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Second Chances
Part 10

Disclaimer: X-Men are the property of marvel comics. No money is being made
off of this so donít sue.

Cannon: This is my own personal take on what will happen when Scott and Jean break up. 
However, everyone knows that this will not be what will happen. I think it would be kind of cool if it did though.

Rating: PG-13 for language, violence and a little case of fluff.

Archive: If you think it is good enough sure go ahead. Tell me where it is though.

Rosho took an early advantage. Since Cyclops attacked out of pure rage, there was little strategy to his assault if any. Giving him a punch to the stomach and breaking another two ribs, Cyclops dropped to the ground almost screaming in pain but fighting it back. Rosho laughed at his opponent; "You should know not to attack out of anger Cyclops. Doing so vill only get you killed."

"Iím not really in a dying mood today. So if you donít mind, Iíd like to kick your ass quick and get back home for a good nights sleep."

"You amuse me Cyclops. I tink dat in another life ve could haf been comrades."

With all the energy and strength he could muster, Cyclops lunged up at Rosho again. He managed to catch the big man off guard and give him three solid punches to the chest. All three did nothing to the big Russian. Rosho gave him one punch, breaking another rib and sending Cyclops to the ground.

Jean only now recovering from her shock of seeing Rosho in the jet hit him with a telepathic assault. Cyclops looked up at her and wondered how long she had been off of missions and out of the danger room for her reflexes to be so incredibly slow. He shrugged it off not thinking about it and tried to force himself to his feet. His ribs that up until now had only protested now refused to acknowledge his brains commands.

The doors to the cockpit opened and then Cyclops heard for the second time that night the familiar SNIKT. Forcing himself to look up, Cyclops saw the small man walk into the cargo room of the Blackbird. Rosho spotted him as well but said nothing; he merely waited for the Canadian to say something which he did, "Hey tough guy. I was waiting for round two."

Wolverine charged. While Logan was being tossed around the cargo bay like a rag doll, Jean was once again moving to Scott. He was trying to get to his feet, but his injuries wouldnít allow him. Jean wanted to do something anything to ease the pain he must have been feeling. When she reached him, Cyclops tried to push her away but she wouldnít let him. She would help him if he wanted it or not, "Scott please, let Logan deal with whoever that is. Just worry about yourself right now."

"I wonít let Logan fight my battles," he replied through gritted teeth as he attempted to get up again.

Jean sent a mental message to Hank telling him to come to them on the double. She then reached out to Scott again, and again he tried to push her away. The effort of moving was having its toll on him though and this time he didnít have the strength in his muscles to shove her off. Jean did as best she could with his rib cage, but it was becoming increasingly more apparent that he needed immediate medical attention. Blood was starting to come out of his mouth when he breathed. She didnít have to be a doctor to know he had internal bleeding.

Hank and Warren walked into the back of the ship and tried to avoid wherever Wolverines body happened to be falling at the time in their effort to make it to Scott and Jean. Hank told both Jean and Warren to go help Logan and that he would take care of Scott. Angel got to his feet to go but Jean shook her head and gave him the one look that told everyone she was not to be messed with on this matter.

"You are quite de annoying little man are you not?" Rosho said after about the fifty something time of tossing Logan across the room, "Unfortunately I do not haf time for you odervise it could prove humorous,"

"Iím just getting warmed up," Wolverine responded getting to his feet again.

"Perhaps another time right now I haf a job to do," the big man said already turning away from Logan and once again heading in Cyclopsís direction.

Wolverine growled at him and launched himself at Rosho again. As it had been so many times before due to the big manís unearthly like reach; he swatted Logan away before the little runt even made it to him.

Quickly rebounding off the wall, the small Canadian charged Rosho again. This time, he stade to the ground and dodged his way into a position where he could hit the monster of a man. Throwing a couple of punches and then moving out of the way of oncoming punches again Logan got a good number of shots away to a man that was almost literally twice his size.

Eventually, Rosho just got tired of the little pest and picked him up by his neck. Then he did something that no other person had ever been able to do; he completely unloaded on Logan. Never ending punch after punch was thrown all over his body, and soon Wolverines healing factor wasnít able to keep up with the damage being done to him.

