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Nadja Lee

A Day Wrapped In Magic

Published: 11/01/01
English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.
Disclaimer: "X-men" and all the characters in it belong to Marvel , 20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, 
this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.
Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy this story to 
any website or archive without permission of the author.
Author's note: Isabella and all the fairies as well as their world, belong to me.
Archiving: What, ASK, Take, Have
Feedback: Yes, please. (Use Feedback Button)
Timeline: Set before the movie. In Scott's past
Pairing: None really
Story: Scott's first meeting with Isabella and her heart filled magic .
Rating: PG
Thanks to Cristina for the Beta.
Note: " A Battle Of Magic" and "One Magical Night" follows this story.
Dedicated to: Julia because she asked for this. Without you this story wouldn't have been.
*mm* is spoken telepathically in the mind. "mm" is spoken out loud.

Part 1:
" Where have you been?" a harsh voice demanded from the livingroom.
" Out," the boy replied softly and tried to hurry past him to his room on the other side of the livingroom.
" Not so fast, freak. Aren't we forgetting something?" Jack asked darkly as he had come and now blocked Scott's way to his room. The boy looked at him with fear filled eyes. Forgotten something? He didn't think so. He had done the shopping, cleared the house and gone out of his way so not to annoy Jack.
"N.nnnno," Scott succeed in uttering through his trembling lips. He cursed himself for his cowardliness which made his words sound faint and unsure. He had done nothing wrong.
" My beers, boy. Where are they?" Jack demanded to know and twisted Scott's arm onto his back. Tears formed in Scott's eyes.
" You didn't tell me to get any. I swear," Scott protested, trying to keep the tears from showing in his voice but not succeeding.
" What? Are you crying, you little wimp? I`ll give you something to cry about, you little mutant freak, if not you do as I say," Jack roared and shook Scott rudely back and forth so his teeth rattled in his mouth.
" I..I swear. You never told me," Scott tried again. In this part of town no one really cared how old you were supposed to be to buy alcohol just as long as you paid.
" Are you calling me a liar, boy?" Jack asked dangerously and his face was inches from Scott's so he could smell the liqueur on his breath.
" N.noooo," Scott said weakly and tried to twist out of Jack's grip but he held on to him.
" This will teach you not to lie to me again," Jack said angrily and hit Scott hard in the face and the boy's head flew to the side. Had Jack not hold on to him, the power of the blow would have made the slim boy fall to the ground.
" No, don't," Scott whispered as Jack lifted his hand to strike again. Blood ran from the boy's mouth and broken lip. His eyes beneath the glasses were big and terrified. His voice was a hoarse whisper. He lifted his free right hand, since Jack held on to the other, in front of his face in a old age gesture of self protection.
" I shall teach you how to show respect," Jack growled and hit Scott again, this time letting the boy fall to the ground by the power of his stroke. His hand had not only touched the boy's cheek but had also made his glasses fly off. As Jack with a leer advanced at the boy, Scott turned his head towards the source of his footsteps. Tears ran down his already red and swollen cheek, as the boy searched with his hands on the floor to try and find his glasses again. Panic was in him as he heard Jack come closer. Think, think, he thought desperately. He remembered Jack's stroke and his mutant brain calculated the most likely place for the glasses to have landed. Crawling on his hands and knees he quickly moved towards that place as he recalled in what direction he had been facing when his glasses had come off and he had closed his eyes tight shut.
" Lost something, freak?" Jack asked almost pleasantly as he suddenly stood before Scott. He hadn't seen him until his hands had felt on his boots and he drew back as if burned.
" Father, I..," Scott began frightened and drew back from him. Only after the words had escaped his lips did he realise his mistake.  Jack rudely took hold of his hair and forced his head up and stare with his tightly closed eyes at him.
" Don't EVER call me that, boy. You're nobody's son and least of all mine. No one wants you. You're worthless. I only keep you here for the monthly cheek," Jack yelled furiously, tearing so hard in Scott's brown hair that he tore pieces out.
" Sorry, I'm so sorry," Scott mumbled tear-filled but anything else he wanted to say was cut off as Jack hit him hard in the face, sending him to the floor. Jack hovered over him as Scott tried to crawl away, the blood from his broken lip dripping onto the carpet.
" Ding, Dong," the doorbell ran and Scott could have cheered if not his entire face hurt like a elephant had stepped on it.
" WHAT?" Jack yelled furiously and went to the door.
" Diamond, it's Joe. Little Ricky wants to see you about that shipment," a voice on the other side of the door said. Jack cursed while Scott had finally succeeded in reaching the sofa and dragged himself up from the floor by its support.  Little Ricky was the local crime lord so to speak here in Queens, New York where Scott lived in a poor apartment with Jack. He wouldn't see Jack for the rest of the day, that was sure. No one refused Little Ricky and lived.
" I´ll be right back. Have that stain removed from the carpet before then," Jack warned as he went past Scott with what was probably his jacket and Scott heard the door open and close and then the sound of a key being turned in the lock. He was locked in. Now, that he was finally gone, Scott allowed himself a deep sigh of relief but also let the tears with he had fought against fall free. Moving slowly, almost as in trace he reached the back wall and after some searching, found his glasses. Securely in place he finally dared to open his eyes. What a relief to see the world again, even if only in red. He had lived as a blind for three years and to this day, going blind was still his worst nightmare. He went to the kitchen and found a cloth and began trying to remove the stain of blood he had put on the carpet. He rubbed and rubbed but it didn't fade. Beginning to panic, tears falling from his eyes which he angrily wiped away, he tried again and again. It still didn't fade. He ran to the kitchen and tried to see if there was any stain remover in the house but there of cause wasn't. If Jack didn't drink all their money up, Scott would buy food for the rest. New clothes was as unlikely as flying to the moon. Once he had tried to hide some money from Jack, trying to gather enough so if he tried to run away again, he wouldn't be brought back so fast. When Jack had found out he had given him the worst beating of his life, making sure Scott would never try something like that ever again. That memory really didn't help on his mood. He rubbed at the stain again more viciously but it still didn't disappear. For a long while he rubbed and rubbed, getting more and more desperate until finally he gave up and lay his head in his hands, crying.

