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Second Chances
Part 8

Disclaimer: X-Men are the property of marvel comics. No money is being made
off of this so don’t sue.

Cannon: This is my own personal take on what will happen when Scott and Jean break up. 
However, everyone knows that this will not be what will happen. I think it would be kind of cool if it did though.

Rating: PG-13 for language.

Archive: If you think it is good enough sure go ahead. Tell me where it is though.

"I just vant you to know, dis is nuting personal," Rosho informed not moving from his position on the rooftop.

"Likewise," was his reply. They both stood there on opposite ends of the roof looking at each other, determining what they could do. Both underestimated each other.

Cyclops was the first to act. He charged the big man at full speed, quickly ducking out of the way when Rosho threw punches to block his way. Once he was less then a foot away he summed up all of his strength and gave him a left palm strike straight to the stomach. Rosho did little more than twitch. At that point they both knew that they were in for a long fight.

The blow had hurt and that was what surprised Rosho the most. Nothing ever hurt him. This man had more power than any other person he had ever faced before, and that was saying a lot. Rosho had fought boxers, body builders, martial arts grandmasters, and those were just the normal people. He had fought countless mutants with powers far greater than that of he and no one move had ever been able to phase him.

To Cyclops, that shot would have dropped Hank maybe even Rouge if it were timed at the right moment. The fact that he had taken it and still stood was spectacular. That he barely moved was unbelievable. He immediately back flipped out of the big mans reach and began planning another strategy.

"You are quite strong comrade," Rosho complimented once the ache in his belly had died down.

"And you have quite the endurance," Cyclops returned.

"I shall enjoy crushing you." Then he charged.

He was fast, really fast. Rosho covered the distance between the two in seconds, and began throwing lefts and rights wherever he found an open spot. It was all Cyclops could do to evade the blows. He had no time to mount an offence, all his time was being spent ducking and dodging out of the way. He was completely on the defensive.

Eventually, Cyclops slipped up and Rosho connected with a right kick that sent him flying across the rooftop to the other side. Rosho was on him in seconds pummeling him with punch after punch. In desperation, Cyclops brought his right knee up into the other mans gut and then with all of his might gave him a right hook to his temple.

Rosho staggered back but didn’t go down. Gripping his head to stop it from reeling, he steadied himself and got back to the present. By the time he did though, it was too late. While Rosho was getting his thoughts back in order, Cyclops got to his feet and ran as fast as he could towards him. Leaping into the air, Cyclops executed a perfectly timed jump kick. The move connected directly with Rosho’s forehead, and the big man was on his way down to the ground.

Cyclops, trying to keep his upper hand, attempted to jump on top of Rosho and continue his assault. Just before he landed on him though, Rosho brought his legs together and placed his heels square in the midsection of Cyclops. With one huge thrust, Rosho pushed Cyclops into the air.

Coming down on the roof again, Cyclops did a quick calculation in his mind and came up with the answer that when he was going to land, it would not be on the building. Quickly, he pulled out one of the lines he kept in his coat and chucked it at the next building. The line just moved past the fire escape and then Cyke gave the line a quick tug. The end of the cable curved and wrapped itself around on of the railings on the fire escape and then Cyclops began swinging.

Doing a quick wrap around, he ended up landing on the other side of the escape. Getting to his feet, Cyclops moved towards the top of the building. When he reached the roof he wasn’t surprised to see the other man already there.

"You are quite de resourceful man Mr. Cyclops."

"In this line of work it pays to be."

That was it, no more words were exchanged between the two, only an insurmountable respect for one another. The both moved towards each other at the same time, each throwing punches and kicks at each other when they were close enough. For a while there was nothing. Every move was blocked, every attempt to gain an advantage thwarted by the other. Rosho was the first to gain a direct hit again. With a knee to the chin after a failed punch to the same area, he followed it up with a left hook to the side of the head.

The visor’s titanium and adamantium mixture absorbed the blow but Cyclops still felt it. Unable to stop his fall backwards Cyclops went with it. When his body was at the right angle, Cyclops placed his hands flat against the ground and used them to continue his fall but alter it into a flip. He moved both of his legs together and then while he was still flipping back brought them up into the Rosho’s jaw. The nine foot six man’s head tilted back unable to keep still due to the force of the double kick.

