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Second Chances
Part 11

Disclaimer: X-Men are the property of marvel comics. No money is being made
off of this so donít sue.

Cannon: This is my own personal take on what will happen when Scott and Jean break up. 
However, everyone knows that this will not be what will happen. I think it would be kind of cool if it did though.

Rating: PG-13 for language, violence and a little case of fluff.

Archive: If you think it is good enough sure go ahead. Tell me where it is though.

"Are you out of your mind?" Helen asked a bedridden Scott Summers with concern and disbelief in her voice.

She and Tiffany had gone to the hospital as soon as they had heard. But when they learned that he had been moved to private care without the doctorís approval, or at least liking, they went right over to Jackís mansion to confront the man, and possibly make him change his mind.

"I donít like hospitals." Scott stated matter of fact.

"It doesnít matter, you should be in the hospital. They can take a lot better care of you there." Helen argued.

"If it makes you feel any better, Jack hired a full time nurse to look after me while I recover."

"You know what? It doesnít make me feel better. I donít care if this person is the best nurse in the world, I still would feel better if you were in the hospital." Helen just put her hands on her hips and said with a scowl on her face.

"Helen," Scott said as he took her hand in his stroking it gently, "Iíll be fine. You have my word that I wonít do anything that will impede my recovery."

Helen took a deep breath and looked at Tiffany. The brunette woman shrugged her shoulders in a manner that said ĎDonít look at me.í She then looked back at Scott who was giving her his best boy scout smile and she caved, "Oh all right," then she moved her head down so that it was inches away from Scottís, "But I want to stay here so that I can keep an eye on you."

Scottís smile widened, "I was hoping youíd say something like that."

Helen leaned down and kissed him, and Tiffany felt something she hadnít felt before. There was jealousy, of that she was sure. However, there was also something else that she couldnít quite place. She looked at her watch and after five seconds went by she grunted to let the two know that she was still in the room. They ignored her.

Feeling herself strangely wanting to shove Helen out of the way and taking her place, Tiffany walked out of the room almost running into someone coming the other way. "Oh Iím sorry, I wasnít looking where I was going." Tiffany apologized.

Tiffany examined her for a second. She was about her own height at five feet eight inches tall. The woman was slim but not to the point of an eating disorder. Her smooth ebony skin seemed so dark that she would be invisible at night. She wore a long white coat that came half way down her thighs. The loose red blouse she had matched her skirt and high heeled shoes. Her hair was tied back with two stray locks running down her face just past her eyes. She carried beside her a brown attachť case, which Tiffany couldnít begin to guess what was inside. All in all, she looked like a very attractive but very businesslike woman.

When she spoke she had a slight Italian accent to her voice. "Donít worry about it, there are no broken bones. Is this Mr. Summersís room?" The woman asked tilting her head towards the room that Tiffany just walked out of.

Tiffany looked behind herself towards the room that the woman was directing her head to before answering her question. "Yes it is. You wouldnít any chance be the nurse that will be attending Scott are you?"

The other woman gave Tiffany a small smile and then replied, "Why yes I am," she extended her hand in the classic greeting, "Sydney Gill pleased to meet you."

Tiffany took the hand and introduced herself, "Tiffany Thorson likewise, itís a pleasure. You might want to wait a while before going in there though."

Sydney looked curious, "Oh, and why is that?"

Tiffany just gave the woman a little smirk and responded, "Heís currently having a little session that I donít believe he would like to be interrupted."

Ms. Gill looked behind Tiffany into the room that was being used by Scott and then looked back to Tiffany giving her a very knowing smile.

They were still kissing when Tiffany and Sydney walked back into the room. Waiting a few seconds for the two to finish, the women stood patiently until it became apparent that Scott and Helen even after a couple of minutes where not going to stop any time soon. Eventually, Sydney just got fed up and made a little grunting sound. Hearing the new voice that they had never heard before, Scott and Helen stopped finally to face the newcomer.

"Mr. Summers I take it." It was a statement more then a question. However, it was a polite statement.

