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Nadja Lee

Running Wild Series:
Going Nowhere

English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.
Disclaimer: "X-men" and all the characters here belong to Marvel , 
20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of 
amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.
Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author.
 Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without permission of the author.
Timeline: Set in the Ultimate comic universe. Before the comics start
Universe: Set in Ultimate comic universe.
Romance: None
Summary:  Remy and Scott have a big problem....a dead guy in the bedroom.
Archiving: Want, ASK, take,  have.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Rating: PG-13
Thanks to Cristina for the Beta. You're the best!
Sequel/series: Part 3 in the "Running" series. Sequel to "Don't Buy Me"
*mmmm * is telepathically thoughts spoken in the mind. " mmmmm "  is spoken out loud.

Part 1:
When Remy walked up the stairs to the apartment it was dark outside. He was actually glad that it was so late because then he couldn't see the missing paint on the walls or the garbage lying in the corners. He played absentminded with some playing cards in his hands while he thought about the credit cards and cash in his pocket. It had been a rather good day to walk in the mall. Hopefully, one day soon, Scott and his money would be enough to get out of here and get Scott....out of that life. He knew that Scott needed to earn money for them, what he himself could get by stealing or showing card tricks on the streets was too little. But he didn't have to like it.  So far Scott had only had to visit the hospital twice but Remy knew that it was only a matter of time before this life would be too much for Scott...and for himself. They had to get away now.or they never would. They also needed money for those strange red glasses to Scott which seemed to ease his more and more often headaches.
Remy reached the top floor and walked towards the front door. He saw a small figure sitting crushed outside the door and heard faint mumbled sounds, like crying.
"Mère Douce De Dieu(1)," Remy gasped as he ran towards the front door, his heart in his throat. Don't let this mean what I fear, Remy prayed as he ran. The figure by the door looked up as Remy approached.
" Remy!" Alex cried and threw himself into Remy´s arms. Remy kneeled by Alex and lay his arms around him.
" Scch, le petit. Tout est bien maintenant(2)," Remy said softly as Alex cried by his shoulder. Then Remy drew back. "Alex, m'indiquent ce qui s'est produit. Pourquoi êtes-vous dehors ici? C'est voie après le minuit(3)."
He had a bad feeling about all this. A really bad feeling.
" There....a man..Scott...I heard...," Alex tried to explain but broke down every time, his sobs making it really hard for Remy to understand him.
"Shh, le petit. Soyez calme. Je prendrai soin de tout. Dites-juste moi... où est Scott?(4)"
" He's...he's in his bedroom," Alex finally got out. Remy stood up, a determined look in his red on black eyes.
" Stay here, Alex. No matter what you hear, you stay here. Promise me," Remy pressed, swishing to English to be sure Alex understood though they spoke French almost as often as English. If this meant what Remy feared...Mother Mary take pity on Scott....and on whoever had harmed him when Remy was through with him!
" I...I promise," Alex said, trying to put up a brave face.
" Good," Remy smiled reassuringly to him as he entered the apartment but his smile disappeared as he heard another of his brothers cry in pain, this time clearly in physical pain and Remy´s blood froze to ice in his veins. He took a card in his right hand and looked at it. Come on, he thought desperately. It had to work. He knew that he from time to time could get a strange kind of energy to come out from his eyes, lighting up stuff that he could then throw and it'll explode. He needed his powers now. He concentrated all he could but no energy came and Scott's screams became more agonizing.
"Rien(5)," Remy cursed and frustrated threw the cards on the floor. He searched for a weapon. On a nearby table stood a lamp. Remy tore it out from the wall and turned it upside down, holding it up as a weapon. Taking a deep breath and saying a silent prayer he kicked the door in. His eyes quickly searched the room. He saw Scott curled up in a corner, naked, bruised and bloody. Over him stood a man, wearing only underwear. He sounded out of breath and his fists were raised, ready to hit. Scott had his hands over his head in an old age gesture of self protection.