After taking so much punishment, Logan passed out. Even then the big man didnít stop. Releasing all his strength, Rosho continued to hit Wolverine for all he was worth. The shots were deafening, and everyone else in the room had to cover their ears. Even Rouge who was in the cockpit flying the plain could hear the impact of the blows.

The pounding only stopped when Angel jumped in and attempted to hold back the big Russian. Angel flew in and gave quick shots to Roshoís head while he was still occupied with giving an unconscious Wolverine a beating. Catching him off guard, Warren then went for the kill with a flying tackle and hitting the big man out of the hole in the middle of the room. He watched as the Russian plummeted to the ground and saw the impact crater he made when he hit the ground. Warren then turned his attention to Wolverine and carried him to the sickbay in the Blackbird as fast as he could.

Hank and Jean attempted to do the same for Cyclops, however he had other plans. As Beast lifted him off the ground, Cyclops shifted his weight and fell to the ground. He then started rolling towards the hole that Rosho had just fallen out of. Once there he swiftly removed yet another line from his coat and looped it around one of the more stable metallic pieces that was under the plain when he fell through the opening.

Still ignoring the pain and Jeanís protests, he gripped the line and controlled his fall to the ground thirty feet below. Once on the grass field that was positioned on the vast lands that Xavier owned he began rolling trying to reduce the pain as little as possible. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Rosho launch himself up at the jet again. He obviously didnít see Cyclops drop out of the Blackbird. There was a faint hint of satisfaction in Cyclopsís face that one who didnít know him would have never been able to tell was there. He had escaped the X-Men and Rosho it would be a while before they were even capable of looking for him again.

Shedding his trench coat, Cyclops removed what remained of the kevlar from his shirt and pants taking his time to avoid as much discomfort as possible. There was little point in aggravating his injuries beyond what he had to. Then he took off his visor and replaced it with his ruby quarts shades that he kept in one of the many compartments in his trench coat. He also retrieved his cell phone and called Jack. He would need medical attention as soon as he could get it, and there was little point putting it off any longer.

"So let me get this straight Scott. You went to a bar, some big guy picked a fight with you over his bill which had nothing to do with you and somehow you got away, walked all the way to Westchester only then remembered to call me and then passed out on some rich guyís lawn." Jack Blackman sounded skeptical at best but at least he hadnít seen the late night news.

"Thatís right," Scottís voice was parched and it sounded like he had to force the words out.

"Well," Jack started, "You got the bruises to prove it. I just wish you didnít wake me up in the middle of the night. The woman I was with didnít really like her sleep being interrupted."

"What was the womanís name Jack?" Scott asked.

Jack pondered the question for a bit before ticking off his fingers as he went through the names, "Mandy, Sandy, Brandy, I donít know some name that ended with a y."

Scott shook his head slowly biting back a laugh, "I donít know how you do it Jack but sometimes I think that you are a mutant and your power is to forget every womanís name that exists on this planet."

"I could be Scott. I could be," Jack replied considering Scottís statement.

The doctor that treated Scott walked into the room at that point holding a file in his hands. Judging from the look on his face, Scott surmised that the prognosis wasnít good.

"So, whatís wrong doctor?" Scott asked.

"Well to put it plainly, you wonít be going anywhere for a while Mr. Summers. You have six broken ribs, and a punctured lung. Weíve bandaged the ribs, and done our best to repair the lung. Although, you will need to stay off your feet for a while and let the wounds heal. The bruises that you received tend to support your story, however I still find it very hard to believe. Especially with that punctured lung. But it isnít my place to question how it happened, only to fix the damage. And I believe that with further care you will recover quite nicely."

Jack slapped Scottís hospital bed and exclaimed, "So we got us a good report. Tell me doc, how long until he can get up and leave?"

The doctor sighed, "Well, if everything goes well he should be out of here in a week."

"Today," Scott spoke from his where he was lying on the hospital bed.

Both the doctor and Jack looked at him with a mixture of concern and shock in their faces, "Iím afraid that wonít be possible Mr. Summers. You require further care, and to leave now could have disastrous consequences."

"The doc says stay Scotty, I think you should do what he tells you to," Jack voiced his opinion.

"Iím leaving today," Scott repeated.

The doctor shook his head, "I wonít authorize it Mr. Summers youíre staying here, and thatís final."

