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Nadja Lee

The Wedding
part five in the "Everything Changes" series 

English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.
Disclaimer: "X-men" and all the characters here belong to Marvel , 20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.
Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without permission of the author.
Timeline: Set a little after the movie
Universe: Set in the movie universe. Only the movie NOT the book that goes with it!
Romance: Scott/ Storm, Jean/ Logan, Rogue/Gambit ect.
Summary:  Storm and Scott is getting married and in this mansion everything goes wrong.
Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.
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Rating: PG
Dedicated to: Jaguarita  because she asked for this. Hope you enjoy Storm in her white dress *G*
Thanks to Cristina as always for  the Beta.
*mmmm * is telepathically thoughts spoken in the mind. " mmmmm "  is spoken out loud.

Part 1:
" What do you think?" Storm asked as she emerged from the dressing room wearing a dress which would have made Queen Victoria happy, so reserved was it. Storm and Scott had decided on a summer wedding which would be held outside on the Mansion's property. There were now five days to the wedding and Storm was out hunting for the right wedding dress with Kitty, Jubilee, Marie, Betsy and Jean. She had had her doubts about whether or not to ask Jean with her but she trusted Scott when he said he was over her so she had decided to try and rebuilt their friendship.
" About what?" Jean asked absently, looking longingly at a long, satin wedding dress.
" About the pope's visit to Turkey next month," Betsy answered sarcastically and gave the other psychic woman a killer look. Betsy had disliked Jean from the moment she saw her and the feeling seemed mutual. Maybe it was because they were both psychic or maybe it was because they were so different.
" Very funny. Shouldn't you be off killing something?" Jean asked icily as she turned back to Storm and the others. Betsy had a dark past as a hired assassin and Jean never let her forget it nor forgave it. She couldn't believe that Betsy and her husband, Warren, was actually Storm and Scott's best friends. Well, there's no accounting for taste I guess, she thought darkly.
" I´ll love to kill you," Betsy said sweetly.
" Ah think it's pretty," Rogue declared. " Maybe more ma style than yours," she added softly. Since she had fallen in love with Remy, her curse weighted even heavier on her.
" I think it's romantic," Kitty said dreamily. When Peter and her married she wanted a dress like it. With the 10 m long veil. A real fairytale wedding. Now all she had to do was get him to pop the question.
" Too old fashioned," Jubilee said and shook her head.
" If you two could give it a rest, then maybe you'll tell me what you think?" Storm asked Jean and Betsy and interrupted their staring mach.
" It's terrible. You need something more.modern. More free," Betsy said honestly as she looked Storm up and down. " More white!" She added as she looked at distaste at the pink dress which made Storm look like one big candy floss. She regarded herself as a modern and independent woman but how in Hell would anyone ever want to get married in pink? Black, now that was a colour with possibilities.
" I think it's fine," Jean said and gave Betsy a annoyed stare. She really didn't care much for the dress but didn't want to agree with Betsy.
" What do YOU think?" Kitty asked Storm gently as she turned around in front of the mirror.
" I don't know.I don't think this is it. Something more." She couldn't really describe it. She wanted Scott to like the dress. To think she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Well, he already did that but then even more than before.
" More sexy," Betsy suggested with a smile.
" Betsy!" She laughed at Storm's shocked look. " That wasn't .." Storm stopped as she saw it. The dress she wanted. It was perfect.

