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Nadja Lee

Trapped in Darkness 12

Disclaimer in part 1.
Quick recap: The X-men have been taken as slaves. Scott was tortured. We left Scott with the X-men and 
Cecilia and Black Thunder in sick bay.

Thanks to Maria, L. Burke and Misty of the Red Shades list for helping me with these parts.

Warning: This part deals with torture and other disturbing elements. This part is VERY dark!

Warning 2: I was going to write a long warning about things which could offend people but instead I'll make it short and sweet; if you're easily offended then don't read.

If you think this part isn't for you then better go directly to part 13.

Part 12:  

" Well, well. What have we here? If it isn't Michael, the captain's lapdog," Mark snarled as he stopped Black Thunder as he came towards him, guards on either side of him.

" Yeah, I hear he has abandoned you. For all of one night," a soldier said, his voice sounding rather drunk and the beer in his hand amplifying that.

" For tonight your ass is ours, half-breed," another soldier said and the disgust in his voice didn't sound promising. Black Thunder walked to stand in the centre of the room, the tables in the big hall forming a half circle around him. The tables were booming with food, soldiers and guards were sitting, standing or laying all over the room; drinking, eating or taking some of the women away. Most of the women were human whores, hired for this evening. Some however were mutant slaves. Most of these women went with their captures willingly, having been promised some kind of payment.

" What the fuck is he doing here?"

" Kill him"

" Stupid mutant freak."

Words, insults, flew through the air yet Black Thunder stood perfectly still, knowing that getting upset about it wouldn't bring him anything.

" Quit!" A voice yelled and silence fell over the room. Only the faint background music still played. Black Thunder followed him with his eyes as James, self-proclaimed leader of the common soldier, came to him.

" He killed a friend of mine. He belong to me," someone demanded but a hard look from Jamesī steel grey eyes made him back down.

" We can't kill him but we can make this fun," he said with a leer. " But." he warned. " this can't get out of control. We'll all be killed come morning if he's not in one piece," his gaze swept over his comrades, meting their eyes to make sure they understood and didn't let their anger and hate destroy everything.

" Let's whip him."

" Burn him."  

" Beat him."

Suggestions came from all across the room and the calm with which Black Thunder listened to them angered James. He smiled evilly at Black Thunder as he took the older man under the cheek and forced him to meet his eyes.

" Why not do them all? But first.let's eat," James walked towards the tables and seated himself  in the middle like some old king. Reluctantly all soldiers redrew from Black Thunder, their eyes promising a very long night as they passed him. They all seated themselves at the tables, eating and drinking. Black Thunder stood in the middle of the room, trying to look less vulnerable than he knew he was.

" For any good meal; you need entertainment," A guard, Brian, said with a laugh as he caught and held Black Thunder's eyes. Got you now, his eyes seemed to say. " And we already got a dog to perform for us," he nodded to Black Thunder and laugher ran through the room.

" Yes, dog, show us some tricks," James agreed wickedly. I would rather die, Black Thunder thought but years of captivity had learned him to keep his lips sealed.

" I think our dog needs some persuasion," James nodded to the four guards who stood a little away and on either side of Black Thunder. One of them unfolded a long black leather whip from his belt, making it crack against the floor. He smiled at Black Thunder as he disappeared behind him. Think of the white haired woman. Think of her courage, Black Thunder thought as he tried to prepare himself for what he knew was to come. He had tasted the whip many times like almost all slaves had, his back bore evidence to the fact yet he had never learn to overcome his fear for it. But unlike when he had been a child, he no longer showed his fear or suffering. It stayed inside. The first blow fell and the whip bit into his flesh. Black Thunder bit into his lip as he prepared for the next hit and the next. With agonizing slowness the guard drew the whip back only to slam it down on his back as hard as he could. He could feel the blood running warm down his back. He raised his eyes and met and held James's as the next blow fell and then the next. Amusement had fallen over the crowd at the first blows but as more and more were added and no sound came from Michael they lost interest.

" Enough," James roared and the blows finally stopped. Black Thunder drew his breath in pained gasps. Twenty-six hits. Could have been worse. His back hurt like hell and he wanted to easy his pain and preferable sit down. But he didn't. He just maintained his eye contact with James.

" You're doing this the wrong way," Brian declared as he watched Black Thunder closely. There was nothing he wanted more than to rid Michael of that damn pride of his. It made anything they did to him look like a failure. A young slave girl came and put a plate with meat on the table, next to his seat. Following a hunch he grabbed the girl and pulled her into his lap.

" Let me go," she cried frightened and hit him in the chest but he merely laughed at her attempts at hurting him and drew her close. He watched Black Thunder's reaction closely. Others would have missed it but he saw a small fibre vibrate in his cheek. He forced his lips against hers and when he drew back, blood was on the girl's lips. He stood up and drew her with him. He saw the small motion towards him that Black Thunder did before he could stop himself. He smiled. He seemed to have found his es.

