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Nadja Lee


Lost - part two in the "Everything Changes" series
English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.
Disclaimer: "X-men" and all the characters here belong to Marvel , 20 Century Fox and I intend no 
infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.
Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy 
this story to any website or archive without permission of the author.
Timeline: Set a little after the movie
Universe: Set in the movie universe. Only the movie NOT the book that goes with it!
Romance: Scott/ Jean, Jean/ Logan,
Summary:  Scott finds himself lost and alone after his break-up with Jean but finds unexpected help from Remy.
Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Rating: PG
Thanks to Cristina for the Beta. You'`re the best!
*mmmm * is telepathically thoughts spoken in the mind. " mmmmm "  is spoken out loud.

Part 1:
Scott had been driving for so long he had lost track of both time and direction. He did not know where he was going nor did he care. He just wanted to get away, he needed to get away. In going as far away from the cause of his pain he hoped to kill it or at least bury it deep in his soul. He saw a sign saying "Welcome to Los Angeles"  and was a little surprised. Had he really been driving so far? Well, apparently he had. He found a nice looking hotel and ordered a room. When he reached the room he put his suitcases on the floor next to the bed and sat down on one of the two chairs next to the windows and looked out onto the busy street below him. The people on the street looked like puppets from the distance but still puppets with a purpose. He had lost his purpose, his goal and his dreams. Uh, how he wished he was one of those tiny looking people going somewhere, anywhere. With a sigh he forced his thoughts back to the present and his situation. He opened his wallet and as expected found it almost empty. The superhero business was not very profitable. He would have to get a job the next morning. He stripped of his clothes and went into the bathroom. Soon the sound of running water filled the room. " Damn" Scott mumbled as he exited the bathroom some 5 minutes later only wearing a towel around his waist. He had forgotten his shampoo in his bag. Suddenly he stopped cold in his tracks. A young boy of about 16 years was almost standing with his head inside his bag.
" What are you doing here, young man?" Scott asked him loudly, crossing his arms in front of him.
" Hum??" Came the intelligent answer and the boy quickly lifted his head, knocking it up in the table, which Scott's bag had been standing under. " Ouch" The boy complained and rubbed his head. Then he saw Scott. " Damn" He said and ran towards the door. Scott caught him before he reached it. " Hey, let me go, man" The boy said and kicked Scott.
" Au, stand still" Scott tried to restrain the struggling boy. " I won't hurt you" He added in a calming tone. The boy relaxed and Scott released him. For a moment they just looked at one another. The boy was good-looking, tall but still lower than Scott, he had brown hair and brown eyes, which seemed to glow a faint red when the light fell on them. His clothes were ragged, dirty and torn and he spoke with a faint French ascent.
" If you were looking for money you came to the wrong place." Scott said and broke the silence between them.
" Yeah, then don't live in hotels. They tend to cost money, mon ami" The boy said with a child's logic.
" Sit" Scott commanded and guided him towards the only two chairs in the room.        
 " Ah`m no dog" He complained but sat.
" Now who are you and why did you try to rob me?" Scott asked in his lecture mode. The boy looked him up and down as if considering if he should lie or not.
" Aren't  you going to call the police?" He asked, trying to sound as if he did not care either way but failing miserable.
" I'd rather not" Scott said and the boy relaxed somewhat.
" I'm Remy" The boy said, deciding to trust Scott for the moment.
" I am Scott. Scott Summers. Now, I am going to let you go but don't steal anymore. It is wrong." Scott said lecturing and stood up. Remy did the same and nodded eagerly.   
" Yes sir" He said but Scott just knew he was lying. He was half way across the floor to the door when Scott's voice stopped him.
" Do you have a place to live?"
" Yes" Came the answer a little too quickly.
" Oh, well. That's good. I was going to say you could stay here but.." Scott began not really knowing why he choose to help the boy but something in Remy reminded him of himself.
" I could stay" Remy said eagerly and looked at the warm cosy king size bed. It looked warm and comfortable. How long it had been since he had last been warm and safe.         
" Take a bath. I will find something for you to wear" Scott pushed the boy towards the bathroom. Soon, over the sound of running water Scott heard the faint sound of a French love song that sounded faintly familiar. It reminded him of Jean, yet everything reminded him of Jean, so instead of thinking more about it he looked through his suitcases to find something for Remy to wear. He lay a pair of black pants and a woollen black blouse to him.

