this is for Cyclops," Kitty said and gave Jubilee the letter they had made for Storm and Remy the letter they had made for Cyclops. " Go, go," she said and waved at them.
" Storm, there is a letter for you," Jubilee said, coming into her office with all the mail and their letter on top.
" Oh, just put it on the deck," Storm said and continued to water her exotic plants.
" I think it is important," Jubilee pressed and waved the letter in front of Storm so she could see it. Storm sighed.
" Ok," She said and took the letter. She did not see that Jubilee was smiling like a small sun when she quietly exited the room. Storm opened the letter and read:
" Dear Ororo,
It is important that I speak with you.
Please meet me at this address 1830"    
There was an address for a fine restaurant and the letter was signed Cyclops. How strange She thought. It must be something very important X-men business, she decided.
" Scott, there is a letter for you," Remy said as he entered Scott's office without knocking.
" How many times have I told you to knock?" Scott said, his eyes still on his papers.
 " Ah don't remember," Remy tossed the letter on Scott's desk in front of him. Scott opened the letter and read
"Dear Scott,
It is imperious that I speak with you 
Please meet me at this address 1830"    
There was an address for a fine restaurant and the letter was signed Storm. How strange He thought. It must be something very important X-men business, he decided.

Part 4:
" You can't wear that," Jubilee said as she, Kitty and Rogue came into Storm's bedroom.
 " Why not?" Storm asked. It was just a pair of pants and a T-shirt. Good question, Kitty thought, After all she thought she was going to an "x- business" meeting and not a date. " It's a fine restaurant. You need to blend in," Rogue said and the other girls nodded eagerly.
" Well, if you think so.," Storm said uncertainly.
" Oh, we do," Kitty said. " Rogue, see what's in her closet"
"Hey, now that's .," Storm began
" Look at this," Rogue said and brought forth a beautiful fine white silk dress that would surely do Storm's figure every right.
" Wow," Jubilee said stunned.
" I bought it long ago," Storm said defiantly but the truth was she had brought it in hopes of Scott would finally notice her if she wore it. But as time had past she had had to admit that the only woman Scott had had eyes for had been Jean and she had gotten to a point were she had doubted he would do more than tell her not to catch a cold in a fatherly voice if she was to walk around naked. Scott's break-up with Jean had changed all that. Maybe, just maybe the dress had some magic after all. " Ok, I will wear it," Storm said as if it was a big sacrifice she was making while in fact she was happy inside. Some 15 minutes later she flew towards her destiny and if anyone saw her they would think they had seen a Goddess for her beauty and grace was unmatched in the world.