" I think I'll take this little beauty back to my room," he forced the girl's face around and drew his knife. He enjoyed her look of horror as he let his knife dance over the skin on her cheek. " But she do seem a little reluctant. I may have to hurt her. A lot. I'm afraid there won't be much left of her when I'm done," the words wasn't spoken to anyone but Black Thunder. The girl was very young, barely fourteen and very frightened. She looked thin and weak. Not just physically but mentally as well. She wouldn't survive a night with Brian's sick games of pain. He'll destroy her. His conscience fought with his pride. Was her life really worth sacrificing for his pride? Yes, for without his pride he wouldn't survive. No, it was only for one night and he'll find a way to get his revenge. And he knew most of the people in the room. Most where people who lived for orders, hatred and fear were all they knew. They didn't want to play head games with him for long. They'll want to hurt him. Only James and Brian would be smart enough to figure out that he'll rather they tortured him till sunrise than humiliate him.

" Let her go," Black Thunder demanded, his voice emotionless as always but his eyes showed his conflicting emotions if only for a minute.

" I want entertainment. What'll I get in return?" Brian asked even though he knew the answer. This was a game and he was winning; finally.

" Let the girl go..." You have definitely lost your mind, he thought grimly. Definitely. Before he had looked into that woman's eyes. The white haired woman. Before he had seen the purity of her soul in her eyes and the courage in her voice; he'll never had thought twice about his answer. It was a tough world where only the strong survived. "...and I'll do as you demand," he forced the words out. Why the hell had he even said that? The girl would probably die soon anyway. She was weak. She wouldn't be able to survive here.

" Give me your word, half-breed. For tonight; you'll do anything..and I mean anything, I ask of you," Brian's eyes were a light with joy at the prospect of the power he'll have over the man he despised so much.

" I..." Damn him to hell, Black Thunder thought darkly. " I give you my word," that was that then. His word was given and now he couldn't take it back. He shot the girl a dark look as Brian released her and she ran to the safety of the kitchen, crying into her hands.      

" I see our dog has notthing to eat. We really should fix that," Brain said. He took a bread from the table and walked around to come to stand before Black Thunder. Black eyes met and held hate filled green ones as Brian tore the bread to small pieces and let them fall to the ground. With an evil smile he then took his booted foot and stepped on it. He took a step back.

" Eat that," he demanded. Black Thunder looked furiously at him. White people. Someone must have made them with a born gene for cruelty. Not that he believed anymore but he couldn't understand why The Great Spirit would make such people. His first instinct, his first thought was to deny it. To tell Brian that he could go to Hell and that he'll personally see to it that he got there. But he couldn't. He had given his word. He may have done a lot of wrong things in his life but he had never broken his word. Slowly, his pride rebelling, his spirit dying, he fell to his knees. He lifted his head to look at Brian, letting him see the hate and anger in his eyes.

" Keep your eyes lowered, dog. You forget your place. Tonight you're just like all the rest; a slave to do what he is told and nothing else," Brian hissed. Black Thunder held his gaze for a while longer but then forced himself to lower his eyes. He forced his hands to move as they reached for the first piece of bread. Now, he knew how Brave Eagle must have felt when it had been him on his knees and he didn't like it. He almost had to do violence at himself to do it but he lifted the piece of bread in his hand and guided it to his mouth. He felt like killing somebody, preferable Brian but anyone would do. Right now he'll even kill himself for the stupidity of ever giving his word. What the fuck had he been thinking? He knew better than that. Knew better than to care. Quickly he put the bread in his mouth and swallowed it without tasting it. He got up from the floor.

" I didn't say you could get up," Brian said and made a " tys, tys" motion with his finger. Damn, that bastard was enjoying this. If looks could kill Brain would have been burned away as Black Thunder got to his knees again. " Now, ask me if you can get up."

Black Thunder's head flew up at his words.

" Don't ever look your master in the eyes," Brain said with an evil laugh as he slapped him in the face and Black Thunder forced himself to lower his eyes to the floor.

" Can I get up now?" He asked and tried to ignore the foul taste pleading brought to his tongue. Oh, yeah, finding a way to kill Brian was definitely the top priority on his "to do" list.

" You may."

Black Thunder got to his feet and saw six guards standing close to him.

" It is our turn now," one said and before Black Thunder knew what was happening, the manīs fist collided with his face. Blows began to rain down over him and he tried to block them with his hands but there were too many. He was forced to the ground and was kicked and pouched at with sticks. He culled up in a ball in a failing attempt to protect himself. Above the intense pain and the guards words of insults he heard Brian's laugher. After what seemed like hours unconsciousness finally claimed him and he gratefully let it elope him.


Part 13 (Coming Soon!)


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