Part 2:

* My dear child, do not weep* A gentle voice echoed in his mind. Scott lifted his head with a start and eyed the room nervously.
" Is..is anyone here?" He asked softly, so softly that if someone was in the apartment they wouldn't have heard it.
* It's me. Isabella* the voice said again in his mind and he relaxed.
* Isabella. I have missed you. You always come to me. Protect me. Please, help me now* Scott thought desperately in his mind and for once he actually doubted his own sanity. Isabella was his own imagined friend who he talked to when times were tough. In the beginning he had spoken out loud with her but had been punished for it and so had stopped. Therefor he had realised that Isabella could not stand the loudness of the human voice, not even a whispered tone, so he had to think to her instead. He had never seen her but sometimes he imaged her voice in his mind. It was soft and gentle as he imaged a mother's voice would be. However, her voice had never seemed so clear as it did today.
* Don't be frightened, True Heart. I will not hurt you* the voice sounded again and Scott found immerse comfort in the love in the voice.
* I know* he admitted and sat up. As he did so he spotted the stain on the carpet and tears came to his eyes as fear and despair washed over him.
* Please, Young One, don't feel sad. For you I`ll do something I really isn't allowed to. I will let you see me* the soft voice echoed in his mind and before Scott a soft light appeared. It was so pure in its intensity that he had to shield his eyes from it even though they were already shaded. The light slowly faded and formed into a small thumb sized woman with silver wings and long golden hair made from the rays of the sun. 
* I..I can see you* Scott thought in surprise, bewilderment and happiness. He really didn't care if he was also imagining this. He finally had a friend.
* Oh, Dear Child, please. No more tears* She sent softly and flew towards him. She touched his cheek with her small hands and as she did so Scott's bruises and broken lip healed in an instant. She held up her hands and caught a teardrop as it fell from his right eye. She flew a little away from him and before his eyes he saw the teardrop in her hands being surrounded by a bright light before turning into a shinning pearl.
* Wow* Scott thought. Magic. He had always loved magic and had always wanted to go to a carnival but at the orphanage they didn't do stuff like that and Jack certainly didn't. Isabella put the pearl in her left hand and with her right hand she made a motion above it and it disappeared in a flash of light.
* Hey, where did it go?* Scott asked as it was gone.
* To someone who needed it more than I. Fairies have no use for materiel values. It is the values of the heart which matters* Isabella said and flew towards him and lay her ear against his chest to listen to his heartbeat. With a sudden motion she flew back with a shocked look on her face.
* What?* Scott asked worried. Tears of pure silver ran down her cheeks as she left fairy dust where ever she went.
* Your heart...It is bleeding* Isabella whispered sadly as she flew in front of his face. * I sense.I feel the tears in your heart*
* I..I'm sorry if it hurts you* Scott said and meant it. It seemed that he couldn't do anything right. He always ended up hurting the ones who cared.
* That is not true, Dear Child. It is not your fault. You can't become happy over day* a idea hit her and she flew excited up and down in front of him. * But I can do it. Do you trust me?* she asked seriously and flew right in front of him to made eye contact with him.
* I do* he answered without hesitation. Isabella had been with him since his parents died and he had been left alone. He may first have met her in person now but in his heart he had known her for years.
* Then raise your right hand to mine* Isabella asked and stretched out her right hand, palm up. He lifted his hand and slowly so not to hurt her small, fragile body with his much bigger weight, touched his right hand to her much smaller one. He could barely feel her soft touch in the middle of his palm. As their hands met a light surrounded them and Isabella said;
* For one day, you'll fly with me, free above the clouds. For one day, you'll feel no fear or pain. For this one day I´ll wrap the world in magic and let all your wishes come true*