Scott fixed the man with a glare and repeated for the final time, "Iím leaving this hospital today."

Jack jumped in again, "Are you sure that is wise Scott I mean the doc does say to stay here."

"Itíll be fine Jack. Besides, Iíll be staying at your place where you can hire a personal nurse to look after me."

Jack looked off in another direction. His voice was dripping with sarcasm, "Well, Iím glad that you told me of this plan before you moved in."

"That would be acceptable wouldnít it doctor? If I hired a full time nurse until I recovered?" Scott asked.

"I guess if I have certain guarantees that you will do nothing to jeopardize your recovery, and that this nurse be approved by the hospital."

"Done. So doctor when can I leave?"

"As soon as I get the paperwork done, and find the right nurse." The doctor sounded defeated.

"When might that be?" Jack inquired.

"Itíll take a few hours. Now if youíll excuse me gentlemen, I have other patients to attend to." With that, the doctor left the two alone.

"Are you sure that this is a good idea Scott?" Jack asked once the doctor was out of earshot.

"I donít like hospitals Jack. Too many sick people."

The billionaire looked up to the ceiling and sighed, "Well, everyone has his or her different reasons," Jack turned to leave, "Now if youíll excuse me I have to get ready for my date tonight."

Scott who had started to drift off suddenly perked right up. An action which his ribs protested against, "This is a different woman than the one you spent the night with isnít it?"

"Yep," Jack called almost out of the room.

"Whatís her name?"

"How the hell am I supposed to know?" Jack returned his shout. This time, Scott couldnít hold back his laughter. And that did little to reassure the doctor of his worries when Scott started to cough up blood because of it.

The battle with Rosho ended in a relatively short order. Once he had jumped back into the Blackbird, Jean just hit him with another telepathic assault and that left him down and out for a while. When he did wake up, he was in the middle of Harlem with no memory of what happened. That was only temporary though, in a few hours he would have remembered what occurred.

That wasnít what was on Jeanís mind though, her thoughts revolved around finding out where Scott was. She had managed to do it rather quickly. Psylocke had been assigned to mansion security for the night and she informed Jean that a large vehicle came onto the mansion grounds. However, somehow the automobile managed to avoid the mansion defenses and remove something from the grounds without the sensors picking it up until it was too late. How it pulled this off was still in question.

It didnít take much effort to find out what they took, once he had recovered, Wolverine scouted the area and informed the team that he picked up Scottís scent but it went cold where the vehicle was reported. The next few hours were spent wondering who had taken Scott and how they could have done it without being noticed.

Part of those answers came when Hank informed them after he had been updated on the current patients that were being taken care of at a local hospital. Beast liked to stay informed of all mutant patients that entered emergency so that he could be on call in case of an emergency. Once he found out that Scott was one of those patients, he immediately told Jean and she was on her way to the hospital.

Jean wasted no time in getting to the hospital. She was doing eighty in a thirty-five zone; Hank was amazed that she didnít get a ticket. When they got to the hospital Jean waltzed in there like she owned the place. She walked right up to the receptionistís desk and demanded, "Scott Summersís room?"

The young woman sitting behind the desk looked at her for a second before typing up his name on her computer. When she was done she looked up at the Red-haired woman and answered her; "He has requested only a select few people be allowed to see him. I will need your name and relationship to the patient."

"Jean Grey-Summers, Iím his wife."

The receptionist looked up at her with total shock in her eyes. It took her a while before she could find the words to speak again. "Iím sorry did I just hear you right? You did say wife right? As in married to the man?"

Jean nodded her head once slowly. The question had caught her off guard, "Yes thatís right. Iím his wife."

"Mrs. Summers, you have my complete and utter envy. I wish I had your kind of patients. That man has to be one of the most stubborn men that have ever come into this hospital. I donít know how you managed."

Jean smiled at her before responding, "Thank you. Sometimes I donít know how I manage either." Then she asked again, "May I have his room please?"

The woman behind the counter took a breath and then answered, "Iím sorry Mrs. Summers, as I said before, your husband has requested that only a select few people be allowed to see him, and your name isnít on the list that he gave the hospital."

She should have known heíd have done something like that. Scott was so hell bent on not seeing her for the past three years. Why should that have changed just because he was injured? Still she wasnít going to let him be until he went home with her. "Iím sure that you could make an exception in my case, couldnít you?"

