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Christian Dimaapi

Cyclops #2: "Downfall"

Disclamer: The characters belong to Marvel, and are
used without permission for entertainment purposes only.

"You did not have to bother, bub. I really don't see any improvement --" Wolverine told Mutant X, "-- you're still the same dim-witted, ill-mannered, low-level piece of trash you've always been."

Cyclops then generated a flash in his visor emitting a blinding light, "Perhaps if I made a few alterations."

"Well, I wouldn't want to put the two of you through any trouble," Mutant X expressed as he saw Cyclops threatening to fire his powerful optic blast.

"No trouble... no trouble at all," Wolverine responded as he took out his adamantium claws. Behind Mutant X, out of the darkness came the other members of the Brotherhood.

"Here comes the cavalry," Cable voiced as he detected the other members of the diabolic group: Spiral -- an extra dimensional, six-armed, genetically-engineered being. With a series of mesmerizing dances, Spiral can make herself and others leap through time and space; Pyro – besides his mutant powers, Pyro wears a specially enveloped attire that provides him with a certain degree of fire protection and carries a flamethrower that can hurl a stream of flame with a maximum distance of 25 feet; Toad – this mutant known as Toad is a very threatening foe. Possessing superhuman strength, blurring speed, and an astounding leaping ability, Toad is regarded as a vital member of the Brotherhood.

"Who's that? The one in the back?" Quicksilver asked as he saw a gleam behind the others. The members of the Brotherhood moved aside for the eclipsed member.

"The name's... Proteus!"

The X-Men were awestruck due to the fact that they presumed they already have defeated Proteus in their most recent encounter.

"Don't recognize me, do you?!?" Proteus lashed out. "That's hardly surprising considering everything I've been through since the last time we've met. Yeah, you guys pounded me pretty well last time around... but that won't happen again!" He then immediately delivered a devastating strike on Cyclops.

"C'mon, people! This guy ain't nuthin'!" Wolverine exclaimed. "Let's turn up the heat --" he continued, "-- and see if we can't beat his telepathic behind!"

"Cyclops!" Phoenix cried as she saw her boyfriend go down after a puissant hit from the psionic villain.

"I'm fine, Jean..." Cyclops responded, "and I'm definitely not gonna let a two-bit telepath beat me!" He then said, "Cable! Blast this guy -- now!"

"Way ahead of you, Cyke!" Cable, a telepath and telekinetic of the first order generated a psionic blast from his eye.

"I've gotta hand it to you, Cable, you're very powerful -- " Proteus told Cable after a destructive hit from the psionic mutant, "-- sad thing is though, you're not quite powerful enough!" Proteus then delivered a punch that knocked Cable and emitted a psionic wave on the rest of the X-Men.

"Heads up, mates! They're down. Let's use this to our advantage!" Pyro hollered as he saw the X-Men go down.

"That's the best idea I've heard all day in this stink hole, Pyro. Let's move!" Mutant X blared to the members of the Brotherhood. The members of the malevolent group attacked in accord.

"Why don't you use your head for once and realize this is one fight you can never win?!" Toad told Quicksilver as he delivered a shrill blow.

Meanwhile, Cyclops was being choked by Mutant X. "Alright, buddy. Now... why don't you take your... hand off my neck... before I take it off you!" Cyclops shouts in anger.

He was powering up when Mutant X mockingly said, "Oooh, tough talk. Let me know when you're ready to back that up with some action!"

"Cyclops grinned and said, "Okay, you asked for it." Cyclops delivered a forceful blast that went through Mutant X's armor.

Proteus looked at Mutant X then at Cyclops with sheer anger and thought to himself, "You will get what's coming to you, Cyclops." "Spiral!" Proteus summoned the six-armed deviant, "Let's do what we planned before... now!" Proteus turned to Mutant X, who was still down after a fatal hit from Cyclops and telepathically gave him the order, "Hey X, you know what to do."

Still down, Mutant X leered and said, "Yeah... I do." He then grabbed Cyclops and used his teleportation device causing them to end up very distant from the others.

"Why did you bring me here?!?" Cyclops angrily asked as he backed away from the cyborg mutant.

"Enough talk," Mutant X said, "let's dance!" Mutant X took his gun out and eccentrically started shooting Cyclops. "You can't evade forever!" the crazy madman told the mutant hero.

"I don't have to!" Cyclops exclaimed as he emitted a thunderous blast on the metallic brute. As X was getting to his feet, Cyclops ran toward him. He jumped on Mutant X and tackled the lunatic member of the Brotherhood causing a very huge impact. The mutant hero then delivered mighty blows that knocked Mutant X to the cement ground.

"Give it up, old man, you're finished!" Cyclops told X as he delivered another strong blow. "You never should have underestimated me, mister!" Cyclops roared as he ran toward the fallen mutant, "‘Cos when you mess with Cyclops, buddy... you're messing with the best!!" The hero then released an optic blast of the highest power.

Mutant X went down but instead of screaming in pain or getting knocked out, he was laughing maniacally. "You fool," he shouted at Cyclops who had an amazed look, "this was just a diversion to get you away from your team, especially your lovely girlfriend!"

"Oh no!" Cyclops exclaimed in worry, "Jean!" Cyclops ran back to where the others were as he heard the cyborg brute laugh at his expense. When he arrived, he saw that the members of the Brotherhood were gone and the rest of the X-Men were in a circle looking down on someone. They were all quiet.

"Jean!" Cyclops shouted as he ran toward his fellow X-Men. He saw Cable holding Phoenix and as soon as Cyclops saw Jean, he knew she was dead.

"Cyclops... I'm sorry. We couldn't stop Proteus. He stabbed Jean in the heart with a psionic blade." Cable apologized to the dazed mutant as Cyclops held Jean tight.

"No... no!!!" Cyclops screamed in both grief for his girlfriend and anger toward Proteus. "Where is he?!?" Cyclops asked in a vengeful voice.

"They left right after Proteus killed her, sugah," Rogue responded with a grief-stricken voice and tears in her eyes.

"Come on, Cyclops," Wolverine said, "let's go."

A perplexing dismal week passed by. Everyone gathered inside the War Room preparing for an important announcement from the dejected Cyclops.

"What's this all about?" Quicksilver asked Wolverine.

"I don't know, Pietro," Wolverine responded. "Cyclops has been unpredictable these past week. Who knows what this is about? But I think I..." Just as he was about tell everyone what he thought, Cyclops entered the room with civilian clothes on.

"I'm going to make this short and simple..." Cyclops asserted as he looked across the round table, "I'm leaving."

NEXT ISSUE: It's Cyclops vs. Gambit! 'nuff said.

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