Part 2: 
" Come on, One-Eye" Logan said and Scott growled at him. It was the evening before Scott and Storm's wedding and Storm had occupied one of the livingrooms with Kitty, Jubilee, Marie, Betsy and Jean saying they had "girl things" to discuss. The men had been forced to sit in the TV room.
" I´ll told you repeatedly to stop calling me that and NO I don't want a bachelor party," Scott said for the hundredth time.
" Too bad, Mon Ami, ´cause you are getting one," Gambit said with a smirk and the other men nodded. Scott looked shocked at them.
" Don't worry, it's nothing dangerous. We are under age, you know?" Bobby assured him.
" I appreciate it, Bobby but.." Scott began and smiled at him.
" No buts. Tonight we're all just a couple of guys having fun," Warren said sternly and Scott nodded.
" Ok. So, I guess you have a plan?" Scott asked and the others looked around.
" Well, not exactly..," John began.
" What the Hell do we need plans for anyway?" Logan growled.
"  How about we play cards?" Remy asked and started to mix some cards.
" Ok" They all agreed.
" What shall we play, comrade?" Peter asked softly as Remy handed out cards around the table.
" Poker, Mon amiss," he said with a smirk and Scott took a hand to his brow.
" You're only saying that because you know you'll win," Bobby complained, remembering that Remy had won all his allowances last week.
" Ah´m not," he protested but couldn't hide a smile.
" Let's just play," Logan growled. " Hey, Wing- Man. How about flying to the kitchen and getting us some beer?"
" My name is Warren or Angel, not Wing-Man," Warren complained but went to the kitchen anyway and came back with a lot of good stuff. Remy reached for a beer but Scott caught his hand.
" No beer for you. You're too young,"
" Ah, come on. Just this once?" John asked and grabbed a beer while Scott still held on to Remy`s hand.
" Let `em, " Logan grunted and Scott cast him a killer look. " Just this once," he added.
" Very well, but only one each," Scott gave in and the boys cheered and took a beer each.
" That of cause goes only for those between 16 and 18," Warren grinned and took a beer.
" How is that, comrade?" Peter asked curiously as he took a sip from his beer. " In my country we have no such rules,"
 " That's because you're communists, " Warren said simply, with the distaste in that kind of government that all hardworking, wealthy businessmen have. Warren believed in charity just as long as he decided how much to give. He'll never work his butt off so others could live a better life while his was just as all the rests. He just didn't have that feeling of solidarity.
" Because they can understand the important stuff in life," Logan said and drank from his beer.
" Which would be what, Logan? Beer, bars and women?" Scott asked amused. Logan just growled at him. 
" We all find pleasure in different things, comrade," Peter said softly and drew a new card from the stack in the middle of the table.
Much later Remy lay his cards on the table.
"I can't believe it. He won again," Bobby said irritated as Remy collected all his credits. Good thing they hadn't been playing with real money anymore, they had stopped a few hours ago as Remy had won all the money people had had on them,  because if they had even Warren would be on the verge of bankruptcy.
" I say he cheated," Logan growled.
"Are you calling me a liar?" Remy asked dangerously and the relaxed atmosphere disappeared as clouds on a warm day.
" Yeah, I am," Logan said harshly and stared at the young man.
" Relax. Both of you. It's just a game," Scott ordered and they both drew back.
" The great leader have spoken," Bobby said drunkenly, having gotten quite a few more beers that the one Scott had allowed. They all had.
" Damn right!" Scott said with a smirk and seated himself.
" You know, I always envied Scott that," John said, the beer making them all say things they normally wouldn't say. The others looked puzzled at him.
" Envied him what?" Remy asked as John didn't continue.
" That he had have that control, that power. He says the word and we all stop or start, whatever he says," John explained.
" That's because he's such a good leader and comrade,"  Peter declared.
" Bull, it's because someone has to lead and One-Eye is the only one who wants the responsibility," Logan voiced his own opinion.
" What do you care? You hate him," Bobby said.
" I don't hate him. We're just different," Logan grumbled.
" Like a balance to be kept. Logan is the muscles and Scott the brain. One can't exist without the other," Peter voiced his theory.
" Wow, that's the most I've ever heard Peter say all at once!" Scott declared.
" Then you haven't seen him with Kitty," Remy said dryly. 
" Let's make a toast," Bobby suggested.
" You always wants to make a toast,"  Warren said amused.
" So??" Bobby said drunkenly. " For Scott; the first and foremost X-man," They all drank.
" For Logan, may Jean tame the beast within so we can escape all that growling," Scott laughed and Logan growled playfully at him.
" Well, here's one for you then, One-Eye. May `Ro marry you before she finds out how great a guy I'm," Logan said with a smirk and Scott playfully hit him and the others laughed.