Part 2:
" Now, we are going to get a few things straight" Scott said as he and Remy sat the next morning in a small breakfast restaurant eating for the last of his money. " You will not lie, betray or steal from me" Remy nodded in between bits of his chocolate muffin.
" You have parents?"
" No"
" Guardians? Someone who will miss you?"
" No"
" Where did you live before we met?" Remy made a gesture towards the park and street they could see from the restaurant.
" Where I wanted to" He said, defiance in his voice. On the street Scott thought and felt sorry for the boy.
" I suppose you haven't  been going to school?" Scott guessed. Remy nodded. " Ok, well you are going to now." Scott looked through the job advertisements in the paper and found one, which caught his eye. A local public school " The Claimant School" was looking for a full time teacher in mathematics, physics, English literature and  car maintenance, the latter being an optional subject. " You know this place?" Scott asked and showed Remy the article. Remy nodded.
" It is in a rough neighbourhood. Not a place where teachers like to come"
" Ok, we are going there." Scott said and stood up.
" We??" Remy asked disbelieving and followed him out. "Remy, Cet homme va être votre démantèlement*." Remy whispered to himself under his breath.
" I heard that!" Scott said.
"Grand. Au juste de ce que j'ai besoin. Un homme instruit. *" Remy said sarcastically. Scott laughed for the first time since he had found Jean in Logan´s arms.

Part 3:         
"Excuse me but can you tell me where the principal's office is?" Scott asked one of the two police officers who stood by the metal detectors at the entrance of the school.         
" When you get in just follow the signs" The officer said and gestured for Scott and Remy to go though the metal detector. They did and following the spray-painted signs Scott knocked on the principal's office.
" Come in" A voice said and Scott and Remy entered.
" Hey, I am Scott Summers and this is my...son" Scott said and nodded towards Remy.
" Write him in here" The principal said disinterested and gave Scott a paper that he signed.
" I came about the job" Scott said as the gave him back the paper.
" Did you?" The principal, James, Scott read his name was, asked surprised. " Why the Hell would you want to work here?" He asked and gestured towards his room and the rest of the obviously badly kept school.
" I need the money" Scott said, annoyed at the man for his distaste in his own work.     
 " Very well, it's your funeral. Write here"  James pushed another paper towards Scott and when he had signed it he gave him his timetable.
" Don't you have any other mathematics teachers here?" Scott asked surprised at his long schedule with classes from grade one to 12.
" No. No one else wanted the job" He said and made a dismissive gesture.
" Wait. What class is..my son to go in?" Scott asked when he was almost out.
" Pick one" James said disinterested with his eyes on his papers.
" Thanks" Scott mumbled sarcastically under his breath as he and Remy walked out.   
 " Just how old are you?" Remy asked as they walked down the corridors, Scott in search of the book store to pick up the books he wanted to teach from in his first class today, the 10. Grade.
" Twenty- three. Why?" He asked as they reached it and Scott found the books he wanted to use. " Here, hold these" Scott said and put stables of books in Remy´s arms while he looked for other books he could use. All the books were in poor condition but it had to do.  " You can just start in my first class, the 10. Grade" Scott added and took some of the books back from Remy as they moved down the corridor towards the classroom.
" Yeah, yeah. Whatever. But back to me being your SON. You are 23 and I am 16. I thought you were a arithmetic teacher"
" I am but I had to come up with something quick, ok?? Besides having first said it, it would be more suspicious to change it half way than let it be" Scott said, more annoyed with himself than Remy. " Let's just say you are my kid brother if anyone are to ask again, ok?" He added.
" Ok" Remy agreed. Scott took a deep breath before he entered the classroom. Here goes nothing, he thought grimly.