Once the fall turned back flip was finished, Cyclops jumped forward and kicked Rosho square in the chest. The power behind the kick was so great that when Rosho reached the end of the building, the guard at the top didn’t stop his momentum. He fell over the side of the building and into the next one across the street.

For a few seconds Cyclops couldn’t see him. Rosho had crashed right through the buildings brick frame. The structure was so old that there was a little dust cloud where he had fallen through. The hole was on the first floor right beside the entrance to the building. Then Cyclops saw a movement and then Rosho came back out the hole that he had entered through. He looked a bit groggy and unstable but otherwise unhurt. Cyclops was both relieved and worried at the same time.

Removing another line from his coat, Cyclops flung it at the building opposite the one he was standing and then stepped off the edge. His controlled fall lasted about three seconds, which was more than enough time for Rosho to get ready again.

The line as it had two nights before ended before Cyclops had touched the ground. So he let go and fell harmlessly the remaining ten feet. A second after he had touched the ground, he was standing again and facing his opponent. They both studied each other for a moment and then the fight began all over again.

Once again it started as it had twice before with neither gaining an upper hand at the start. Although, unlike before, it was Cyclops who gained the first blow this time. A well-placed left kick right on the throat was followed quickly by two more right kicks to the head. Which in turn had a left roundhouse kick placed right on the big man’s temple.

Rosho once again leered backwards still on his two feet. Two palm strikes that were directed towards his chest then head soon took care of that. Cyclops then did a forward flip and landed on Rosho’s broad chest. Successive straight punches to the skull allowed Rosho to start seeing stars. Using the only move he had at that point, Rosho kneed Cyclops in the groin. Another right hook to the visor sent Cyclops off of him.

Though the kevlar plating had protected against much of the force, the knee to the groin still sent Cyclops into excruciating pain. The hook punch was just to get him off of Rosho. Still it was a cheep move. The next thing Cyclops knew he was being kneed in the chin and then he was on his back.

Rosho started hammering away at the visor. Since it protected his temples, it seemed the most logical place to go for. Cyclops knew that one punch from this man to an unprotected brain with only his skull to defend against it, the fight would be over rather quickly. And even though he had no chance of damaging the titanium and adamantium plating on the outside, the electronic equipment on the inside was another story.

The blows that he was receiving could easily dislodge a vital component, which supported the special functions of his visor. Not that replacing them would be any kind of a problem. It was just that he didn’t want to waste time fixing something that could have been avoided.

So Cyclops delivered a right uppercut to his attacker and then when he had enough room he moved out from under Rosho. The two were about to start at it again when there was a bright flash of light and they heard a voice shout, "Freeze, you’re under arrest."

The door to Helen and Tiffany’s apartment opened and in walked to figures. They both had a long day and were looking forward to a peaceful night; "I don’t know about you Tiff but it’s been an unusually long day and I’m wasted. I think I’ll going to turn it in right now." It came out more like a yawn then anything else, but Tiffany could still understand her best friend.

"Go for it Helen you deserve it after today," Tiffany explained to her friend, "But I’m not all that tired yet. So I think I’ll stay up grab myself a bowl of ice cream and watch TV until I fall asleep on the couch."

"Sure Tiff, just try to keep the volume down okay. I want to get up before noon tomorrow."

"Okay Helen, see you tomorrow."

"Yea see you tomorrow."

Helen walked to her room and shut the door. Then Tiffany went to the kitchen and got the bucket of ice cream out of the freezer. She then sat down on the couch and turned on the TV remembering to keep the volume low.

After flipping through the stations for two minutes she finally settled on the news. It had always helped her to sleep before. The dull anchor men, the boring reports, not to mention the weather forecast. She had no problem sleeping through the evening news before. This night however, when she turned on channel six what she saw woke her up far more than it put her to sleep.