" What the fuck.." the man began surprised as he saw Remy. Filled with rage, anger and a feeling of humiliation he knew were Scott's, Remy launched himself at the man.
"Restez la baise loin de mon frère. Séjour loin(6)," Remy screamed and lifted the lamp end and hit the man over the head. He fell to his knees. Remy hit him again and again. "Matrice, matrice, matrice!(7)" Tears ran down his cheeks as Remy hit the man again and again.
" Stop!" A hand shot out and took the now bloody lamp from Remy and threw it on the floor. As in a haze Remy turned around and looked into Scott's eyes. Scott was on his feet, though unsteady. He was cradling his left hand, his right cheek was red and swollen and blood ran from a small wound in his forehead.
"Scott! Mon frère(8)," Remy threw his arms around Scott, hiding his face by his shoulder.
"Il est bien maintenant, Remy. Ne vous inquiétez pas. Nous pouvons travailler ceci dehors(9)," Scott said softly, pretending not to hear the sobs and sounds of crying coming from Remy. When Remy had stopped his tears, he drew back. His hands felt..wet.
"Ce qui?!(10)" Remy tried to look at his hands in the poor light in Scott's bedroom. They were red with blood. " Scott!"
" It is nothing," Scott assured him, his eyes not meeting his. Scott's body hurt like never before but somehow he couldn't feel anything right now; shock probably, Scott figured.
" Nothing?!" Remy repeated as if he had lost his mind. Before Scott could move Remy walked around him, taking a look at his back. It was bloodied with a fine network of angry red welts, some marks already beginning to colour. Remy guessed Scott had been hit with the man's belt." Christ! What kind of sick person would do this?!"
" Remy, it isn't important. We need to figure out what to do...with..," Scott indicated the man lying in a pool of blood on the floor.
" Oh, shit! I killed a man!" Remy suddenly realised, a look of horror on his face.
" You had no choice," Scott said gently and lay a hand on his shoulder. They stood in silence for a little while. Then Scott walked slowly towards the bathroom, Remy supporting him. "Get Alex to bed. Tell him.....Fuck, I don't know. Make something up as long as it's anything but the truth. Then come back in here. We need to figure out what to do," Scott said as he disappeared into the bathroom.
" Okay, bro," Remy went back into the living room and opened the front door. Alex jumped up, his cheeks stained with tears.
" Is he..is Scott..." Alex asked softly.
" He is just fine, le petit(11). Now, you must go to bed," Remy said gently and took Alex by the hand, guiding him to his bedroom.
" But..I heard...." Alex began as Remy searched Alex's drawers and found a nightshirt.
" It was...a game. Just a game. Scott is alright," Remy lied, avoiding Alex's eyes. Everything was happening so quickly, things were suddenly spinning out of control right when there seemed to be hope for a better future.
" But..." Alex pressed.
No buts, le petit. Not tonight," Remy asked softly and helped Alex into his nightdress. When Remy turned back to Alex after having readied Alex's bed, Alex was in the living room, going towards the bathroom.
" Alex! Don't!" Remy yelled and caught Alex before he got to the bathroom, carrying him back into his bedroom.
" But....I need to brush my teeth," Alex protested as Remy put him in his bed.
" It is late. Not tonight," Remy insisted and tucked him in. He bent down and lightly kissed Alex's forehead. " Sleep well, le petit," Remy said softy and turned out the lights as he went to the door.
" Remy?" Alex said and sat up in bed.
" Yes?"
" Ask Scott to say goodnight to me," Alex asked with the insight of a child. He knew something was wrong. Soon they couldn't keep him in the dark anymore, Remy thought sadly. Remy forced a smile.
" I will. Now go to sleep," Remy said and turned out the lights and closed the door to Alex's room. Then he went back to Scott's bedroom. The man on the floor was now covered with a sheet. The bastard don't even deserve a funeral, Remy thought darkly. The man's clothes was lying in a stack on the floor next to him, a gun on top of it. And not just any gun...a police gun. Should have known the bastard was a cop, Remy thought darkly. Great, I killed a cop. Could this get any worse?
Scott was in the room, dressed in tight jeans and painfully getting into a sweatshirt.
" Here," Remy helped him pull it gently over his abused back.
" Thanks."
" So..what are we to do with that?" Remy asked, nodding to the man.
" Call the cops, I guess," Scott mused.