Part 3:
One minute they had been sitting on the floor in Jack's old apartment and the next they were flying above the clouds.
* I..fly* Scott sent in wonderment as he looked down at how small the world looked from up here. As he looked around himself he saw his entire body surrounded by golden dust. He looked puzzled at Isabella.
* Fairy dust* she explained as they broke through the clouds and landed on a big green field. When Scott landed he held out his palm to her and she gracefully landed in his warm hand. Scott looked at the blue sky, the mountains, the ocean and all the animals and birds which had appeared. It all held a otherworldly beauty beyond imagination.
* Actually, this IS imagination* Isabella sent softly as the landscape added picnic tables to the green grass.
* So, this doesn't exist?* Scott sent sadly. It had been too good to be true.
* Yes and no. If you believe it exists it does.if not then it doesn't* Isabella said and indicated the landscape. As Scott followed her small finger with his eyes he saw three small figures forming. One became a tall older man, one became a boy of barely one which the man held in his arms. And finally.the light brightened to form a female figure. A vaguely familiar figure. All figures were made of light and their features blurry but still he had held this thought.this hope in his heart for so long that he knew who whey were.
* I..Am I in Heaven?* Scott whispered as he slowly drew nearer to the woman.
* Not yet. You are in Fantasy World so to speak but like in Heaven; only through faith can you come in* Isabella explained and felt his happiness at this moment as her own as she flew to land on his shoulder.   
* Who.made this world?* Scott asked. He wasn't yet ready to accept this. He wanted to be sure. He didn't want to...couldn't take another disappointment.
* Mostly you as this is your world but all humans, young or old, black or white, it don't matter as long as their souls are pure and fine and as innocent as a child's* she explained and flew down from his shoulder to take his left hand and holding on to it as she dragged, well, tried to anyway, him towards the woman. He walked as in trace to her. He stopped before her shinning form, tears forming in his eyes. He reached up a shaking hand as to touch her cheek.
* Mom?* he thought to her and was so caught up in the moment of happiness that he never saw Isabella´s smile of approval. Even now he thought of her. Remembered that loud speech would hurt her. This may be the one. The one they had been waiting for. The Warrior Of The Light. Her warrior.
* Yes, son. It's me* she said and spread out her arms in open invitation. Without further ado Scott went into her embrace and hugged her so close as if he was afraid that if he let her go, she'll disappear again. Tears ran down his cheeks as he kept mumbling by her shoulder;
* I'm so sorry, mom. Please forgive me. Please forgive me*
The woman drew gently back so he could look into her eyes.
* Scott, there isn't anything to forgive. It wasn't your fault we were killed. You were just a boy* her voice.so gentle, so sweet. Just like he had imaged it. Full and rich, filled with love.
* I should have done something. I was scared. I...still am* Scott confessed. The woman smiled at him and softly wiped away his tears.
* It's alright to be afraid. You are just a child. Courage needs time and space to grow in. In time you'll be the most fearless of all* she sent confidently and Scott smiled through tears at her. Then to his horror, he saw that her image was dissolving.
* Mom, noooo! Come back, I love you* Scott sent desperately and clung to her right hand.
* I love you too, son. Remember it. Always* she sent before disappearing in a suddenly appearing mist. Scott looked with tears in his eyes at Isabella.
* Bring her back to me. Please* he begged and a silver tear fell from Isabella´s eyes.
* I'm sorry but I can't. As I said, you create these images. You can't remember much about your parents and therefore they can't stay long* Isabella explained sadly.
* Son, it's alright,* the man said and lay his hand on Scott's shoulder.
* Oh, father. I love you so much,* Scott whispered and hugged him close, careful not to hurt the baby.
* And I love you, son. I'm very proud of you,* he sent lovenly and Scott looked puzzled at him.
* Why? I'm a coward,* Scott sent and bent his head in shame. And to top it all he was a mutant.
* Son, you survived. You still do. That is something to be proud of. Even your powers which you curse now will one day serve you well and bring you credit,* the man's voice was fading in and out and his body was beginning to disappear. Scott bent over the small baby boy in his father's arms.
* I`ll love you always, Alex. My brother, I'm so sad that I never got to know you,* Scott sent and kissed the top of the baby's head and the baby smiled at him and caught hold of a finger of his right hand and shook it up and down. Scott couldn't help but smile at that. Whatever he knew it or not, it was Alex's action which made Scott face his father and his brother's departure with a smile through tears. For a long while, he didn't speak. Then finally he turn to Isabella and sent;
* I..can never repay you.*
* There is no debt to be paid, True Heart* Isabella sent with a smile and sensing his happiness yet distress she flew down and landed in his open palm and hugged his thumb.
* So, what next?* Scott asked as her touch of light took away his sadness and only let him think happy thoughts just as she had promised. She smiled at him.
* What ever you like. Maybe some lunch?* she had hardly spoken before trees of spaghetti came up from the ground. A small lake of soda appeared, a fountain of chocolate shot from the ground and bushes of candy grew up in seconds.
* Wow, this is.fantastic,* Scott said and ran from place to place to taste it all.  Isabella looked after him with a song in her heart.
* No, it is Fantasy. It is to believe.*


