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Danielle Kerins

My Heart is Your Heart
Part 2

Rated: PG-13.
Disclaimer: All belongs to Bryan Singer, Stan Lee (damn genius), 
Marvel Entertainment Group, and Twentieth Century Fox.
Author's Note: This bit of fluff came to me and I decided I just had to write it. 
This is strictly one for the GIRLS!
I donít think boys will appreciate this much. Oh dear that was 
a bit sexist sorry guys but I think itís true.

Anyway on with the show.

"So what do we need?"

Jean looked at the long list in her hand.

"Umm, well groceries" She looked helplessly at Ororo who rolled her eyes and took the list from her.

"Milk, Cheese, bread, meatballs, pizza, Oreoís, CerealÖ"

She murmured. "Popcorn!" She looked at Jean.

"Who put that down? Let me guess Bobby."

She rolled her eyes again and headed in the direction of the grocery store.

"Hey JeanÖJean?"

She turned to talk to Jean who wasnít there. She was standing in front of a Bridal Shop staring wistfully at the display in the window.

"Wow" Ororo said as she came up to join her. The dress was simple yet elegant. It had a high bodice that came in at the waist and flared out at the bottom. Beautiful and not at all meringue like.

She looked at Jean. The dress would look beautiful on her. It would accentuate her slim figure and show off her curves in all the right places and with that red hairÖScott would flip, That is if he was capable of flipping.

"Itís beautiful isnít it?"

"That it is. I could picture you so well in it."

"Yeah, it would be nice."

"Shall we go in?"

"Whatís the point?"

"The point Miss Grey is that while you think Scott is the one holding out, you havenít exactly helped. When was the last time you talked to him about your impending nuptials? If you could get into the "mood" it might help?"

"Okay, I guess youíre right. Letís go"



"Mr Summers?"

"Yes Jack?"

"Can we get this?"

"Sure" Scott answered absently.

"Oh my god he said yes."

"Quick get to the checkout before he changes his mind!!"

"What?" Scott looked behind him seeing his charges scamper off. He looked back to the object of his affections. Jean Grey and Ororo Monroe walking into a Bridal shop.

He whistled softly.

"I think Iím in trouble."


"You ready?"

"Umm I donít know if we should be doing this."

"Miss Jean, I want to see that dress. Get out here now."

Jean drew the curtain back shyly and stepped out of the dressing room. She heard a sharp intake of breath and realised it wasnít just Ororo who was stunned, the whole shop was.

"Oh my god" The assistant rushed up to her.

"Iíll be honest I say this to everyone but this time I really mean it. You look stunning."

"Thank you."

Jean turned to Ororo. "Well?"

"Jean, you look amazing." Tears had welled up in her eyes. "I would give anything to see you walk up the aisle in that dress."

"Buy it" she said suddenly.

Jean looked at Ororo as if she was crazy.

"You have got to be kidding. That would freak Scott out if I came home with a dress when we havenít even talked about it."

"To hell with Scott. Itís your day"

"Ororo!!" Jean said shocked.

"I apologise. I have been spending too much time with Logan. Seriously though Jean I really think you should get that dress. It would be perfect for your wedding."

"I donít know." She turned and looked into the mirror. It was vain of her to think it but she did look beautiful.

She had always dreamed about this, having the perfect wedding dress.

"Youíre right. To hell with Scott Iím buying it"

"Yess!" The assistant and Ororo said in unison.

"Well letís ring it up then." The assistant said with a dazzling smile.

Ten minutes later Jean and Ororo left the shop laden down with the big white box.

"This wasnít a good idea. Iím going back in."

Ororo grabbed her by the arm and turned her away. "You are doing no such thing. Letís go home, I want to try it on."


"I can dream canít I?"

Scott walked out of the shop across the compound. He spotted Jean and Ororo coming out of the bridal store. He ran and hid behind a tree. They were holding a big white box.

"Oh god she bought a dress."

He watched as they walked away.

"Iím in really big trouble."

To be continued

Feedback? Should I continue it?


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