"Yes I am. That would make you my nurse would it not?" Scott asked.

"Correct." Ms. Gill then started to move closer to the bed, "I see you havenít gotten out of bed. Judging on your previous actions when I walked in, I guess you arenít a total fool."

Scott looked at her rather confused, "I donít understand."

Sydney let a smile cross her lips before continuing. "Mr. Summers, for you to get well you canít have any physical activity for at least the next few weeks. Until that time, you will only be allowed to talk. And from the reports Iíve read from the hospital about you that will only be on rare occasions and when absolutely necessary. Is that understood?"

Scott regarded her for a second, before returning her smile. "You donít have to worry about me, as long as I get what I want Iíll be as quiet as a mouse."

Sydneyís smile fell, "I donít like mouseís Mr. Summers. I can tell right now that you arenít going to like me and Iím not going to like you."

There was a surprised look that fell across Scottís face before he spoke again. "Now why is that Ms...?"

"Gill. And itís because I donít like people who donít do everything that they can to heal themselves. If you ask me, the people that do that, should be left alone to rot until they realize that they made a mistake and come crawling back begging for help. Otherwise, they will never fully recover because they didnít devote themselves to the healing process."

Scottís smile returned to his face and then he replied, "You are a very unique nurse Ms. Gill."

"I try."

Scott would bet that the woman would be a great gambler. The look that she was giving him at that moment was a fantastic poker face. "Still, I do believe that you were mistaken when you said that we wont like each other."

It was Sydneyís turn to look confused, "Oh, and why is that?"

"Because," Scott started taking Helenís hand in his, "I wouldnít want anything to interfere with my seeing this beautiful woman." Then he kissed Helenís hand, and his reward was a smile from the blonde standing to his side.

It took a few seconds before Sydney found her voice again. "Well Mr. Summers, that has yet to be seen."

Shinobi was sitting at his desk finishing up some work that had to be done when Rosho barged through his door startling him. He quickly recovered from his shock and made a mental note to reprimand Rebecca for letting the big Russian through without telling him first. Then he spotted her behind him with a look on her face that told him that she had tried to stop him, but there was little one could do against the big man.

"Come in Mr. Rosho. Tell me, what brings you to my office today?"

The mass that weighed about nine hundred pounds and called himself Rosho, stopped right at Shawís desk and then placed two gigantic hands firmly on the strong oak, nearly snapping it in two. He looked right into Shinobiís eyes before speaking. "You did not tell me he vould haf had help."

Shaw looked past the big man to his secretary and ordered, "Becky you can leave us alone. However, I would like you to call Ms. Selene and ask her to come over here please. This is a meeting I think she would like."

Rebecca looked away from her employer to Rosho and then back to Shinobi. Then she turned and left the room. Once the doors to his office were shut, Shinobi continued again. "What do you mean he had help?"

Rosho stood his full nine and a half feet. Shinobi felt a little intimidated by the big man. "Der ver people vit him. A short little man vit claws und a red headed bitch voman who could move me vit her mind."

Shaw leaned back in his chair. Rosho could see that his mind was thinking something out. Then he heard Shinobi mumble, "The X-Men."

Rosho looked at him confused. "De X-Men?"

Shinobi looked up at him and shook his head a little bit then began. "Iím sorry. The X-Men were the group that he once led, although he hasnít been seen with them for three years. I can only assume that once he came back to New York he got in touch with them."

Rosho leaned over his desk again placing his hands where they once were. "Vy did you not tell me dis before?"

Shaw couldnít believe the gall of this man. He could easily have Rosho killed when he wasnít using his mutant power, and yet he was trying to scare him. Shinobi almost laughed but decided against it. "My dear Rosho. These are only things I have just now figured out. Up until this point I thought Cyclops was acting alone."

Rosho leaned just a little bit closer. "Still, you should haf told me dis ven you hired me. I could haf been prepared for dem."

Shinobiís smile returned as something ingenious sprung to his mind. If he was going to get Cyclops out of his side, he might as well do the same with the X-Men. "Very well then, I will have whatever information you want on them sent to you right away."