Part 4:
* Are you ready to go?* Isabella asked as Scott took yet another swing on the carousel which had appeared out of nowhere. After lunch, a magician had appeared and performed for him to Scott's great joy. After that it had been a circus and last a carnival.
* Can't we stay just a little longer?* Scott begged as he rode on the white house around the wheel. How appreciate, a white knight leading his troops to battle against darkness, Isabella thought as she saw him. Yes, this was the one. The Chosen. The Warrior of the Light.
* I'm sorry but we have to leave. The magic is tearing at me,* Isabella said and as she said it Scott did notice that she seemed to glow fainter than before. He quickly jumped off the carousel and as soon as his feet touched the ground, it disappeared.
* You alright?* Scott asked concerned.
* I'm fine, just tired. This kind of journey we can only perform once. Let me guide you home and I promise you'll find all in order. The stain will be gone. You can rest easy tonight* Isabella promised and reached up her right hand. He did the same and slowly let his much bigger hand touch hers in a feather light touch. Again a glimmer of light appeared and suddenly Scott was back, laying on the floor in the apartment. After his trip it looked even smaller than it used to. He wished he could visit that land again where he had been, that he could see his family again but Isabella had said that she could only perform it once. Better once than never. After all now he had the memories in his heart and them no one could take away. He sat up and looked at the time. It said 22:30. Only one hour had passed since Jack had left. His face fell. Then he couldn't have been to that land. Isabella had never really spoken to him. It had all been a dream. And her promise.that too had been..he stopped the thought as he looked at the carpet. The stain! It really was gone. Remarkable. So, she had really been here and he...he had really seen them again. His parents. His mother. It had all happened.
* Of cause, True Heart. From now on you'll never be alone. I`ll always be here for me* Isabella´s voice ran filled with love in his mind but he couldn't see her. He smiled at her voice.
* You promise?*
* I promise,* Isabella said and appeared before him.
* Isabella!* he sent happily and reached out his hand and she landed in it. When he went to bed that night, he lay Isabella on his only pillow and lay his hand protectively around her as a shield. For the first time in years, Scott didn't fear the darkness behind his closed eyelids. Now, he knew he wasn't alone.
* Goodnight, Isabella. I love you,* he sent sleepily. She smiled at him and lay her silver wings as a blanket around her body.
* Goodnight, Warrior Of The Light. Goodnight, my Beloved Warrior* she sent and began to drift off to a peaceful sleep.

The End


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