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Nadja Lee

Changing Hearts

Published: 01/04/01
English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.
Disclaimer: "X-men" and all the characters here belong to Marvel , 20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, 
this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.
Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy this story
 to any website or archive without permission of the author.
Timeline: Set in the AoA universe, some time before the "Factor X" story line and before the "Tales Of Apocalypse" stories.
Pairing: Scott/Jean, Logan/Jean
Summary: Jean is taken to the pens and meets Scott. A meeting which will change the way Scott look at the world.
Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.
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For Misty who gave me the idea for this story.
Dedicated to: Jemisard. Your words are as beautiful as your mind.
Rating: PG-13/R
Thanks to Christina for the Beta.

Part 1:
" Stop, Alex. What do you have there?" Scott Summers asked of this brother as Alex flanked by the twins Aurora and Northstar were to pass him in the hallway in Apocalypse's pens which Scott controlled, with a young woman between them.
" Oh, this one? She was one of the rebels we caught at the raid today," Alex replied disinterested and took hold of the woman's hair, forcing her head up so Scott could look at her face. She was really beautiful with short red hair, green eyes which seemed to sparkle with anger and a red tattoo down her face. She looked bruised and still dazed after the battle. Scott took the woman under the chin and turned her head from side to side.
" Hum, pretty. Do McCoy need her now?" Scott asked and Alex smiled.
" Nah, you can have her. Beast wants to ask her some questions later though," Alex said and unglently pushed the woman into Scott's arms and turned to go. Though the woman was handcuffed Scott took hold of her right arm in an ironlike grip and dragged her with him.
" Let go of me," she demanded and tried to resist but since whatever power she possessed was neutralised she was no march for the battle trained prelate and he pushed her into his room and took her to the livingroom where he released his hold on her. Scott in his capacity as a prelate had a big and luxurious room with a big window overlooking the city though there wasn't much good to look at. Seeing her chance the woman hit Scott hard in the face with her cuffed hands, drawing a trail of blood on his cheek and making him curse and luckily also lose his grip on her. She ran for the door and reached for the handle only to find it locked.
" Damn," she swore and battled with her hands on it. A laughter sounded from behind her and forcing herself to be calm, she turned back towards Prelate Summers.
" You didn't really expect to find it open, did you?" Summers asked as she defiantly and with her head held high walked back to where he stood. She shook her head.
" Not really but it was worth it to see you with blood on your face," she replied icily and Summers smiled at her while he wiped the blood from his cheek.
" You're a real charmer, you know that?" he asked as he walked to the kitchen and poured two glasses with wine for them.
" From Angel, I presume?"
" Of cause," he said as he stuck a glass in her hand. She accepted it but didn't drink.
" So, what is your name?" She looked defiantly at him. " I will know it sooner or later. You can just as well tell me know," he warned, a hard edge in his voice.
" Jean. Jean Grey."
Scott nodded.
" I have heard of you. You are with the rebels, the X-men," his voice didn't betray his emotions concerning that. She said nothing.
" What exactly are we doing here?" she asked as they had been standing in silence for a long while. Scott looked her up and down with his shaded eyes yet she didn't find it uncomfortable which annoyed her.
" You are a very beautiful woman," it was said as a statement and nothing more. She backed away from him.
" Forget it, mister. IŽll rather die than let you one inch of me," Jean said hotly and put her wineglass so hard down on the table that the glass shattered. He smiled but it was a predator's smile.
" I seriously doubt that. You're a rebel..," she was about to deny it but Scott spoke again ".you are a rebel and rebels fight to survive therefor your statement is highly unlikely."
" Then what? You're gonna try and rape me?!" she asked coldly.
" No. Why should I? I'm a member of the Elite. I could have any woman I want to then why take one who doesn't want me?"
" I don't know. You people are sick so why not?" she asked boldly and Scott's eyes narrowed.
" You are getting tiresome real fast, woman," he warned.
" Then why even take me if you can have anyone?"
" Because you are beautiful. I wanted you and what I want; I take," his voice was calm.
" You can forget it. I'm not letting you touch me!" she said angrily and searched the room for objects to throw at him or something should he try to grab her.
" I don't take without giving. I`ll make you a deal; you stay with me, and you'll be saved both on your life and body from a visit to the Dark Beast," Scott offered. All women who had been prisoners who he had liked in the past had excepted his offer with open arms. Some had even suggested it themselves. In her eyes Scott could see that she knew well who and what Dark Beast was but she said;
" I`ll rather die by his hands than let yours touch me. Just the thought of your touch repulses me!" Scott's eyes narrowed. Never in his life had he met such a stubborn and insolent woman. Angered by her words his hand flew up and slapped her hard in the face.
" Don't EVER disrespect me again, do you hear? You are nothing. Nothing but gene trash. A traitor. You should praise yourself lucky that I'm not gonna let you be killed for this," he was more angry with himself for losing control like that than with her and that was why he took her arm in an ion grip and pulled her with him out his room and down the hallway and towards the pens.
" I thought you'll show your true face sooner or later, demon!" she spat as she almost stumbled as he dragged her with him. On impulse he steadied her so she didn't fall as they continued down towards Beast's lab.
" Oh, spare me. Are you saying that you still believe in that old religion? Mercy and compassion is for the weak," Scott delivered a sentence he had heard so many times, he had stopped thinking about it and why he said it. As Scott pushed her into a cell she turned towards him.
" If you really believe that; then you deserve to burn in Hell," she said coldly and he walked away. Screams from Beast's lab filled the air and for some reason it bothered him though he had never questioned the necessity of the experiments before. That woman was the worst pain in the ass he had ever met. But she was also the most courageous. It made him wonder.

Part 2 (soon!)

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