Robert Drake, known to his friends as Bobby and to his family as Iceman, couldn’t sleep. It had been almost a month since anything remotely related to a crises had happened and he was getting bored. Although he did love the free time without some intergalactic war or some daemon attack, he found himself wanting to do something. So he had taken to wandering the halls of the Xavier institute.

When he reached the TV room his feet were tired and he was still wide-awake. So he flopped down on the couch and flipped on the television. Switching channels as soon as they came up, he quickly settled on cartoons. That didn’t help, in fact, the noises woke him up. That’s when he decided to flip to news. It seemed to him that the news was always on. When he did whatever tiredness was in him disappeared completely.

Cyclops cursed himself. He had heard the sirens coming. Kicking a man through a building was bound to get some attention. This was Brooklyn, there was always something that happened that required the police. He just didn’t think they would get here so quick.

He risked a glance at the cruiser with Rosho only a few feet in front of him. What he saw was unexpected. Instead of only one police car there were three, with a news van parked behind them. Cyclops thought it must be a slow day with a news crew to cover a little fight in the middle of a street in Brooklyn.

Cyclops was about to make a break for it when he saw Rosho charge the police. The officers opened fire and Cyclops thought that was the end of the big man. What he saw it was like a flashback from his old X-Men days when they went up against the Juggernaut.

The police started firing at the big Russian once they saw him move towards him. However, either the man was warring kevlar like Cyclops, which he doubted. When Cyclops hit Rosho in the chest and midsection he had felt no other material then cloth protecting the skin underneath. Or he was some kind of superhuman or mutant, because the bullets didn’t even slow him down.

Rosho plowed through the first policeman with but a wave of his hand. The next one was no different. Cyclops’s reaction was instant, he moved as fast as he could towards Rosho and struck him from behind with a palm strike to the base of the skull. This time, the move didn’t even phase him.

Rosho reached around and grabbed Cyclops by his shirt and chucked him against the wall of a nearby building. With honed reflexes, Cyclops loosened his body and hit the wall hard. Ignoring the pain, he rebounded off the wall and came at Rosho with a flying kick. The big man just grabbed his ankle, spun him around twice and smashed him into the ground.

Pavement flew from the ground upon the impact. The plating of his outfit had protected against some of the impact, but Cyclops was now seeing five of everything. Shaking his head a couple of times to get rid of the spinning, he forced himself too at least his hands and knees.

Rosho for the next little while left him be, as he grabbed a hold of the nearest police cruiser with both hands and chucked it at the next one. There was a loud crash and then a deafening noise as the sky lit up in a vibrant red and orange color that reminded Cyclops of the Phoenix bird.

Forcing himself to his feet, Cyclops looked around for Rosho. Blinking a couple of times he spotted him making little work of the remaining officers and the last cruiser. Cyclops forced himself to stand as he did before when their battle had first started.

His sight was getting better. Instead of seeing five of everything he was now only seeing three. He waited for a few seconds until Rosho had finished taking care of the last of the police before he spoke again, "You’re a mutant."

It was a statement more than a question. After seeing him demolish the police like he had Cyclops determined that even with the size that he had there was no way he could possibly be ‘normal.’


"You deceived me."

"I vitheld information."

"You can do that," Cyclops directed his head towards the two flaming police cruisers. An action which gave him a slight headache, "you were just toying with me weren’t you?"

"De fight vas real. You did not use your povers so I did not use mine."


"Because, it vould give me much greater satisfaction to defeat you vitout using dem." Rosho explained.

Cyclops knew that the news crew was taping them. He would have preferred that they weren’t here but as long as Rosho was focused on him they wouldn’t be hurt. He also knew that the fight was going to be a long and hard one. One that he was going to enjoy as much as his opponent. It had been so long since he had a good fight. Since Apocalypse, he had learned of the attraction of battle. The adrenaline rush, the unbridled joy of proving your physical dominance over another person. He had fallen in love with it all.

Taking one final breath, he quickly moved towards Rosho. If the big man was going to hold back then so was Cyclops. There was no satisfaction in beating someone who was holding back when you weren’t. The first move was one he had practiced many times. Cyclops moved in close, then he just stopped. When Rosho threw his punch Cyclops dived out of the way. Having to commit to the move left the large man wide open to any move that Cyclops wanted to do.