The younger woman just looked at her with an apologetic face, "Iím sorry Mrs. Summers, but I canít break the rules."

"Could I at least speak with the doctor that attended him?"

"Iím sorry but the doctor is a very busy man and he has already tended to your husbands injuries. He has other patients to check on."

"Is there any possible way I could get to see him?"

"Iím afraid not." The receptionist answered.

"Well, thank you for your time." Jean said as she turned away and walked back to Hank.

"Youíre welcome and I am sorry I couldnít have been more help." The receptionist called after her.

"So whatís the verdict?" Hank asked as Jean approached him.

"Not what I wanted." Jean replied bitterly.

Hank gave her a sad smile, "I hate to be one to say ĎI told you soí but..."

"I know, I know. Itís just that heís so close, and last night seeing him again... Why Hank, why did I do it?" Jean was questioning more to herself than Hank.

Beast looked her straight in the eyes with a sympathetic face, "It was a very hard time for all of us, you especially. You mustnít blame yourself for what happened. To do so will only drive you to madness."

"I shouldnít have given up on him Hank. He never did on me." Jean started leaning into Hankís furry embrace.

"There are certain things in this universe that we canít change Jean, the past is one of them. You must remember that after we all had given up hope that he ever was alive, you didnít. When we wouldnít go with you to save him it was because we didnít believe he was still here, whereas you did. You didnít give up on him then and because of that, we might be able to fix some things in the present."

"But that was the easy part Hank, just getting his body back was one thing. Getting his mind back was something else entirely. I gave up on him when he needed me the most, and I sure as hell am not going to leave him again."

"Then what do you say we go see if we can find his room on our own?" Hank inquired once again looking into her eyes.

"There are so many rooms here. Do you think that we can find it?"

"The mutants are kept in a separate area from all the other patients. Just like the newborns and children are separated from the adults. Makes it a lot harder for the mutants and regular humans to fight with each other."

"Why didnít you say so before?" she excitedly pulled him along, "Come on letís go." With that they almost broke off at a run.

"I really think I should tell you one more time to stay," the doctor said as Scott stepped into the Lamborghini that Jack had brought before going off onto his date for the night. "It really would be in your best interest."

"I thank you for your concern doctor but I think I can manage myself." Scott returned, "You did make sure that the nurse has the correct address?"

"Yes. The house is rather hard not to find Mr. Summers."

"Good. Well, thank you doctor itís been a pleasure meeting you." Scott bid farewell and then he and Jack were off.

They had been driving for fifteen minutes before Jack broke the silence between the two. "So," he started, "who is this nurse?"

"I donít know. The doctor said that she was some kind of expert in mutant physiology, and welcomes any new mutant she can get her hands on to study. Lately she has been looking to study a few of them for full time and try to come up with some kind of ground rules to base theories on and such. Something that no other doctor has ever been able to do before."

"Whatís her name?"

"He didnít say. Iím not even sure if the nurse is a woman, I didnít ask questions."

"Oh." Jack said.

They sat not talking to each other again for another couple of minutes before Jack spoke up again. "If it makes you feel better, I donít have to be gone for a long time. I can be back in a couple of hours if you want?"

Scott didnít even look at Jack when he answered. He just stared straight ahead out the front window. "Thatís not necessary Jack. Iíll be fine. The nurse will be there by then and besides, there are all those employees you have at your house that can get me anything I need. Just have a good time."

"You sure?" Jack asked.

"Iím sure." Scott confirmed.

The rest of the forty-five minute trip was spoken in silence. Jackís thoughts were on the night to come and how he would get through it without using the womanís name. It wasnít like he hadnít done it before, but he always like coming up with new innovative ways to do it.

Scott on the other hand, his thoughts went to the previous night. Who was the man he fought? How did the X-Men deal with him? What would happen to the mutant shelter now that he couldnít be there to watch it? These were all questions that ran through his mind.

However, there was on that came above them all. It wasnít really a thought more like a memory. It was in the cargo bay of the Blackbird when he was once again holding Jean. It felt good, it felt right, and he damned himself because of it. Jean and he were over. He had to accept that and move on.

And throughout all of his thoughts, he almost forgot Helen.


Part 11

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