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Family: Part 4

Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story, except Peggy, 
belong to me. They belong to Marvel, but Iím not making any 
money off of this, so Iím hoping no one will sue.

Authorís Notes: Well, after the wonderful reception "Pegasus Flight" 
received, Iíve been working on a sequel. If you havenít read 
"Pegasus Flight" yet, I would recommend doing so before reading this story. 

Enjoy the story!

*text* = telepathy
~text~ = thoughts

Hank insisted on checking Peggy out as soon as they returned to the mansion, and by the time she managed to break free of the overly-eager doctor, X-Force had already left. Life being for the X-Men what it was, Peggy didn't have the opportunity to see her brother for a while. The time flew by, and before any of them quite knew what was happening, Scott and Jean were standing at an alter in the backyard saying their vows.

Peggy stood beside the refreshment table at the reception, filling her plate again. She'd just snuck a sausage roll in her mouth when a stern voice asked, "Don't they feed you around here, girl?"

She turned around in surprise, swallowing hastily. "Hello Nathan," she said when she'd recovered. Smiling at his companions, she said, "Hello Sam, Tabitha."

"This food rocks," Tabitha proclaimed, popping another pastry into her mouth. She looked at the pile on Peggy's plate with wide eyes. "Geez, they been starving you or something?"

"Even mah momma'd have a hard time keepin' up with an appetite like that," Sam laughed.

Peggy blushed, then said quietly, "It's not my fault I eat like a horse. Blame Mother Nature."
"The rallying cry of all mutants," Nathan agreed good-naturedly, stacking his own plate with goodies. "Some of us are lucky enough to have a fast metabolism."

Peggy chuckled. "I don't know about you. I carried Scott and Jubilee together and they weren't as heavy as you were, Leadbutt," she teased. Tabitha nearly spit out her punch, and Sam looked worriedly at his leader's face. Peggy cringed at his sternly-impassive expression and suddenly found her toes very fascinating.

Nathan frowned at her retreat back behind the mask and decided it was worth a small sacrifice of his dignity. "Peggy," he said, making her look up. A corner of his mouth twitched upwards slightly. "What is, is." The smile returned to her face. He cleared his throat and looked back over towards the dance floor. "I suppose I need to work off some of the wedding cake, then. Would you care to dance?"

Peggy smiled delightedly, setting her plate down and taking his outstretched hand.

A pair of red-shielded eyes watched them walk out on the dance floor from across the reception. Scott smiled slightly as they started to waltz. At last, they were finally starting to feel like a family.





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