Part 4:
It was a battlefield. At least this classroom looked and sounded like it.
" Ok, class settle down" He yelled as loud as he could in the hope of making himself heard above the noise of scatter and music if that awful noise could even be called music. The class totally ignored him. Ok, if that's the way you want it, Scott thought and went over to the radio and disconnected it. He placed it on his desk. " Now, maybe we can get started"
" Who the hell do you think you are?" A young man asked him threatening and stood up, obviously the leader of this little rebellion. Scott went to him.
" I think I am the teacher here and you the student so that means you sit down and shut up unless I tell you otherwise, got it?" Scott asked harshly, his eyes glowing red beneath his glasses. Startled the boy fell back down on his chair. " Good. Now I will teach you but whatever you which to listen is up to you. I ." Scott began, turning his back to the boy and walked towards his desk
" Scott, Derrière Vous!*" Remy yelled and switched over to French as he always did when he was excited, and Scott quickly turned around and kicked the knife out of the boy's hand and for good measure twisted his arm behind his back. " If I am to die by back stabbing it will not be from yours" Scott hissed and his eyes glowed dangerously. " Either get out or stay and do as I tell you" Scott released the boy.
" Ha, I don't need to hear this" He said defiantly and his eyes settled on the knife which lay on the floor.
" I wouldn't if I was you" Scott said pleasantly but with a dangerous edge.
" I'm out of here. Who is with me?" He asked the class. A few went to him but the rest of the class pretended they did not hear him. " You are idiots. All of you. Do you really believe he gives a shit about any of us?" No one answered. " Ah" He growled in frustration and left with his small group.
" Now, as I was about to say you can either listen to me or not. That is up to you. But while you are in my classroom you do as I say or you leave." Scott said and took up the knife as he moved towards his desk. " But know this: Only through knowledge will you ever be something. Someone more than you are now. You all have that power in you to make something of yourselves. I am giving you a chance to use it" Scott had reached his desk and thrusted the knife into the table with a loud noise. Then he handed out the books. " Ok, now we can start. Open your books on page one"

Part 5: Six months later:
Ring, ring!
" Ok, please read chapter 4 till next time and I expect your homework on chapter 3 next Monday as well." The class quickly dissolved and Scott caught Remy before he went out as well. " Remember to be home at six" 
"Ouais.  Sûr.*" Remy answered, his left hand safely inside Ruth's black one. Remy was one of the few white students and that, together with his French charm of cause, made him very popular with the girls.
"Bye, Scott" Ruth called after him as Remy pulled her with him before he closed her effectively up by putting his lips over hers. Scott half smiled at them before the well-known pain of Jean came back to him and his smile became a frown. But Remy had helped him cope with the pain of Jean in ways he had never imagined. When he had left New York and Jean he had been sure he would never smile again, not even for a moment in time yet here he was, able to forget his pain for just a moment. And he owned that glimmer of hope, that flicker of happiness that he had to Remy, a boy who had become like the brother he had told people he was. Like the brother he had never had.
" Mr. Summers?"
" Yes" Scott turned towards Charlotte, the nicest but also most quit of the students in his class.
" Have I done this right?" She asked and shoved him a piece of paper. Scott read it through.
" Yes, this is very good but you can also do like this." Scott showed her. She listened intently to him with stars in her eyes.
" Ok, now I think you should go out to the others."
" Ok" She said sadly and went out. Scott signed. He knew that Charlotte had a crush on him but even though she was a nice girl with skin like mocca and hair as black as the raven his heart was still too hurt to even open up to the possibility of love again. Besides she was a student and he never got involved with students.
The clock on the wall read 20:30 and Remy still wasn't back. Damn, didn't the boy know how to read the time? Ever since Remy had run into some trouble with the police down at the mall where he hardly had gotten away Scott had given him curfew at 18 in the hopes that it would make him stay out of trouble. Scott had found a small apartment five months earlier where he and Remy now lived but Scott's salary barely cut it and sometimes money did seem to appear when he needed them the most. He knew Remy had something to do with that even though he had told him repeatedly to stop stealing. Oh, to Hell with it. I am going after him and when I find him.Scott thought and grabbed his coat.   