Part 3:
" Uh, that was so sad," Kitty cried and wiped her tears away with the back of her hand.
" Yeah, but wasn't Leo the greatest?" Jubilee asked dreamily
" Jubilee! Jack just died," Marie said shocked. They had watched "Titanic" which gave very different kinds of feedback, it seemed.
" What a waste. To throw the diamond necklace into the water like that," Betsy commended.
" You're been around Warren too long," Storm said with a smile. She had enjoyed the movie very much. Such weather! Magnificent. And what love! Incredible.
" Not long enough," Jean said harshly.
" So, what should we do now?" Kitty asked, trying to easy the tension between Jean and Betsy.
" How about a kind of " Truth or dare" to get to know each other better?" Jubilee asked wickedly.
" Ok" Nods followed all the way around.
" Who shall begin?" Marie asked.
" Storm, of cause" Jubilee answered. All looked at Ororo and she felt self-conscious.
" Oh..Hum, Kitty; who's the world's greatest man?"
"Peter, of cause," Kitty answered simply and named her long time boyfriend.
" Oh, please. It's Leo. Everyone knows that," Jubilee protested.
" Now it's Kitty's turn," Marie said before Jubilee started yet another speech about how great Leo was. No matter what Jubilee said, Rogue still refused to believe that he had been a FBI agent and saved the President's life.
" Rogue, what's the best thing about Remy?"
" That he loves me even though he'll never be able to touch me," Marie answered softly and tears came to her eyes. Storm gave her gloved hand a gentle squeeze. Rogue smiled at her and asked;
" Storm, when did you know you loved Mr. Summers? When you brought him back?" All looked interested at Ororo.
" Well, actually from the first moment I saw him but he was with Jean then and.well, if things hadn't turned out the way they did." They sat in silence for a while.
" When is it my turn?" Betsy asked to break the silence.
" You can ask now. I have already asked once," Storm answered.
" Jean,." she started in a sugared tone and smiled at her " How's Logan in bed?"