" Yeah, great idea. I have a ton of stolen wallets, watches, credit cards and other stuff that I'm sure they love to see not to mention what you were doing with this guy in the first place. Then they'll ask where our parents are and when they find that Jack have been missing for, thank God, a long time, we'll never see Alex again. Plus we will most likely both end in juvenile and that's IF we succeed in getting the cops to believe I didn't waste that creed, who by the way, are a COP, on purpose or whatever they'll call it," now Remy had to stop for air.
" Stop. I get it. No cops," Scott admitted. " But what then? We need to..get rid of the body." Remy looked at him and something in his eyes...
" Oh no! No way! Out of the question!"
" Scott, it is the only way. The Thieves Guild can help us get this body out of our hands."
" Yeah, and we'll be in their debt forever. No, I'll NOT get involved in that organisation," Scott protested.
" It is the only way," Remy pressed.
" NO! Once we are in we'll never get out. Your father being leader or not...NO!" Scott said strongly. The last they needed what more debt, more people who'll own them...own him.
" Fine. Then tell me what else to do and better make it good. This body need to be out of here by dawn in...," Remy checked his ( obviously stolen) watch "...3 hours."
" I....damn it!" Scott sat carefully down on his newly made bed. Remy sat besides him.
" Scott, I understand how you feel..but this is the only way," Remy said softly. Scott reluctantly nodded.
" Fine. Call `em."
As Remy left to call from the only phone they had in the living room Scott knew it was all over. Now they'll never be able to leave. They'll be indebted to the Thieves Guild..they'll never get out. They'll never go anywhere. Damn, what a mess. Scott hung his head and left for the kitchen to make coffee for him and Remy. What a strange thing to do with a body in the bedroom but he didn't know what to do, what to think. Most of all...he just felt numb. He feared that if he thought too much about what had happened this night he'll start screaming and never stop.
" Remy, I made...." Scott began, carrying two cups of coffee into the living room. He stopped in mid sentence as he through the open door to his bedroom saw....he wasn't dead! The son of a bitch wasn't dead! He was on unsteady feet, blood running from his head, in the bedroom, a gun, his own, in his hand, aiming at Remy´s unprotected back as he stood talking on the phone.
" Remy, get down!" Scott yelled and threw the cups on the floor, running through the room and got a hold of Remy, throwing him to the floor. A sharp pain, like fire, ran through his shoulder.
" Damn!" Scott cursed and looked angrily at the man. Suddenly, red energy left his eyes, aiming at the man. " Shit!" Scott quickly closed his eyes. What the fuck had just happened?
" Christ!" Remy gashed.
" What happened?" Scott asked, his eyes still tightly closed as Remy helped him up and into a chair.
" He is dead alright," Remy said softly and tried to look at the gun wound in Scott's shoulder.
" You're sure?" He had killed a man....he had killed a man....and he just felt....empty. He felt nothing and that scared him almost as much as the energy which had left his eyes.
" You blew his head up so...yeah," Remy said as he examined Scott's wound. It was just a flesh wound, thank God.
" How bad? I don't need to go to the hospital, right? We can't afford that now," Scott asked. Remy shook his head, then remembered Scott still had his eyes closed.
" No, I can fix it," Remy promised.
" Joy," Scott mumbled dryly, clashing his teeth tightly together. Remy smiled though Scott couldn't see it and went to get to get some alcohol to clean the wound with, the first aid kit ( or what passed for it)  and some harps the old ones always said was good against pain. If only he could get Scott to take them, that is.
" Do you know what happened? The red energy? Do you think you have some strange powers..like me?" Remy asked as he got ready to clean Scott's wound.
" I...think so. Au!" Scott protested as Remy without warning had put a cloth with alcohol on Scott's wound and it hurt.
" Scott, you can open your eyes. I know how scared of the powers I was..I remember I ran off, stayed away for weeks when I had used my powers for the first time in fear I'll blow you or Alex up. But I didn't. It took months before I could lit anything again. Scott, brother..open your eyes," Remy asked softly as he made a bandage for his shoulder.
