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Nadja Lee

Trapped in Darkness 10

Disclaimer in part 1.
Quick recap: The X-men have been taken as slaves. Scott was tortured. We left Scott with the X-men and 
Cecilia and Black Thunder in sick bay.

Thanks to Maria, L. Burke and Misty of the Red Shades list for helping me with these parts.

Warnings: Talk of torture. Nothing big.

Part 10:         

Jean let a finger gently trace the scar on Scott's face.

" Oh, love," she whispered, pain and sorrow in her voice. " I'm so sorry."

" Just hold me. For now, just hold me," Scott plead and she pulled him into a gentle embrace, careful not to bruise him or touch him more than with the lightest touch.

" Are you alright?" Xavier asked worried as Scott and Jean had sat on the floor, buried in each others arms for a long time without talking; merely enjoying each others nearness.

" I am now, " Scott answered as he finally let go of Jean, taking hold of her hand and giving her a soft, loving kiss.

" What did those bastards do to you?" Logan demanded to know, anger clear in his voice. Rogue went into his embrace to try and calm him down but also to see if some of his strength couldn't hold her up in this hard time.

" They asked me questions. About the X-men. Where they were," Scott's voice held no emotions at all and that scared the others more than anything. They didn't have to ask if he had said anything; the scars on his body spoke for themselves.

" Do you know what they'll do to us now?" Peter asked and tried to calm Kitty down.

" No, but I guess we are to work as the other slaves here," Scott guessed. He didn't even want to think the thought that maybe they weren't through toying with them. He didn't know why they had stopped his "interrogation". A few days longer and he'll have broken. He knew it and he was sure that both this Black Thunder character and the man he called captain knew it as well.

" Speaking of slaves..the man who brought you here. He was obviously a mutant, wearing a collar. Was he working for the captain?" Ororo asked as she recalled the man who had brought Scott back. There had been something in his eyes, something in his soul that had spoken to her. Like a memory from a dream.

" Black Thunder? Yes, he was."

" That double crossing Judas," Jubilee spat furiously.

" I never thought I'll say this but I agree with Jubii on this one," Bobby said grimly but giving Jubilee a smile.

" Why, that's a first," Jubilee said sarcastically but neither her nor Bobby's words held any anger. On the contrary they were the only ones left who still tried to lighten the mood a little.

" Why would he do such a thing?" Jean asked confused as she gave Scott's hand a gentle squeeze, careful not to hold on to his hand too hard because of the bruises from the chains on his waists even though she wanted to hug him close and never let him out of her sight ever again.

" He didn't seem like a evil man nor did he hold that look in his eyes as the guards did. The look of contempt and hatred," Xavier mused.

" I don't know why he works for them but he isn't evil and I don't even think he likes them. He saved me. Brought me to the hospital and let me stay there for two days," Scott thought out loud.

" Maybe we can use him to our advantage," Ororo suggested. There was something about his eyes, those deep black eyes. It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul but Ororo refused to believe that the man, Black Thunder Scott had said his name was, had a soul as black as his eyes.  

" Maybe," Scott agreed absently as he got lost in Jean's green eyes. " You are so beautiful," he whispered as he stroked her cheek. Jean smiled and let her fingers dance gently over his scar on his face.

" So are you."

She drew him into a kiss and the others knew that they had lost themselves in each other and their love once again.

" I love you so much. The thought of you brought me through this. That and nothing else," Scott mumbled against her lips.

" I love you too. So very very much," the last of Jean's words were muffled as Scott closed his lips over hers, tasting her, feeling her, marking her. Loving her for now and in all eternity.


Part 11


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