Part 6:
Scott went to the mall and started looking for Remy but he couldn't find him. Think damn it. If you were Remy where would you go? The answer came to find when he walked past a jewellery store that Remy had had an eye for. Scott had repeatedly warned him off because of the rumour that it was a blind for a drug dealer's money laundering. Scott looked into the store but still couldn't find him. He saw that the store had a room behind the shop, which lead to a alley. Fearing the worst and hoping the best he ran to the ally. As he came close to where the store joined the street Scott could hear voices and the agonising sound of someone in pain.
" That will be enough. Hold him up" A voice said. Scott came around the last corner and saw two men holding a bleeding and bruised Remy between them while another man, probably the one who had spoken before, held a gun to his temple.
" Noooo" Scott yelled and without thinking twice he quickly aimed at the gun and lifted his glasses. Red energy shoot from his eyes and the gun exploded. Without his visor he could barely control the energy nor really guide it but the three men did not know that. As he stood there, his eyes glowing red he looked like the Cyclops he was named after. " Run, he is a muttie. A freak" the man on the left side of Remy said and ran off. The other man did the same and Remy fell to the ground with a small gasp of pain.
"Come back, you idiots" The third man yelled after them. " If you have to do something properly, you have to do it yourself" He added and took out a knife with his left hand since Scott's energy blast had crippled his right one. He put the knife at Remy´s throat. " Don't" Scott pleaded but knew he would kill him anyway. He had only one chance and it was to act now. He did not like that Remy was so close to where he had to shoot but he did not have any other choice. Mumbling a prayer he thought he had forgotten long ago he quickly aimed and fired. The man screamed in agony as red energy destroyed the knife and everything close to it. With his heart in his throat Scott ran to Remy and knelt beside him. He gathered the boy in his arms and began to carry him away.
" Hey, man. What about me?" The man asked him pained.
" Frankly, I don't give a damn" Scott said coldly and continued to ran away. When he came out on the open street with Remy he could see all the bruises and cuts he had all over. He was no doctor but he had been in enough battles to know that he had gotten a rough beating with at least a few broken ribs. But the thing that caught his eye was the angry red bruise which covered half his face and which had made a small cut in his head. It was his energy beam, which had done that, Scott knew it. Just as he knew that a cut to the head could be fatal or worse. He gently put Remy on the front seat of his car and drove like a mad man to the hospital. He has to be ok. He just has to.  Was all he could think of. Please let him be ok.

Part 7: 
" Are you Scott Summers, Remy LeBeau Summers` brother?" A doctor asked.      
" Yes" Scott answered and jumped up from the chair in the waiting room. " Is he going to be ok, doctor?" Scott asked him nervously.
" You better sit down"
" I want to know" Scott said, too nervous to sit, He is dead. Oh, God he is dead.             " He had some superficial cuts and cruises and three broken ribs. What concerns us is the strange energy burn to his head." The doctor sighed deeply. " It has left him in a sleep like coma and we don't know if he will ever wake up. Th good news is that he seems to have some kind of mutation which results in his body lying in static, just like sleep. He could quite possible "sleep" like this for the rest of his life without needing nourishment. A very interesting condition, to be sure. " The doctor saw how sad Scott looked and smiled friendly to him. " Everything will be fine. After all it was not your fault" He excused himself when he was called over the  intercom. But it was. It is all my fault. Scott thought sadly and buried his head in his hands. All my fault. All my fault.
" We need to see him."
" Sorry it is not possible. No one is allowed to see him. Please come back tomorrow"     " This boy may be a wanted felon. We have to see him" The voices awoke Scott from the slumber he had fallen into from sheer exhaustion. He saw two police officers argue with a nurse and pointing towards Remy`s room. Oh, no. It looked like things had just taken a turn from bad to worse. Remy hated being robbed of freedom like any man would. After all he had done Remy wrong the least he could do was to ensure that he was free to find his dreams. He is not going with them. He deserves better, more than a life in imprisonment or at an orphanage, Scott thought determined and sneaked into Remy´s room. The sight of Remy lying in bed with his eyes closed, looking close to death made his heart ache.
" Come on. We are getting out of here" Scott whispered to him and gathered Remy in his arms.

Part 8:
Scott looked at Remy out of the corner of his eye. He looked so still, like death. Oh God, please let him be ok Scott prayed fanatically. He had to be ok. He just had to. You are now leaving Los Angeles a sign said and Scott drove once again away with nowhere to go and nowhere to be. Only this time his heart was even heavier than before because he had found a brother and lost him again. It is all my fault The thought kept ringing in his head again and again and his eyes clouded with tears that he angrily blinked away. You should have known better. You know how dangerous your eyes can be. Scott scolded himself sternly not making his mood any better. Everything I love, everything I touch ends up dead or broken. The thought ran through him like an unwanted reminder of days gone by. It is all my fault. It is all my fault. Alone a red car speeded acrooss the land with nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. Alone and lost. Alone, always alone.

End part 2.

Next part in this series is " Praise the Goddess" - part 3 in the "Everything Changes " series. You want to see it? * sweet smile. Very sweet smile*

* Translations to Remy`s French:
1 French for " Remy, that man is going to be your undoing"
2 French for " Great, Just what I need. A educated man."
3 French for " behind you!"
4 French for " Yeah. Sure."


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