He opened up with a punch to the face followed up by a knee to the gut. Clasping two hands together he brought both of them down on the back of his neck. Rosho fell to the ground. The mere impact of his body hitting the ground was enough to cause a shock wave that shook the ground underneath the news van.

Rosho reached up with both hands and grabbed Cyclops’s legs. Jumping to his feet and still keeping his hold on Cyclops he began swinging in circles. After about five complete turns he let go and Cyclops went flying through the air colliding with the news van. He went straight through one side only to be stopped by the other.

Rosho didn’t let up his assault. He charged the van full speed but was stopped when Cyclops swung out from the hole in the side connecting a double kick right with Rosho’s head. The big man staggered back and was hit by several hard punches to his stomach. The assault was finally stopped by a double axe handled uppercut that sent Rosho to the ground.

Doing a forward flip, which he had previously done, Cyclops landed with both heels of his feet on Rosho’s face. Falling so that Cyclops was once again on Rosho’s chest he began hammering away with punches as he had done only moments before. His attack was stopped when the big man reached up, grabbed him and punched Cyclops right in the chin.

Cyclops fell back and both men got to their feet. Taking a second to examine each other, Rosho was now cut on his right cheek. Due to the visor, Cyclops had taken very little damage to the head. However, even the kevlar had only protected slightly against the blows of Rosho.

Both men heard the sounds of sirens coming, which meant more police and an ambulance or two. Cyclops also heard the high pitched whine of a black jet plane which he only knew so well. He was going to have to finish this soon. He didn’t want to deal with the X-Men. Not now, not ever.

Once again charging Rosho this time more out of desperation than plan, Cyclops screwed up early. In an attempt to connect with Rosho’s lower abdomen, Cyclops missed and that gave Rosho the opening he needed. Grabbing a hold of Cyclops’s arm with his left, he unloaded with right punch after right punch directly onto his chest.

For a few seconds Cyclops was paralyzed. He couldn’t get his right arm around in time. Though the kevlar armor was strong, it was already pretty torn up from the previous blows from this powerful man. Within three blows Cyclops could already feel the bulletproof material start to break and crack. Using a move he hadn’t done since his days as an X-Man, he fell backward. Then extending his right leg so it was as straight as humanly possible, he brought it up right into Rosho’s chin.

Rosho’s head tilted back as Cyclops landed after his perfect back flip on one leg. Cyclops dropped to the ground and with a sweep of his leg took Rosho off his feet. He didn’t stay down though, and Cyclops knew he wouldn’t. In seconds he was back on his feet and closed the gap between the two. Going completely on the offensive, he forced Cyclops back against a wall of a building.

When Cyclops hit the wall he realized he had nowhere to go. Rosho then grabbed a hold of his shirt and lifted him off the ground. Then with repeated blow after blow, he hit Cyclops in the visor.

The punches didn’t hurt all that much really they didn’t. The visor protected him from actually getting hit. It was just the fact that the punch forced the unprotected back of his head against the brick wall repeatedly. Finally, Cyclops did the only thing he could do. He knew it was cheep, he knew it was unfair, he knew Rosho wasn’t expecting it. But he also knew that if their positions were reversed Rosho would do the exact same thing. Cyclops let loose an optic blast.

The beam wasn’t all that powerful, only enough to force Rosho away from him. When Rosho looked up at him again, he was smiling, "I vas vaiting for you to do dat. I vas getting bored."

Rosho stood up completely. He then took a couple of deep breaths and when he did, it looked like he grew taller than his nine foot six frame, if that was possible. To the untrained eye it looked like he was letting his guard down. Cyclops knew better though. Whatever he was doing it meant only one thing for Cyclops trouble.

Just as he finished and returned to his fighting stance, Rosho did something that Cyclops was completely unprepared for. He lifted off the ground for a second. It looked as though he was flying. Then he actually did go flying, right into another brick building behind him.

That was when Cyclops heard a familiar SNIKT. Followed by an equally familiar voice. One that he never wanted to hear again, "Hey bub, you don’t mess with our friend and get away with it."

Part 9

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