"Good." Rosho then turned to walk out of the office.

Just before he reached the double doors he heard Shaw call after him. "Oh and uh Rosho," the big man turned, "You can now consider the X-Men part of the contract."

It was Roshoís turn to smile. "In dat case, it vill cost you extra."

Shinobi was curious, "Oh and how much?"

"How many members are der in dis X-Men?"

Shaw thought for a second before replying, "About thirteen. Iíll have all of their files sent to you immediately. The cost?"

"Dey are all mutants?"

"Yes." Shinobi was starting to sound annoyed at the delay.

"Total it vill be two hundred eighty million American dollars. Dat is including de price I haf already requested you for Mr. Summers."

Shinobi thought about that for a second before answering. "I think that is a little bit too much. One hundred million."

Rosho returned to the desk, although, this time he didnít lean over it like he had before. "My prices are non negotiable."

Shaw leaned back in his chair with a rather smug look on his face. "Well thatís too bad, I donít really want to pay you one hundred and eighty dollars."

This time Rosho did lean over the table this time. "Den de contract is not extended." With that he turned and walked out the room.

Shinobi sat at his desk for a little while letting his anger subside. How dare that man refuse him? Did he not know who Shinobi Shaw was? Oh yes, Rosho had a thing or two coming his way very soon.

Shaw was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he barely heard his phone ring a few minutes later. Taking a second to regain control of his thoughts again, Shinobi flipped the switch of his phone and answered. "Yes what is it Rebecca?"

"Ms. Selene to see you sir."

"Thank you Becky send her in." Shinobi then cut off the call and waited for the familiar woman to walk through the double oak doors.

"You called Shaw?" Selene asked as she entered the office.

Throwing on his best fake smile he welcomed the woman. "Yes Selene thank you for coming on such short notice."

As she sat in the chair opposite him, she spoke with a rather harsh tone in her voice. "You should thank me Shaw, I was in the middle of some very important research."

Shinobiís face went to mock surprise, "Research, you my dear? Why I thought you knew everything?"

If her face could have gone anymore cold, Shinobi would have been a block of ice. "I never said that Shaw."

"Yes well, you certainly act like it most of the time." He almost spat at her as his annoyance from his previous conversation with Rosho was seeping through.

A smug look fell across Seleneís face as Shinobi finished his sentence. It was a look that Shaw knew all to well; "Why Shinobi Shaw, did you have a bad day?"

He looked up at her with a look that told Selene that her previous question was an understatement. When she saw it, she couldnít hold back a smile. "I just spoke with our Russian friend, and he said that Mr. Summers had a little help from old friends last night."

"I know."

Shaw looked upon her with something close to shock, "How."

Selene seemed bored, "That is for me to know."

Shinobi dismissed her defiant tone. He would get her back later, "Anyway, apparently he escaped and now we donít know where he is, or what he is doing. The only plus we have is that we know he canít beat Rosho."

"Donít be too sure about that Shaw. If you were to have seen him last night you would know that is not the case."

Once again Shinobi excused her tone, however, he was interested in what she had to say. "Tell me Selene, why is that?"

The Black Queen leaned back in her chair, "Because Shaw, in all instances up until the X-Men arrived, they were equals in the battle."

"You saw the fight?" He asked.

"I did, and I took measures to make sure that no one else would. Well, at least not anyone that wasnít up at three in the morning and watching the late night news."

"It was on the news?" Shaw asked wide-eyed.

"It was." Selene stated simply.

"Tell me, how was it?"

She lifted her head up to meet his, but it was quite obvious that she was looking at something far away in her mind. "You should have seen it Shaw. He was fantastic. The way he moved, what he did, he was absolutely incredible. Just like he was at my penthouse the other night."

Up until she spoke that last sentence, Shinobi thought Selene was talking about Rosho and that her opinion of him had changed. Now he knew something about her that he could use to his advantage. He could see that he was right by the look in her eye when she spoke of it, Selene wanted Scott Summers. "Then I take it you have some idea as how to proceed?"