Part 4:
Scott stood out in the garden under the sunshade in his finest suit and waited with all the anxiety of any husband to be for Storm to arrive. Kurt, the school's German teacher and a very religious man, stood before him. Kurt could wed them in the Christian faith and Scott had asked him to. Scott thought of himself as a Christian man but not a very religious one. He didn't go to church all that often nor said grace but he believed in the Christian teachings of love, tolerance and freedom for all. Storm believed in spirits of nature and many different Gods and Goddesses but as there wasn't any priest from her religion nearby she would wed them herself in her religion after Kurt had wed them. They had both wanted to be wed according to their religion so they simply wed twice.
Scott wished Storm would hurry up. His head was killing him and it wasn't just from the rays of the sun which reached him. The earlier night's events had left him with a killer hangover. I'm so gonna kill Logan for this, Scott thought as he winced. He caught Logan´s eye and the other man winked at him. Damn that man and his healing factor, Scott thought darkly.
Suddenly the musicians began playing, probably from a mental saying from either Jean or Betsy. Of cause, if it had been Betsy it would have been a order.
* Okay, Lover Boy, here she comes* Betsy spoke in his mind and he winced again. With his hangover her mental voice sounded like a big bell inside his head. However he forgot everything but Ororo when he saw her. She didn't come from the door which lead to the mansion but flew down from the balcony as gracefully as ever. She was breathtaking. She was wearing a long white dress in what looked like silk or satin with bare shoulders. Around her waist and her neck were tightened white silk veils which fluttered for the wind. On her feet were small, white, flat, silk shoes and in her long white hair was a small half moon shaped tiara with diamonds, probably borrowed or given to her by Betsy as he would never be able to afford such a beautiful but expensive jewellery but Warren could. In her hands were the most beautiful and exotic bouquet of flowers. Storm landed gracefully at the beginning of the red carpet and started walking towards Scott. Behind her walked Marie and the other bridesmaids. Storm had had trouble choosing her maid of honour as she knew that if Jean got the job Betsy would be furious and visa versa. So, she had asked Marie who had joyously accepted.
Storm came to a halt besides Scott and lay her bouquet on a chair nearby. She turned back to him and smiled and Scott was completely lost in her eyes. Kurt began the ceremony.
" Repeat after me; " I, Scott, take you, Ororo, as my lawful wedded wife. To honour, cherish and love in sickness and health till death do us part,"" Kurt said and Scott repeated his words, giving them his sincerity and belief. Kurt turned to Ororo. " Repeat after me; " I, Ororo, take you, Scott, to be my lawful wedded husband. To honour, love and obey in sickness and health till death do us part"" Kurt had had countless discussions with the women, especially Betsy, about the "obey" part and whether or not it should be included in the ceremony until they had decided to just keep it in as they knew Ororo wasn't Christian anyway and Scott would never order her to do anything, least of all something she didn't want to do.
" The rings." Kurt asked and Scott looked at Remy.
" Two rings, right here, Mon Ami," he said with a grin and handed the two gold rings over.
" Repeat after me; "I, Scott, take you, Ororo, to be my lawful wedded wife in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit."" On the last word, Scott slipped the ring onto Ororo´s ring finger.
"Repeat after me; I, Ororo, take you, Scott, to be my lawful wedded husband in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit."" Storm gently slipped the ring onto Scott's finger.
" By the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride," Kurt said with a smile and as Scott drew Ororo into his embrace and their lips met in a passionly and loving kiss, the others cheered. As they drew apart, Kurt had returned to his seat and Scott held on to Ororo´s hands with both of his.
" We ask the forces which created the earth, moon and the stars  .." Scott began , having learned the wedding line being spoken by Ororo´s people.
" ..to bless this union. To make us one with all living things. To bless this love we fell in our hearts. Let us feel Your nearness. Parted but never apart. Alone but never abandoned," Ororo spoke softly. Marie threw some rose petals over the couple as she had been told.
" Make us one. Inseparable. Always," Scott repeated huskily and drew her into a kiss, sealing their union and once again the others cheered. Scott and Ororo drew reluctantly apart and started walking hand in hand, down the red carpet between the chairs where their friends sat.

Ororo and Scott ran hand in hand down the stairs of the mansion and tried to avoid too many of the rice their friends were throwing after them. Storm turned around and threw the bouquet and Rogue caught it and smiled.
" Is that a hint, cherč?" Remy asked her lovingly and drew her into a embrace, her clothes preventing her from killing him.   
Ororo and Scott reached the carriage which would take them to the airport and from there they'll fly to Hawaii for their honeymoon for three weeks.
" Farewell, my friends, and thanks for everything," Ororo yelled and waved at them as they sat in the carriage.
" Yes, thanks.And don't kill each other while we're away," Scott said with a grin and the others laughed and looked at Jean and Betsy who for once seemed to agree on something; that was so NOT funny. Just because Jean's piece of cake had "accidentally" fallen into her lap and ruined her fine dress didn't mean that Betsy had had anything to do with it. But of cause Jean had thought so and Betsy had " accidentally" lost her cake all over her dress. Suddenly cakes had started to float and the students had looked forward to a food fight but Xavier had stopped it before everything ended in chaos and told Jean and Betsy to behave to all's amusement. Well, almost all. Jean and Betsy had looked angrier than Logan on a bad day. But that still didn't prove anything. They had NOT started it. Absolutely not. It was a conspiracy, that's what it was.
" God speed, meine freunde," Kurt wished them and they were on their way.
" So, was it everything you ever hoped it would be?" Scott asked Ororo as she nestled against him on their way to the airport. She raised her head from his shoulder and smiled at him.
" Much more. Much more, love," she answered softly and kissed him. When the coachman said they had reached the airport, they didn't heard it.

The End
Hoped you enjoyed! "Was it everything you ever hoped it would be?" *G*

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