Part 5:
" Now, this is all wrong,"
" You can't wear that," Remy, Bobby and John said when they went past Scott's room and saw what he wanted to leave in.
" Why not?" Scott asked and looked at himself. He had blue cowboy pants and a white T-shirt on.
" Honestly, you should know better," Remy said in a good imitation of Scott's lecture voice. " You are going to a fine restaurant. You need  to blend in,"
" Lets see what we have here," Bobby said and opened Scott's closet.
" Hey," Scott protested.
" Yes, this will do nicely," Bobby said and took forth a tuxedo from within the darkness of Scott's closet.
" Yes, wear that," Remy said eagerly. Scott looked at the garment. It had been very expensive he remembered. He had brought it in hopes of it being his wedding clothes but that was not to be.
" Very well," Scott said as if he was about to make a big sacrifice but in fact inside he was happy. Happy that he should meet Storm and somewhere hidden deep inside him he was happy that she would be the first to see him in this clothes that hopefully brought some magic. Some 15 minutes later he drove towards his destiny and if anyone saw him they would think they had seen a Cyclops for his courage and strength was unmatched in the world.
Part 6:
There he is. Always on time, Storm thought when she located him at the table. Wow, he is so handsome and her heart made a quick dance in her chest. There she is, Scott thought when he saw Storm coming towards their table. She seemed to almost flow a little over the floor. Wow, she is breathtaking and his heart began to pump wildly in his chest.
" Hey," Storm said and smiled at him as she seated herself across from him.
" Hey yourself," Scott said softly and smiled widely at her. Get a grip. She is here to talk business but his heart just wouldn't listen to his head. Concentrate, Wind Rider. He is here to talk business. Nothing else and nothing more Storm told herself but her heart just won't listen.
" So what was it you wanted to tell me?"
" What was so important?" They both started at once. Then they looked confused at each other.
" You mean you didn't ask me to meet you here?" Scott asked Storm. She shook her head.
" No, and you didn't ask me to meet you here?"
 " No"
" Oh" They both said at once.
" It was probably the kids. How else could they know where we were going?" Scott thought out loud.
" Probably. They were a bit too interested in my dress," Storm said and looked sadly at it. So much for magic.
 " Well, now that we ARE here we can just as well get the best out of it," Scott said and smiled at her.
" I agree," she said in her most regal voice but her smile was warm and real.
" So, you want to dance?" Scott asked her softly a few hours and some glasses of wine later.
" Yes, I would like that very much." Scott pulled out her chair for her and took her hand. At the touch they both felt as if they had gotten a small electric shock. Scott guided her to the dance floor and soon they were waltzing around to music as timeless as love itself.
" By the way I really love your dress," Scott whispered in her hair and Storm smiled happily and laid her head on his shoulder. As they continued to dance it felt as if their feet did not touch the floor and they were waltzing on air. Or a small cloud. This night was magical and for a moment in time they could fly, love and dance all at the same time without any words having to be spoken.
Part 7: Two months later:
" Have you seen Remy?" Rogue asked Scott. He turned to face her and Storm, who he held by the hand, did the same. It was Sunday and fine weather ( compliments of a happy Storm) so Ororo and Scott had taken a walk down by the lake at the edge of the X-property.
" He was at the baseball field near the house last we saw him," Scott answered.
" Thanks," she yelled after them and ran off. Scott smiled at her. It had taken time and a talk with Storm and himself but finally Rogue had seen that she did not have to be so isolated and she had opened up to Remy. After Kitty and Peter they were the most talked about couple among the students. And among the teachers.Scott looked down into Ororo`s loving eyes. That price they won. He bent down and kissed her gently on the lips. He pulled her down beside him and they seated themselves so they could look out over the lake and into the forest that surrounded the mansion from this side.
" Scott, I need to know something," Storm said softly and lifted her head from his shoulder.
" What, love?" He asked and fiddled with her hair. It looked so beautiful in the sunlight. Like silver or the very rays of the moon captured by a Goddess.
" Jean has been back for two weeks now. If you.If you still." Her voice broke and she looked away from him. Scott gently guided her head around to face him.
" Ororo, look at me," he asked softly. With tears in her eyes she meet his. " I won't lie to you. Jean will always mean a lot to me but you are the one I love," he said, his eyes pleading with her to understand the deep of his feelings.
" Please believe me,"
" I do," Ororo said and realised that she did indeed believe him. " Scott, I love you,"
" I know," he said softly with a gleam in his eyes. He had introduced Ororo to Star Wars a week before and it had quickly become one of her favourite movies.
" Uh," she said in mock anger and playfully hit him. He laughed out loud and Storm smiled. Only she could get this playful and relaxed side forth in Scott and for that she felt special.
" No, seriously, Scott. I love you and I want to live the rest of my life with you," she looked intensely at him. Say yes. Say yes
" Oh, Ororo. Is that what I think it is?" Scott asked her happily.
" I guess it is. Will you?" She asked him eagerly. Scott got up and knelt on one knee before her.
" I will be the world's happiest man if you will marry me?" Scott said and took out a jewellery box that he opened and inside there lay a simple silver ring with a pearl in it. When the light fell on it, it seemed as if there was a storm inside it. " Two minds think alike," Scott said with a smile when he saw her astonishment.
" I will love to marry you," Storm said and Scott placed the ring on her finger.
" It is beautiful," Ororo said softly as she looked at it.
" You are beautiful," Scott said gently and kissed her. This was the happiest day in his life and he felt very blessed to have found a second chance at love, at life. Above them the sun seemed to glow with warm and light as pure as love and bathed them in its light. In the light of love. Now and forever more.

End part 4
The next part in this series is "The Wedding"

Translations to Remy´s French:

1 French for " Romance will blossom, my love"


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