His voice snapped her out of her thoughts as she looked back to him again, "Donít have Rosho kill him Shaw."

"From the sounds of things it seems that our big friend couldnít." Shinobi baited.

The Black King thought he saw a flicker of concern flash across Seleneís face before she spoke again, "He could Shaw, although, it might destroy him in the process. And because of that we would lose two people that could be very important to us."

Shinobi now knew where Selene was going with this. She wanted to recruit Summers into their organization. "To be truthful, itís not all that bad of an idea." Shinobi thought to himself, "He could be very useful. Since heís a friend of Mr. Blackman I could use him to influence the billionaire. And his fighting skills could be invaluable to me. But what position would he be? Certainly not the White King, I donít want anyone to oppose my absolute rule in the inner circle. But if not a king, then what position would suit him best? And how would I get him into the inner circle? I have no telepaths, and even if I did, they wouldnít be able to hold him forever. That was proven with the Phoenix. All very good questions, but the prospect is to intriguing to turn down."

"Shaw, Shaw you look to be somewhere else." Selene said bringing Shinobi out of his train of thought.

"Iím sorry Selene, I was just thinking of things I must do. Please tell me how Mr. Summers could be important to us?" Shaw asked already knowing what she would say.

Selene took a breath and then began her proposal, "Shaw, you know that the inner circle has been weak for some time now. With no white side and only you and I on the black, we need more strength." She waited for an acknowledgment from Shinobi before she continued, "Well I think it was about time we increased our numbers again, bring more power to the circle. I believe we should recruit Mr. Summers into our little organization."

Shaw had to make this look good. He didnít want her to know his plans for Summers even though he already knew hers. "You must be mad Selene. Summers would never join us."

"You leave that to me Shaw, I will make sure that he does."

"How might you do that?" Shaw asked.

She gave him a little seductive smile and answered, "I have my ways."

Shinobi then stood up and walked to a window stroking his chin, "The prospect is not entirely unappealing. It is true that the circle is weak and that we need more power. But is Summers really right? And what position would he hold?"

Selene almost let a joyous smile slip across her lips, "I was thinking with the way he fights and his usefulness out in the field along with his experience leading others, perhaps a Black Knight."

Shinobi turned to face her. He hadnít thought of that. There hadnít been anything other then a King or Queen since he joined the Circle. But these were new times, and sometimes it was best to use an old idea in a new time. He not only liked the idea; he would make it happen. "I think I like it. Can it be done?"

The Black Queen stood up to meet Shaw; "No man can resist me. You should know that by now Shaw."

A deceiving smile fell across Shinobiís lips, as he replied, "Not every man falls before your charms Selene."

It was her turn to smile. "Yes they do Shaw. Sooner or later they all do."

"Helen, are you sure you will be alright getting home by yourself? Iíll only have to stay and talk to Scott for a few minutes." Tiffany asked her friend both standing outside the door to Scottís room.

"Iím sure Tiff. Scott told me that he would get one of the drivers here to give me a lift back to the apartment so Iíll be fine." Helen responded already walking down the hall away from her friend.

"Still, Iíd feel better going home with you. It would save money for gas at least."

"How many times to I have to tell you? Iíll be fine. Now go in there talk to Scott and be back home before it gets to late." Helen then hugged her friend and walked away.

"Have a safe ride home." Tiffany called after her.

"You too." Helen shouted back.

Once her Helen was out of sight, Tiffany walked into Scottís room. She had something that she wanted to ask him ever since last night. Something she was very curious about. He barely heard her walk in and she had the strangest feeling that he was expecting her question.

"Come in Tiffany. What can I do for you?" He asked once she reached the foot of his bed.

"Just answer something that has been on my mind since last night thatís all."

"Oh, and what is that?" His voice was lowered and Tiffany found it slightly scary. It also turned her on somewhat.

"Tell me Scott, what the hell were you doing last night?"

Part 12

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