" I...I dare not," Scott admitted, cursing his own weakness. He needed to be strong. He couldn't afford to fear himself when they had so much else to fear. He needed to be strong for Alex and Remy. But what if he couldn't control his powers? What if the brain damage he had suffered a few years back in a fight made him unable to handle those powers? What if he hurt Remy...or Alex? Dared he take the chance? Dared he not? Remy was probably right..it most likely took weeks before his powers resurfaced...he hoped.
" It's alright. I'll take care of this," Remy promised and made a bandage for Scott's left hand. Before Scott could answer the bell ran and Remy left to answer the door.   
Five men from Thieves Guild entered and Remy showed the men to the body. As the body was carried away Jean Luc showed up.
"Remy. Que s'est produit ici?(12)" his father asked as the body was carried past them.
"Rien que je ne pourrais pas manipuler(13)," Remy insisted.
"Je vous ai demandé qu'avant pour nous joindre, maintenant je ne demande pas(14)," Jean Luc said softly. "Je ne puis pas rendre différentes règles justes parce que vous êtes mon fils(15)."
"Je comprends(16)," Remy tried to fight the bad feeling he got by saying this but he didn't win. This was the beginning to the end. Somehow, he knew that. " Scott and I....we are yours," Remy deliberately swished to English, somehow the words were a little easier to say in English. Pleading wasn't in his nature and the words were bitter, as bitter as could be. Now he knew what Scott had protected him from; the humiliation, the bitter taste pleasing brought to ones tongue, the feeling of ones spirit dying.
" Jean Luc," a new vice said and Scott stood in the door, a faint red glow behind his open eyes. Though still weak his appearance and voice was anything but as he continued. " Remy and me....we are in your debt but we alone. Alex stay out of this. I don't want anyone from your organization anywhere near by brother, is that clear?" Jean Luc wasn't good at English and that was why Scott spoke in English, then he had the edge.
" Are you threatening me?!" Jean Luc asked, a hint of amusement mixed in his surprise and disbelief.
" No. I'm telling you that if you harm my brother or get him into your organization I'll do anything in my might to kill you. I have already taken one life to protect a brother, don't think I wouldn't take one more to protect another brother." Remy wasn't even sure if Scott was bluffing or not but it worked.
" I have no need for your youngest brother," with that Jean Luc walked away. Scott stood tall...until Jean Luc was out of sight. Then he nearly fell to the floor in sheer exhaustion.
" Scott!" Remy caught him and guided him to his bed and got him in.
" This is the beginning..to nothing. Isn't it?" Scott asked softly into the darkness of his room.
" No, brother. We'll make it. Everything will be fine," Remy lied. Scott smiled bittersweetly.
" You're a damn liar, Remy. And the best friend and brother I could wish for," his voice was drifting away.
" You too, Scott. No one could have done more for Alex or me.than you," Remy said softly but Scott had already fallen asleep in sheer exhaustion. "Sommeil fortement, frère. Ce peut être la dernière fois où vous pouvez faire ainsi(17)," Remy whispered and left Scott's bedroom. Scott was right; this was the beginning to the end. Now they'll never go anywhere. There was only one outcome in all this; disaster. Remy sat in a chair in the living room, thinking, but soon he too fell asleep in exhaustion. His dreams weren't pleasant but haunted by nightmares...nightmares of blood, pain, killings, cops....and Alex's body, broken, bloody....and gone forever. Going.....all going away...all going nowhere.

The End  

Translations to the French:

  1) French for "Sweet Mother Of Jesus"
  2) French for " Scch, little one. All is alright now"
  3) French for " Alex, tell me what happened. Why are you out here? It is way past midnight."
  4) French for " Shh, little one. Be calm. I`ll take care of everything. Just tell me.where is Scott?"
  5) French for "Damn"
  6) French for " Stay the fuck away from my brother. Stay away"
  7) French for "Die, die, die!"
  8) French for "Scott! My brother"
  9) French for " It is alright now, Remy. Don't worry. We can work this out,"
  10) French for "What?!"
  11) French for "little one"
  12) French for " Remy. What happened here?"
  13) French for "Nothing I couldn't handle"
  14) French for "I have asked you before to join us, now I'm not asking"
  15) French for "I can not make different rules just because you are my son."
  16) French for " I understand."
  17) French for " Sleep tight, brother. It may be the last time you can do so,"


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